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From a distance, a group of people walked over slowly. Just like a mountain, they possessed an overbearing aura.

Feng Bujue glanced over and frowned. Indeed, it was them.

"These are the ten genius disciples of the outer sect."

"That’s Ye Shaotian!"

"To think that Jing Tianhong is here too!"


"What’s going on? Could it be that something had happened in the outer sect? For the ten geniuses to be appearing as such."

"Even Meng Hao, who had kept himself isolated for a long time, is here as well."

"s.h.i.t. Something big must have happened. For all ten of them to gather as such was something that hadn’t happened before."

At this moment, all the outer sect disciples were abuzz with excitement. Not only had they not witnessed such a scene before, they had not even thought about this happening. For all ten of the geniuses to be mobilized together was an extremely rare occurrence.

"Junior brother, what’s going on!" Zhang Ergou was shocked by the fearsome sight of these people. The ten of them were figures he had looked up to. For all of them to be mobilized was just earth-shattering.

And since Feng Bujue was once part of the ten geniuses of the outer sect, he should have an idea of what was happening.

"Hmm… I’ve got no idea, Senior Brother. But they aren’t people to be trifled with. Do you see the man with that cold expression and carrying twin black and white swords on his back?" Feng Bujue stared at the group warily.

"Yeah, I see him. What’s up?"

"He is the most mysterious man out of all of them. I once challenged him, but he…"Feng Bujue stopped, with signs of fear flooding his eyes.

"What?" Zhang Ergou asked curiously.

"Strong. Very strong. When I exchanged blows with him, I could not even force him to use his weapons. With just Sword Qi, he defeated me thoroughly." Recalling the fight, Feng Bujue felt some shivers. Back then, it was as though he was submerged in a world of boundless Sword Qi.

Strong. Impossibly strong.

"And that guy, the one who is slightly stumpy, don't belittle him just because of that. Rumors have it that he is the reincarnation of a G.o.dly martial artist. Extremely powerful, he once sparred with a genius from the inner sect and neither was victorious" Feng Bujue continued.

"So…strong. Then how is Ruo Mengyu still able to maintain her position as number 1?" Zhang Ergou muttered in shock.

"No clue. Regarding this, I have no idea at all. Back when I was part of the ten geniuses, I have never exchanged any blows with her" Feng Bujue replied.

Zhang Ergou looked at the look of awe by the outer sect disciples towards these ten geniuses and was filled with envy. Seemed like only the strong could garner respect from the ma.s.ses.

The surrounding outer sect disciples constantly retreated as they pa.s.sed by. Towards these genius disciples, everyone was warily cautious.

"Junior Brother, something’s not right! They…seem to be heading towards our direction!" Zhang Ergou said cautiously.

Feng Bujue frowned slightly, feeling flutters within his heart. But now that Ye Shaotian had such a good relationship with Master, they shouldn’t be here for trouble.

When the outer sect disciples realized that these ten geniuses were heading towards those two from Nameless Peak, they started gloating in their hearts.

These disciples had no idea that the relationship between Ye Shaotian and Lin Fan had long been mended. They were still under the idea that Ye Shaotian had brought these men for revenge.

And with that, these outer sect disciples waited quietly. They were in for a good show.

"Senior Brother Ye! This is?" Even though Zhang Ergou was extremely nervous at this point, but as the senior disciple of Nameless Peak, naturally he’d be the one to step up front.

Furthermore, Zhang Ergou was on better terms with Ye Shaotian than Feng Bujue. Nothing bad should probably happen.

Zhang Ergou was quite on the mark.

"Ahh, Junior Brother Zhang. You guys are here advertising to sell pills! Why did you not notify your Senior Brother, me? If I had not heard of it yesterday, I might not have even found out!" Ye Shaotian replied with a laugh, shooting a glance at Feng Bujue afterward.

With Zhang Ergou, Ye Shaotian was still able to converse harmoniously. But Feng Bujue was nothing in his eyes. Regardless, Feng Bujue was just a sore thumb.

"Oh!!! So THAT’s what! Whew! I thought something big was about to happen!" Zhang Ergou patted his chest in relief upon Ye Shaotian’s reply. He was almost scared out of his wits.

