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Chapter 942: The Final Shard
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

A battle was something that was often unavoidable. But in life, outcomes were mostly unpredictable.

For these people right here, they could not have ever imagined that these two weird looking chicken and dog would actually possess such formidable strength.

It was especially the case for that chicken. The flames that he blew out of his beak were no normal flames. To think that they could eat right through their defensive barrier made up of their powers. If they had even touched those flames, they might not have been able to get rid of them at all.

Even a Dao Weapon longsword was burnt to a crisp just by touching those flames.

This was a situation that had gone far beyond their wildest imaginations.

At the same time, that domineering dog was only targeting the women specifically. He traveled through s.p.a.ce and time directly. By the time he reappeared, he would pin down the other party entirely without any chance for them to fight back at all!

Woof! Woof!

A gut smashing bark rang out. By the time they turned around and caught sight of that white figure, they would then be pushed down onto the ground followed by a series of tragic wails that were relentless.


"Woof! Woof!"

Standing side by side, Chicken Big and Tai Ritian looked at the people who were lying on the ground miserably. They then let out looks of disdain, "Hmph! You guys really don't know what's good for you to anger my Big Brother Chicken. Woof, woof…!" Tai Ritian said tyrannically.

When the women especially caught sight of the figure of Tai Ritian, their faces were ever so pale from being frightened. It was as though they had just seen a ghost!

Chicken Big was wearing his silver and gold accessories while raising that chicken head of his high with pride, "Wanting to form a party with you guys is an honor for you all! And yet, you even dared to look down on the two of us? Do you know of our strength now!?"

All of the ma.s.ses who were taken down by Chicken Big could not dare to believe everything that was happening right now. To think that the few of them would actually be defeated by these unknown things!

If word of this were to get out, they would definitely be laughed at to death!

"Chicken Big…!"

All of a sudden, a chicken's crow rang out. Chicken Big jerked his head around furiously as those chicken eyes of his shone with an exceptional brilliance.


When Lin Fan arrived at the scene and caught sight of everything that had happened, his face changed.

So tyrannical! To think that they would have taken down an entire group of people! But, when he looked over at that little white dog, Lin Fan was confounded.

Wasn't this a teddy poodle?

How in the world would there be something as such in this world?

Tai Ritian looked over at Lin Fan and Chicky. His eyes let out a wary expression as he wondered who these people were.

Chicken Big was extremely excited at this moment. Ever since he had come out of the base of the Colossal Dragon race, he had been wandering around aimlessly. If not for the fact that he had b.u.mped into Tai Ritian, no one would know of the sorrows of a lonely chicken.

"Chicken Daddy, this is Tai Ritian, my good buddy!" Chicken Big introduced.

"Little Brother Dog, this is my Chicken Daddy!"

Chicky came before Tai Ritian and extended his wings, "Yes, since you're the friend of Your Chicky's son, you're naturally one of us."

Tai Ritian raised his paws and shook it together with Chicky's wings, "h.e.l.lo, Chicken Uncle."

Lin Fan was just dumbfounded watching everything before him right now. To think that chicken and dogs could really turn into good friends!

However, there was something that he could not figure out at all. Just what was the background of this Tai Ritian?

"Master…!" Chicken Big came beside Lin Fan and started hugging his leg excitedly once more.

"You're called Tai Ritian?" Lin Fan asked.

"That's right! Woof, woof!" Tai Ritian tossed his dog head and replied imposingly.

"Little Brother Dog, this is my Master here. You've got to be more respectful." Chicken Big tossed back his chicken head and said.

"Yes, Big Brother Chicken!" Tai Ritian nodded his head.

Lin Fan felt that he had to clarify this issue no matter what. He then pointed out with his finger as a Power of Time enveloped Tai Ritian.

"Woof, woof…!" Tai Ritian got extremely nervous for a moment after he felt his body being caged up by a mysterious power. But when he discovered that there was nothing threatening about this, he heaved out a sigh of relief.

