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Chapter 941: Tai Ritian
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The Old Master Bat was dead.

The heart of the Old Master Thunder skipped a beat upon receiving that final roar of the Old Master Bat. To think that the Old Master Bat would be dead!

This was something that was entirely impossible in his eyes.

They were an alliance! Even though the death of the Old Master Bat might not have much of an emotional impact on the other utmost powerful beings, this would mean a huge drop in the power of their alliance.

Without any hesitation, the Old Master Thunder made a trip over to the Bat World immediately. But to his surprise, the Bat World was gone! This was totally one h.e.l.l of a mother*cking dog mess!

But at this moment, Lin Fan was the one who felt like he was in a mother*cking dog mess.

The event that had dealt Lin Fan an immense blow in the feels was that the Great Sage was b.l.o.o.d.y leaving!

Lin Fan had even thought up all his plans. And yet, the Great Sage did not follow the course of that plan at all. This was something that had him feeling helpless.

"Great Sage, are you really going to leave?" Lin Fan asked with some reluctance. If this guy were to really leave, what was he to do? Initially, he had thought that he could go seek out some isolated utmost powerful beings if the Great Sage was tagging along with him.

But now that the Great Sage wanted to leave, Lin Fan could feel his b.a.l.l.s hurting.

"Now that these utmost powerful beings have really gone overboard with the bullying, I'm going to go look for my Utmost Unyielding G.o.d Set that I've left scattered all around the various worlds. I had initially thought that I wouldn't be using it for the rest of my life. But, to think that these guys would dare to offend the Monkey race! This is a vengeance that I must definitely have them pay the price for!" The face of the Great Sage was resolute as he hid a burning rage beneath those eyes.

When the Great Sage had already said things as such, what else could Lin Fan say?

After the departure of the Great Sage, Lin Fan wiped his eyes with some sadness.

There went his super brawler!

At this moment, Lin Fan let Chicky out.

Chicky, who had been enduring within the Paradise for a long time now, was naturally infuriated. The moment he came out, he spread out his wings and pecked down at Lin Fan's toes.

"Old Bro, you only think about Your Chicky when there's no one else to accompany you! This is way too aggravating!" Chicky tossed his chicken head aside and commented in a huff.


Lin Fan could only give an awkward chuckle. After all, Chicky's words were right on the spot. He then grabbed Chicky and placed onto his shoulders, "Alright, don't think too much now. It's time for us to set forth!"

Lin Fan hadn't thought of where he should be heading off to right now. However, given the current situation, it'd be best to take things one step at a time. The most important thing was raising one's strength.

Raising his strength was the only way he could continue fighting with the utmost powerful beings till the final moment.

Even Lin Fan was feeling a little afraid over the words of the Demonic G.o.d Pangu.

This was the final era. If they couldn't transcend through, they would just die off.

How could Lin Fan endure a fate as such? All of them were people who had lived for countless of eras now! And yet, Your Daddy here had only been living for barely a few years!

If he were to really die, that would be one h.e.l.l of a huge loss!

Lin Fan leaped through multiple of worlds. But just at this moment, Chicky started getting excited.

"Old Bro, I can feel the aura of Chicken Big!"


Lin Fan was stunned. Wasn't Chicken Big that flamboyantly rich son of Chicky?

But, something was not right! Chicken Big should be over at the Colossal Dragon race. How could he possibly appear here?

"You're not hallucinating, are you? How in the world could he possibly be here?" Lin Fan asked.

"Your Chicky will definitely not sense wrongly! He's here! Just right ahead!" Chicky waved his wings up high and cried out. Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders before diving into the void. He had to see if this was real or not.

Within a single breath, he traveled 10,000 miles.

Right now, within a patch of forest…

The shining golden Chicken Big was feeling infuriated at this moment. With that small little chicken feet of his, he stamped down as those small little chicken eyes glared at the few figures ahead of him with an overbearing aura. It was as though he could rush up at their lives at any moment now.

Chicken Big hadn't expected that there would be these few fellas who would dare to humiliate him! This was too d.a.m.ned accursed!

Standing before Chicken Big, a few men and women looked at him with a high and mighty expression. Their lips curled out with disdain.

"Huehue. Little mixed breeds who can't even shapeshift… And yet, you guys are thinking of forming a party with us for the expedition? Know your place." A man with a Divine celestial level 8 cultivation state bore down with a look of contempt. Looking at that gaudy Chicken Big, he spoke out in mockery.

"Cuckcuckoo!!! You guys are simply too much!" Chicken Big was angered now as his eyes spat out with fire. It was as though he really wanted to go at their lives at this moment.

"Oh? What now? Are you craving for a fight? Just with these two little creatures like you who can't shapeshift?" The man asked in disdain. Hearing him, everyone beside him started roaring out in laughter.

Honestly, everything just sounded so laughable!

The group of them had come here to explore, and was prepared to check out a secret ground. But, to think that these two strange looking fellas would appear. And the moment they spoke up, the spoke of wanting to form a party to clear the secret ground together!

As for these guys, they naturally could not be bothered with these two sh*ts who couldn't even shapeshift! Therefore, they decided to mock and humiliate them.

"I'M GOING TO HAVE IT OUT WITH YOU!" Chicken Big could endure it no longer. The golden accessories on his body clanged out as he spread out his wings, determined to show these fellas a lesson.

But at this moment, a small white dog that was standing beside Chicken Big spread open both legs and held Chicken Big back. He then tossed his dog head and glared at the few people before him with those black dog eyes of his.

"Big Brother Chicken, calm down. Don't be brash now." This little white dog was also a mixed breed who could only speak and not shapeshift. When he met Chicken Big, it was like they were kindred spirits as they formed a close friendship immediately.

Against these few fellas before him, the little white dog could feel that the situation wasn't favorable for them. If they were to strike out, it was very possible that they might get roasted by the other side.

"Little Brother Dog, make way. There's no way I can calm down!" Chicken Big cried out in wrath.

"HAHAHA! Look at these two trashes! That's just absolutely hilarious!" The man broke out into laughter.

"Let's go. Who knows what in the world these two sh*ts are. To think that they can even speak in human tongue." One of the women laughed out.

"I'd still recommend that we roast and eat them up." A muscular man said.

"Little Brother Dog, let go! I really can't bear with it anymore! CUCKCUCKOOO…!!!" At this moment, Chicken Big was enraged. As he flipped over both of his tiny claws, a frightening figure bolted out at the few people ahead.


Chicken Big bellowed out and opened his beak as a fiery blaze surged out.

"Big Brother Chicken, let me help you! Woof woof…!!!" The little white dog barked out as all four of his paws scratched on the ground.

"F*ck the Heavens, f*ck the Earth, f*ck the Air!"

The few men and women were momentarily astounded at this scene before them. It was as though they hadn't expected that the other side would actually strike out.

"Not good! That white mixed bred s.h.i.t can alter time and s.p.a.ce!" One of the men slashed out at that white dog with a sword. But all of a sudden, that white dog disappeared from between the Heaven and Earth as though he had never appeared at all!

"Save me…!"

All of a sudden, one of the women started shrieking out in absolute fright.

When they turned around, all they saw was that little white dog pinning the woman down onto the ground. The body of that little white dog started moving furiously as a tremendous power erupted forth. In front of this power, everything in the world must be disintegrated into dust as well.

The body of that little white dog was filled with curly fur. Even though his body frame was small, when he went berserk, he was filled with an unparalleled tyranny.

"All you bunch of b*stards had better remember! The name of Your Dog Granddaddy is…TAI… RI… TIAN! NICKNAMED, TEDDY KING!"

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