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Chapter 937: Indeed, He Had Really Been Found Out
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Lin Fan sat there in a relaxed manner looking as though he was totally unbothered by all worldly affairs.

"The broom is here!" By habit, Yang Batian brought the broom over immediately.

When the Crown Prince and Shang Qingcheng caught sight of this broom, the expression on their faces changed slightly. It was as though they have lost a bit of their guts. But at this moment, the Crown Prince stepped forth immediately and disregarded the broom entirely.

"Aiyoh! There's something strange about today! To think that you would come looking for me personally. Aren't you afraid of being whacked by my broom?" Lin Fan asked while chuckling.

"Hehe…!" The Crown Prince revealed an extremely awkward smile.

"Gosh, you look even uglier when you're smiling than when you're crying. Put on a serious face please." Lin Fan remarked.

"Yes!" Immediately, the face of the Crown Prince turned solemn. He then looked over at Lin Fan with a pleading expression.

"Could you please help me?" The Crown Prince spoke up. His voice was a little weak as though he was out of breath.

This man before him was someone he could not offend. The powers of the other party were extremely profound and unperceivable. There was no telling what cultivation state he was at.

Now that the Solitary Heavens City was meeting such a situation, if he were to still put on a strong front and cause the other party to feel uncomfortable, the Crown Prince would definitely be filled with remorse should the other party choose to chase him away with the broom as per usual.

"You wish for me to help you?" Lin Fan chuckled out while asking once more.

"Yes, yes!" The Crown Prince nodded his head hurriedly. He believed that as long as the other party was willing to help out, these beings of the Bat race would definitely be taken down immediately.

At this moment, Lin Fan put on an expression as though he was being placed in a spot right now, "But, why should I help you? After all, these beings of the Bat race have come looking for trouble for you guys. There's nothing to do with me at all, eh?"

"Otherwise, how about you give me a reason for me to help you and try convincing me?" Lin Fan added on.

"Ahhhh…!" The Crown Prince let out a troubled face. For a moment or so, he truly could not come up of any idea at all.

Shang Qingcheng, who was standing at the side, was starting to get anxious right now. The safety of the common folks had no sh*t to do with her at all. What she was concerned about was the safety of her family members.

Her father was also part of the mercenaries of the Imperial City who were fighting against the Bat race right now.

If this were to delay any longer, it might all be too late.

At this moment, Shang Qingcheng spoke up immediately, "As long as you were to help me, in the future, I'll let you whack me as much as you want without wearing any undergarments!"

The moment Shang Qingcheng said these words, Lin Fan was so scared his little heart and guts almost spilled out. This chick couldn't have been addicted to the whackings, right!? To think that she could even spout out such words.

At the same time, the Crown Prince could only gasp in admiration. This woman was something!

However, it wasn't as though there was no basis for these words of Shang Qingcheng as well. In the span of the past few months, she had been on the receiving hands of Lin Fan's attacks entirely.

However, there was a single remark that Lin Fan made which was stuck in her memories like a fresh sheet.

"Gosh, it really doesn't feel as comfortable whacking her when she's wearing undergarments."

For Shang Qingcheng, those words had brought for her an immense amount of humiliation. But at a moment as such, she could only bow down and submit to this man.

As long as this accursed fella would help her out, so be it if she didn't wear anything!

And, just as Lin Fan was just about to reply with something, the Blood Sea Formation that was up in the void above burst forth with the might it rightfully possessed.

Within the Blood Sea Formation was the aura of the Old Master Bat. This should be the power that was buffed up by the Old Master Bat to enable it to remove the defensive formation that was set on the Solitary Heavens City by an utmost powerful being.

Unless it was another utmost powerful being at work, there would be no formations or whatsoever that could possibly destroy the defensive formation.

"HAHAHA! Go to h.e.l.l!"

The living beings of the Bat race roared out in laughter.

The faces of the Crown Prince and Shang Qingcheng changed once more as beads of sweat began to drip down from their foreheads. In a flash, the green tiles of the floor they were standing on were soaked with a wet patch.

The bloodlines within their bodies seemed as though they could rupture out at any moment now.