Lin Fan found Tai Ritian's bloodline and continued to trace it down.

At this moment, a series of images appeared before Lin Fan.

The place in these images… Wasn't that Earth?

On the roads, there was a teddy poodle that was crossing the roads. All of a sudden, a truck flew over and rammed at the teddy poodle. However, right at the moment when the accident occurred, a void current appeared and teleported this teddy poodle to another place altogether!

The images changed.

The teddy poodle that was rammed by the truck landed within a lush forest.

On the ground of that lush forest was an Old Ancient Beast with an utmost pure bloodline that laid there motionlessly and fatigued, as though it had eaten something wrong.

As for that teddy poodle that had just been teleported over, it was still carefree and relaxed. But, the moment he caught sight of a female beast that was lying there all defenseless, his l.u.s.t was thoroughly invoked as he sprinted over furiously.

And instantly, he 'F*cked the Heavens, F*cked the Earth, and F*cked the Air.'

Eventually, that teddy poodle which had just had the f*cking of his life and was feeling extremely pleasured left just like that.

However, there was something extremely scary that had happened. After that female beast had recovered from everything and returned to her base, she found out that she was pregnant!

After he looked through all the images, Lin Fan was just thoroughly sold by life's tricks.

Seemed like those were the reasons behind all of this.

Once upon a time, an ordinary teddy poodle of the Earth appeared in this world because of an accident and left a seed here.

And that seed was none other than the Tai Ritian of today.

Sold! No matter what it was, Lin Fan could only acknowledge the strings of life and fate.

When Lin Fan looked at all the people who had been f*cked over onto the ground by Chicken Big and Tai Ritian, he could only say that it was just their luck for having met with the Teddy King of the legends.

"Let's go…" Lin Fan did not want to linger at this place any longer. After all, there was no meaning to it. He then brought all of them with him into the voids.

After Lin Fan and the others left…

The living beings who had been f*cked over by Chicken Big and Tai Ritian could not help but heave out a sigh of relief. In their eyes, the man who had just descended earlier on had an extremely strong aura. He was definitely no simple man.

But all of a sudden, one of them gasped out.

"Guys, wait, don't you think that… that man from earlier on resembled the Motherf*cking Human King!?"

"Eh? I truly didn't notice before you mentioned it. But now that you said it, he DOES look the exact same as the image that the Old Master had left behind!"

"Hurry up and report this back to the Old Master! Tell him that we've located the whereabouts of the Motherf*cking Human King! We will definitely gain a huge credit for this!"

"Where were the both of you headed for initially?" Once they were traveling within the void, Lin Fan asked.

"Master, I've found a treasure in a pond along with Little Brother Dog. There were many secret grounds recorded within it, and we were just looking for these secret grounds!" Chicken Big said.

"Oh? Let me see." Lin Fan was interested now. Something that had a record of secret grounds? That was pretty magical, wasn't it?

When Chicken Big took the treasure out, Lin Fan's eyes brightened up.

This was a map. However, the texture of the material used for the map was pretty magical now. However, there WAS a particular secret ground that had Lin Fan's attention.

'Empty Ashes Secret Ground. Possesses countless elixirs, Shard of the Eternal Axe, …'

Lin Fan wasn't too bothered with everything else that was listed there. But, there WAS one thing that drew his attention over: Shard of the Eternal Axe.

Even though the Eternal Axe was a Legendary Item, it was something that was damaged. Along his journey all this while, Lin Fan had been looking for and collecting the remnant shards. However, he just couldn't find any of it anywhere else at all.

But now, THIS was interesting. To think that there would be a secret ground which possesses the Shard of the Eternal Axe!

Only, Lin Fan wondered who in the world it was that would leave behind a map as such.

And not only that, this person had even discarded it within a pond? Now, that was pretty darn tyrannical, wasn't it?

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