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Nameless Peak…

Lin Fan cultivated day and night, not letting a single second go to waste. The experience points required to level up increased continuously and "Tidal Push" had reached 8 folds of strength. This speed of cultivating could truly be proclaimed as number one in the world.

Lin Fan stopped cultivating. His eyelids twitched furiously, as though something big was about to happen. This feeling could not be wrong.

"Master! Please hurry out…!" And just at this moment, the hurried voice of Zhang Ergou rang through.

Even though Lin Fan was filled with curiosity, he hid it within himself succinctly. Something urgent must have happened for Zhang Ergou to sound this way. But as the 6th Master of Saint Devil Sect, naturally, he had to show off some air of haughtiness.

"Do not worry. Come in." Lin Fan sat cross-legged, and his cool voice entered Zhang Ergou’s ears.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue pushed open Master Lin’s doors with excitement on their face. "Master! We have a few big orders today!"

"Hmm…" Lin Fan replied coolly, as though the issue of big orders was something common daily.

"Master, aren’t you in the least bit curious?" Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were shocked to see that despite their excitement, their master was cool as ice.

"What you consider as big news is something that Yours Truly had already predicted. What’s there to be curious about?" Lin Fan exerted an air of dominance as though there was nothing in this world that could have escaped his foresight.

"Ah…So you already knew about it, Master." The both of them had their fiery, burning enthusiasm immediately extinguished by Lin Fan’s wet blanket.

Looking at their disappointed faces, Lin Fan leaped in his heart. Amateurs! HAHA! You must have belittled me to think that you two could bring shock to me.

"Master. Senior Brother Ye brought the ten geniuses of the outer sect to patronize us. They gave us many ingredients for pills cultivation. This would definitely boost our reputation in the outer sect." Zhang Ergou said.

Lin Fan looked at the two of them in astonishment. Ye Shaotian brought people to patronize? Wow, that’s a first. He had thought that with Ye Shaotian’s temper, he would not even have a single friend!

But the truth slapped Lin Fan tightly in the face.

F*ck man. To think that even Ye Shaotian had friends…!

"Master, these are the ingredients provided by the ten geniuses." Feng Bujue retrieved them from his storage sack one by one, arranging them properly in front of Lin Fan.

"This is for Senior Brother Meng. 10 sets of ingredients for 1 serving of Dragon Blood Pill."

"This is for Senior Brother Jian, 6 ingredients for 1 serving of Yin Yang Reverse Sword Pill."

"And this is for…"

For every set Feng Bujue took out, he named their request accordingly.

"Master, they all said that it was fine even if the pills could not be cultivated. To think that these outer sect Senior Brothers were so generous." Feng Bujue said.

"Junior Brother, it’s not that I want to nag at you, but aren’t you just too naïve? These ingredients are of immense value. Even if Senior Brother Ye’s reputation was that great, it couldn’t have made them take these out so easily. From what I see, Senior Brother Ye must have given them a huge ton of favors and benefits for this to have happened." Zhang Ergou said.

"Alright, the two of you can head out first. While these pills could be said to be difficult, it isn’t much of a challenge for Yours Truly." Towards Zhang Ergou’s wisdom to this matter, Lin Fan was heartened.

He did not expect everyone within the sect to be smart, but at least these two were not too bad.

Regarding Zhang Ergou, Lin Fan was especially optimistic.

"Yes!" Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue greeted courteously and left the house.

Upon their exit, Lin Fan looked at the rows of ingredients and revealed a laugh of joy. He had never expected that Ye Shaotian would give them a hand. But the way it was now, the truth could not be further.

"Yin Yang Reverse Sword Pill", "Dragon Blood Pill", "Seven Lives Mystery Gate Pill", "Boosting Heaven Pill"

Each one of these pills was of extreme rarity.

Upon holding the ingredients for "Dragon Blood Pill", the system a.n.a.lyzed it immediately.

"Dragon’s Blood: Essence blood of the vicious beast, dragon."

"Bone Chilling Snow Flower: A herb that only exists a land of extreme frost."


The use of every ingredient was understood by Lin Fan instantaneously. For these pills, if one had not achieved a certain level of pill cultivating, one would definitely fail at creating them.

But to Lin Fan, it wasn’t an issue at all. His pill cultivating level had already reached level 1. While these pills were difficult to make, they weren’t that difficult for him.

"Yin Yang Reverse Sword Pill" is a pill meant for cultivating Sword Qi. Its main ingredient is Yin Yang Water.

Lin Fan picked up a set of ingredients, consisting of 48 different herbs and threw it into the furnace.


At this moment, the furnace within his mind started vibrating intensely, producing streams of white steam. Within this steam was the formation of the Yin Yang half crescent symbol, with a strong medicinal Sword Qi rising exuberantly.

This time round, the pill cultivating process took slightly longer. One serving of "Yin Yang Reverse Sword Pill" took the time for half a joss stick’s burning.

Suddenly, a bright burst of light shot out from within the vibrating furnace, and with the pop of the furnace door, a serving of the pill floated out into Lin Fan’s hands.

"Ding…congratulations on crafting earth middle tier Yin Yang Reverse Sword Pill."

"Yin Yang Reverse Sword Pill: For cultivation of Yin Yang Sword Qi towards further concentration."

"Ding…experience points can be gained after consumption."

"Ding…Pills Cultivation skill has gained experience points."

After cultivating one serving of Yin Yang Reverse Sword Pill, Lin Fan’s pills cultivation skill had its experience points increased by quite a bit.

Looking at the half black and half white pill in his palms, Lin Fan started to examine it. This pill gave off a weak hint of both Yin and Yang energies, and also provided a strong concentrated stream of Sword Qi, as though it could burst out of the pill at any time.

This was Lin Fan’s first time cultivating such a high graded pill, and it was an awesome feeling. To think that just combining different herbs together could produce a pill with such wondrous effects.

Lin Fan sighed slightly.

Perhaps, a pill that could change the fates of Heaven and Earth could exist after all.

Lin Fan thought back to the Supreme Pill that he had once received from the Heavenly Queen. A pill that could change the entire course of one’s life.

While Yin Yang Reverse Sword Pill was nowhere near the Supreme Pill, nevertheless, it opened a brand new perspective for Lin Fan.

Seemed like he couldn’t look down on any single profession in this world.

Pinching the pill, a thought struck Lin Fan. This pill possessed the energies of both Yin Yang and Sword Qi. He wondered what would happen if he transferred his personal True Energy within as well.

This was indeed a worthy experiment to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan threw the pill back into the furnace and began channeling Yin Yang energies within it. The furnace shone brightly momentarily, and the blacks and whites of the pill looked brighter and clearer than ever.

While his mental skill "Will of the Sword’ was only at level 2, it was nothing to scoff at. After all, it was a Heaven tiered mental skill.

"Activate Will of the Sword"

At this moment, the air around Lin Fan began swirling and twisting in a ruckus. A Sword Qi with unparalleled sharpness in its edges shot into the furnace with Yin Yang energies still revolving within it.

At this moment, Lin Fan was surprised to find out that the Yin Yang Reverse Sword Pill shot an even more blinding light.

It blinded the entire room, as though it was going to encompa.s.s the entire earth.

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