At this moment, Lin Fan took a step forth. Using his finger like a sword, he gave the air a gentle slash.

"Forget it! Let's take this as compensation for the joy and entertainment you guys have provided me in the past few months then."

All of a sudden, the Crown Prince and Shang Qingcheng could feel the sensation of their bloodline trying to leave their bodies disappearing instantly. They then turned around to look at Lin Fan with a face of grat.i.tude.

Even though this single finger of Lin Fan looked extremely casual without any special feedback coming from it, it was as though the entire void was sliced cleanly into two at this moment!

The gigantic blood red formation that was shrouding over the entire Solitary Heavens City was split into two as the shining runes within it started falling out.

Bam! Bam!

Explosions boomed out in the void as the Blood Sea Formation was destroyed.

The living beings of the Bat race were initially all prepared to gather in all the bloodlines. But all of a sudden, the entire formation had disappeared. The shock had their faces filled with astonishment.

"Just what in the world is going on?"

All of the residents who were filled with torments were suddenly released from their sufferings. They then let out a look of exhilaration.

'It's alright now! That feeling of torment is gone!'

When the mercenaries of the Imperial City caught sight of everything, their hearts skipped a beat. Just moments earlier, an extremely sharp aura shredded through the entire world and caused the Blood Sea Formation to disperse out.

At that moment, their hearts were filled with glee.

Within the Imperial City, there was only a single person who possessed a power as such.

"Who is it? Just who is it?"

But for the beings of the Bat race, the destruction of their formation naturally had them thoroughly enraged. A series of maddened roars rang out through the entire world.

But, just at this moment, the void trembled out as a heaven encompa.s.sing palm slammed up from within the Imperial City.

"What's that?"

There was a boundless power that was encircling the entire world. When the living beings of the Bat race caught sight of this gigantic palm, their entire hearts sunk. The power seemed as though it tunneled through the surface of several worlds and sealed this place entirely, leaving them with nowhere to escape from it at all.

"Old Master, save me…! Old Master, save me…!!!"

The living beings of the Bat race screeched out as they sent out their consciousness, seeking help.

All of these living beings of the Bat race were akin to ants. The moment they were caught by that gigantic palm, they disintegrated into dust with just a slight bit of strength being used.

"Thank you…! THANK YOU!!!" When the Crown Prince caught sight of everything before him, his heart skipped a beat. This power was something that looked too horrifying in his eyes.

Lin Fan did not say anything as he frowned instead. In his heart, he was feeling exasperated. Seemed like he had been found out.

The fact that these living beings of the Bat race had dared to come over to the Solitary Heavens City to try and refine the living beings here must mean that they obviously had obtained the approval of their Old Master.

At the same time, after Lin Fan took down all of these beings of the Bat race, it was only natural that the Old Master Bat would have received the feedback.

For utmost powerful beings, a single thought could reach the ends of the world. Even if they were several worlds apart, everything could be covered with just a single thought.

At this moment, Lin Fan floated up into the void and focused his sight onto the void immediately after.

"Old Master Bat, since you're here, come along with Yours Truly then!" Lin Fan tore off his mask and bolted off into the distance.

As for Yang Wantian and his son, Lin Fan did not take them along with him and left them behind at the Solitary Heavens City. The city was the safest option. At least, it was safer than for them to be tagging along with him.

The Crown Prince looked up into the void and did not know what had happened.

But just at this moment, a torrential might ripped through the entire world as a colossal bat hovered above the Heavens and Earth.

"Motherf*cking Human King…!"

This was a voice that was filled with fury and rage as though it bore some immense hatred of sorts.

The void quivered as a figure appeared standing solitary up above in the sky. The Old Master Bat took a glance at the entire Solitary Heavens City before he burst off and chased after Lin Fan.

"Motherf*cking Human King?"

The Crown Prince and everyone else muttered in their mouths.

Even though Yang Wantian had acknowledged Lin Fan as his Master, he did not know what sort of a person Lin Fan was the entire time.

But when he heard that mysterious powerful being mention the words 'Motherf*cking Human King', Yang Wantian made sure to etch that into his heart.

So, the t.i.tle of his Master was…

Motherf*cking Human King!

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