"Actually, this was decided by our great Master Lin. Master Lin said that the charges on Danding Peak for pills cultivation were way too high. Given that outer sect disciples have it so rough in gathering the ingredients…to have it exploited by more than half, he could not bear it. Therefore, he offered to help them cultivate pills personally. 10% labor charges and a pot of servings with just 3 sets of ingredients!" Zhang Ergou boasted blindly. While Lin Fan had not said these words personally, if he helped to boost Master Lin’s reputation, that’d be dandy as well.

Naturally, Ye Shaotian bought every word of Zhang Ergou’s. That face of smiles turned into an expression of seriousness as he walked forward. Gazing at the towering peak of Nameless Peak, he sighed.

"Junior Master is still so caring, so benevolent! Indeed, he is someone of utmost esteem to be revered upon" Ye Shaotian had never bowed down to anyone in this life. But to Junior Master Lin, he gave his fullest respects.

Looking at Ye Shaotian’s expression, Zhang Ergou shook his head helplessly. Seemed like Senior Brother Ye had been deeply poisoned by their great Master Lin.

"Junior Brother Zhang, my intention of coming over was to introduce to you some sales. I suppose these people require no introduction? They’re all my friends" Ye Shaotian said. Speaking to the genius disciples, Ye Shaotian arched out his hand and introduced, "My dear Senior and Junior brothers, these are the disciples of Junior Master Lin. I’ve personally experienced the prowess of Junior Master Lin’s pill cultivating skills. I daresay that they are in no way inferior to Danding Peak. I hope you guys can give it a try."

Ye Shaotian had heard the news from around the quarters. Apparently, Junior Brother Zhang had waited here the entire day without receiving any sales. He wanted to give a hand as well. So, he contacted these Seniors and Juniors whom he was more closely related to, hoping that they could a.s.sist in the matter.

And at this moment, each and every one of the outer sect disciples was dumbfounded. What was going on! Didn’t Ye Shaotian have a death grudge against these people from Nameless Peak?!? Why was he out here helping them today?!


They couldn’t figure it out for their lives.

"Since Junior Brother Ye has spoken, naturally I have to give face as a Senior Brother. Here are 6 sets of ingredients. I only require one serving of Yin Yang Reversing Sword Pill. But this pill is of extreme difficulty to create. Therefore, it’s fine whether or not you guys complete it." The man with the cold expression carrying twin black and white blades proclaimed, and handed them 6 sets of ingredients from within his storage ring.

"Senior Brother Jian! This…" Ye Shaotian was shocked. He had not expected Senior Brother Ye to hand over such precious ingredients of extreme rarity.

"No matter. I’ve already approached Danding Peak previously, and no one there could cultivate this. Senior Elder is in retreat for a large part of the year, hence naturally he couldn’t a.s.sist me with this. Since Junior Brother Ye trusts this Junior Master Lin so, why not give it a shot? No matter if it could be done, I, Jian Wudi have no complaints."

Ye Shaotian arched his hands. "Senior Brother Jian, my utmost thanks."

Jian Wudi nodded his head coldly and left promptly. Regarding Senior Brother Jian’s disposition, Ye Shaotian was long used to it. He was like this since 3 years ago. It was just that Senior Brother Jian’s cultivation base seemed to be boundless. He seemed even stronger than 3 years ago.

The only thing he could not figure out was why Senior Brother Jian did not head up towards the inner sect. Perhaps, he wanted to push forth in one shot from the outer sect, attaining the number one position in inner sect at one go.

"Since Senior Brother Jian produced such precious ingredients, then I cant lose out too. Here are 10 sets of ingredients. I just need 1 serving of Dragon Blood Pill. But this pill is of extreme difficulty. Even the Senior Elder of Danding Peak was not confident of it. Whether or not you guys can do it, I’m fine with it" The stumpy Meng Hao laughed cheerfully.


Looking at the sets of ingredients pa.s.sed over one by one, Zhang Ergou guffawed, "Relax! Relax! My great master possesses the greatest skills! You guys just wait for the good news!"

Feng Bujue stuffed the ingredients within the storage sack. Seemed like this time round, Nameless Peak was going to make a name for ourselves.

The shocked expression of the outer sect disciples was enough to demonstrate the stir that had just happened.

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