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Chapter 939: You've Set Me Up!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Pleasurable! This was just downright pleasurable!

"Old Master Bat, do you know what's the pinnacle of power?" Lin Fan chuckled and asked.

"What?" The Old Master Bat exclaimed out, not know what this Motherf*cking Human King was trying to say at all.

Lin Fan gripped his fists tightly before casting a glance over at the Old Master Bat, "It is when I flatten you like a pancake."

"d.a.m.n it!" The Old Master Bat roared out.

"Cage of the Bat G.o.d!"

By now, the Old Master Bat had been thoroughly p.i.s.sed off by Lin Fan. After being an utmost powerful being for such a long time, since when had he been pushed to such an extent by an ant?

Stretching out his palms, he trapped the entire world. The fingers of the Old Master Bat expanded out rapidly as those blood red fingernails of his skyrocketed out, caging Lin Fan in their midst. There was some kind of a connection between these five fingernails, causing the s.p.a.ce, time, and everything else that was trapped in the radius of the fingernails to cease existing.

"Not bad! Looks a little overbearing now to be able to seal up time and s.p.a.ce along with all the Laws within it. The powers of an utmost powerful being are indeed mysterious. To be able to create an entire world in a pocket dimension, I'm afraid that's something only an Immemorial Ancient t full cultivation state being is able to achieve it. But Old Master Bat, you've really thought too much."

Lin Fan's body flashed as a devastating Sword Will that could tear through the world shredded out of his body. The Source of Power was even gushing forth with an endless amount of strength continuously.

With the combination of power and Sword Will, the amount of might that was brought forth was absolutely horrifying.

Bringing forth with it a long streak of light, that Sword Will slashed out at those five fingers. That sharp Sword Will was relentless. Even if it were a Dimensional World, it would be destroyed by it.


When this move of Lin Fan clashed with the fingers of the Old Master Bat, it gave off an extremely violent vibration. The Old Master Bat roared out as all five of his fingers had actually started bursting apart bit by bit, turning back into their most primitive form of powers.

These five fingers of the Old Master Bat were a type of martial arts mystic skill. Or perhaps, it might be more accurate to call them an Utmost Treasure. But now that they were severed by that single Sword Will of Lin Fan and even destroyed by that Source of Power, how could the Old Master Bat not be enraged?

At the same time, the Old Master Bat was absolutely flabbergasted. To think that this Human would possess strength that was this formidable! This was just inconceivable!

Lin Fan continued striding forth with a few more steps, causing the void to explode out. This was a sign that occurred when one's speed had reached its pinnacle. By the time the Old Master Bat had reacted to it, Lin Fan had already appeared before his face.

"Come and enjoy it once more!" Lin Fan roared out as he slammed out with a punch. The power that surged forth was boundless and unstoppable. Before the punch had even arrived, the Old Master Bat was already enveloped by the momentum of the punch itself, which was like a sharp blade that sliced out at the void.

"How could it be this strong? How is it possible that a single Human can actually comprehend the Source of Power of the Demonic G.o.d Pangu?" Up till now, the Old Master Bat just couldn't understand why all of this was happening.


The power reverberated out, but just as Lin Fan was prepared to watch the face of the Old Master Bat turn into a mess of blood, he discovered that the body of the Old Master Bat had suddenly turned into a blood mist.

When the fist landed on it, the entire blood mist dispersed away. This was something that had Lin Fan surprised. To think that the Old Master Bat would still have so many tricks up his sleeves.

But on second thought, that should be the case as well. The Old Master Bat was an utmost powerful being no matter what. G.o.d knows how many eras he had lived through. It was only natural for him to be full of tricks.

By the time the blood mist cleared up and the Old Master Bat reappeared with his true body, he was already a thousand feet away.

"d.a.m.ned Motherf*cking Human King! To think that your strength would actually be this formidable! But, do you really think that you can escape this encounter with just that bit of abilities?" The Old Master Bat roared out as his eyes shone with an infinitely ominous glint.

"Every single being in this world has its own destiny! The 'Bat' word of the great Dao shall conquer over all beings!"

The Old Master Bat shrieked out with a sharp tone as he opened his mouth wide. Instantly, the text character of the word 'Bat' floated out.

The moment the 'Bat' text character appeared, the entire world seemed to be filled with a boundless power. This was a power that seemed to be traveling through countless of eras.

The Old Master Bat tore off an arm of his which then exploded out, causing an endless blood stream to gush into that 'Bat' text character.


All of a sudden, countless rivers of destiny encircled around the 'Bat' text character. Within these rivers of destiny was recorded the entire growth of the Bat race. This was the power of an entire race that had been acc.u.mulated over countless of eras with a profound depth to it. This wasn't something that a single person could ever hope to defend against.

"Motherf*cking Human King! Today, Your Ancestor is going to let you experience the acc.u.mulated power of the Bat race over countless of eras!"

By tearing off his own arm, the Old Master Bat had expended his own life's Essence Energy directly.

At this moment, Lin Fan's brows furrowed. This was an extremely tremendous power. He then roared out, "If you wanna fight, come on then! Who's afraid of whom?"

"Heaven and Earth Sutra, suppress everything with your boundless might!"


All of a sudden, something that shocked the Old Master Bat happened. An endless number of golden text characters appeared and floated out behind Lin Fan's back. These text characters were none other than the Heaven and Earth Sutra.

In the past, because Lin Fan's cultivation state was not enough, so he could not unleash the full might of the Heaven and Earth Sutra.

But now that his cultivation was already at the Immemorial Ancient state, he could fully exhibit a part of the true powers that the Heaven and Earth Sutra possessed.

"You have text characters, and so do I. Also, I've got more than you! Let Yours Truly create the 'Heaven Bat' word for you!" Right now, Lin Fan burst forth with all the powers in his body. The lifeforce of the Mythical Parasol Tree was gushing out endlessly at this moment.

This wasn't even considering the powers of the three worlds that were boosting it.

The moment the Heaven and Earth Sutra was deployed, it was like a bottomless pit. Even if Lin Fan's strength was at the Immemorial Ancient state right now and he had the boosting of the three world's powers, he could still feel it taking a toll on his body.

However, to completely unleash the power of two text characters wasn't that much of an issue eventually.

'Heaven Bat.'

"How could this be?" Right now, the Old Master Bat was nearly spitting out blood. This was especially the case after seeing those two text characters. The face of the Old Master Bat was totally stumped.

When the Heaven and Earth Sutra placed the two text characters together, a gigantic bat that was filled with a Heavenly might appeared behind Lin Fan's back. This bat was not the same as the Old Master Bat; it brought with it an unrivaled and boundless G.o.dly might. It was as though this bat here was THE true primogenitor of the Old Master Bat himself!


Lin Fan could feel the powers that were being expended from his body taking quite the toll now as he slammed out with his palm.

The Heaven Bat that covered the entire sky rushed down and attacked at that text character that the Old Master Bat had summoned out through sacrificing.


When both parties clashed, the Old Master Bat spat out a mouthful of blood. As he heard the creaking sound, his eyes were almost shattered while he screamed out tragically, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…!!!"

Unable to withstand this immense force, the text character of the Old Master Bat started disintegrating before disappearing from the face of the world.

"THE G.o.dLY TEXT OF YOUR ANCESTOR!" The Old Master Bat howled out.

"Haha! Old Master Bat, prepare to die!" Lin Fan bellowed out. His body was like a gigantic bird right now that punched out at the Old Master Bat. Instantly, an energy current rippled out through the entire world, destroying everything in its path.

"I'LL HAVE YOUR LIFE!" With his G.o.dly text being destroyed by Lin Fan, the Old Master Bat was totally incensed. But at this moment, he lost all color in his face as a figure appeared before both his eyes.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a cold grin. When the punch was nearly reaching the Old Master Bat, the world of his Paradise opened up on that fist. Within that Paradise was a G.o.dly ape standing in a berserk stance. His aura was invincible and that G.o.dly cudgel in his hands was ever so imposing.

At that moment, that invincible aura ruptured out.

That was the figure of the Great Sage.

"YOU'VE SET ME UP…!" The Old Master Bat was so scared that his soul was about to scatter right now. But, everything was all too late. That was because the cudgel of the Great Sage had already slammed out of the Paradise with a G.o.dly radiance, which collided heavily with the body of the Old Master Bat.


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