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Chapter 932: You'd... Dare?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

At this moment, Lin Fan was expressing his exasperation. He was someone who kept a low profile to himself. Even with the domineering amount of strength he had right now, he was willing to hide and be a mere ordinary owner of a pill shop in this Imperial City.

But howdy dowdy! To think that there would be people who were coming right at his face to provoke him instead!

How could Lin Fan possibly endure something like that at all?!

At this moment, those mercenaries of the royalties were looking at Lin Fan in astonishment. That feeling from earlier on was unusually horrifying. It was as though they were meeting with an incredibly ferocious Old Ancient Beast.

In their eyes, Lin Fan was just like those Old Ancient Beasts who had been living in seclusion. The moment he opened his eyes earlier on, a boundlessly mighty aura erupted forth from him.

"Crown Prince, the situation doesn't seem quite right," One of the mercenaries whispered softly. He could sense that this young man before them was extraordinary, and didn't look too simple to deal with at all.

"Hmph! What's wrong with that? Just take him down," The Crown Prince snorted coldly, clearly not feeling anything off about this situation at all.

The peerlessly beautiful face of Shang Qingcheng looked as though it was about to explode from rage at any moment now. Those eyes of hers were fixated on Lin Fan with a death stare as though she could not wait to torment him to death hundreds and thousands of times over.

The scene of her being humiliated was something that she would never ever forget for the rest of her life. To think that this d.a.m.ned fella would dare to trample on her face in front of public! How could she endure something as such?

She was the number one beauty in this entire Imperial City, the G.o.ddess in the hearts of countless of men! Each time she went out, she would be revered by the ma.s.ses just like the stars in the skies!

But, to think that this man before her would dare to stomp down on her beneath his feet, causing her to lose face in front of everyone else?

No matter what, she would have to seek vengeance for this.

"Chick, don't look at me with such vengeful eyes. Anyone who didn't know better might even think that you were dumped by me! I am someone who has high regards for my reputation, alright?" Lin Fan replied indifferently.

These bunch of little friends were simply way too ignorant of the world! If he were to burst forth with his full strength, he would scare them so badly they would practically p.i.s.s the floor right now!

Yang Wantian shielded his son behind him before checking out the situation before him warily. As long as something didn't seem right, he would strike immediately.

"Shut up! I'll definitely make you regret that! What are you guys still waiting for? Hurry up and go at him!" Shang Qingcheng roared out at the mercenaries.

Even though the mercenaries were skeptical about this, they could do nothing else but to strike out at this moment.


The strength of these mercenaries wasn't weak at all. Causing thunder to crackle out and the winds to howl, they struck out instantly.

Lin Fan squinted his eyes without budging a single inch. However, all of a sudden, the bodies of these mercenaries were sent rocketing back like bullets as they crashed down on the ground.

Lin Fan did not get lethal with his blows. After all, he would have to stay in this Imperial City for quite some time still.

The mercenaries who had collapsed onto the ground looked at this man within the shop with frightful eyes. They did not know what had happened at all!

At the very moment they had struck out, it was as though there was some formidable power that was slamming out on their bodies. By the time they came back to their senses, they were already lying flat on the ground!

This was definitely some incredible expert!

These mercenaries were no fools. They could tell that the man had shown them mercy. If he had gotten lethal with his attacks, they wouldn't be just lying down here right now.


The Crown Prince was filled with confidence at the start. But at this moment, he was completely flabbergasted.

This was too d.a.m.ned… b.l.o.o.d.y unreal, wasn't it?

All of these mercenaries were powerful beings that were guarding this Imperial City! But, the situation that was going on right now had the Crown Prince entirely startled.

To think that all of these mercenaries would be taken down by the other party in a flash! They couldn't even take a clear look at what he had done!

It was just way too fast!

Initially, Yang Wantian had thought that this was definitely an inescapable battle to deal with. But, the current situation had him equally confounded.

He knew of the strength of these mercenaries. They were powerful beings within the Imperial City and guarded a place with unparalleled fighting prowess. To think that they would all be defeated right now!

Yang Wantian looked at Lin Fan in shock. Just where in the world did this Master of his come from? How could his strength be this formidable?

"Right now, there's only the two of you left." Lin Fan blinked his eyes with a calm tone. It was as though he was talking about something that could not have been anymore normal right now.


When Shang Qingcheng caught sight of everything before her, she was equally frozen. That curvy figure of hers started shuddering out uncontrollably as though she was truly somewhat scared right now.

Just where in the world did this sicko come from?

These guys were the mercenaries of the Imperial City with an absolute strength! They were just like G.o.d beings! But, to think that they would seem like mere ants in the face of this man, without even a chance to fight back at all!

"What are you trying to do?" Shang Qingcheng stumbled back. But, because her actions were way too huge, those two lumps on her chest bounced up and down as well.


Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red despicably as though he was thinking of doing something. He then cast his sights over at the Crown Prince.

When the Crown Prince experienced this gaze, his heart skipped a beat as he opened his mouth with some fright, "I-I am the Crown Prince! If you do anything to me, you will definitely not make it out of this place!"

"The both of you, don't worry. I'm definitely not going to do anything to you guys. After all, I'm an advocate of peace." Lin Fan replied as he put in his brightest beam.

However, this smile was something that was ever so horrifying in the eyes of the Crown Prince and Sheng Qingcheng. Their hearts seemed to have been frozen up. They could feel a malicious breeze stemming from that smile.

"Ah, Batian, pa.s.s me the broom." Lin Fan said.

Yang Batian opened his eyes wide. For a moment or so, he did not know what all of this was about. However, he still skipped over and brought the broom that was almost twice his height over.

Lin Fan held onto the broom and smirked coldly, "Since you guys are here, I'm afraid the impression wouldn't be too lasting if you guys don't leave something behind."

"What do you want to do?!" The both of them were taken aback, not understanding what this frightening fella before them wanted.

"Huehue... What do you think?"

Lin Fan smiled out indifferently before the took the broom and spanked out at their bottoms.


A crisp, clean sound reverberated through the shop. And following close behind was a series of tragic wails.

"I am the Crown Prince! How dare you…!"

"Ah! Help me!"

The Crown Prince was whacked till he was jumping up and down as though there was fire beneath his feet.

When Shang Qingcheng caught sight of this, she was completely dumbfounded as well. But right at this moment, she realized that the man had cast his sight onto her!

She could not help but gulp down her saliva as she looked at Lin Fan with some fright.

"You'd… dare?!"


At this moment, there were two figures that were jumping wildly up and down on the streets. The feeling of that broom on their bodies was ever so painful!

This was something that they could have never imagined happening to them! But, the reality was smacking their faces real hard right now.

"You had better stop that! I'm the Crown Prince!"

"I'm never ever going to let you off!"


These sorrowful wails rang out through the entire area. They sounded ever so horrifying that they sent shivers down the spines of everyone who heard them.

When all of the common folks caught sight of this scene, they were just rooted on the spot as well. They had realized who the two people being whacked were! One of the was the Crown Prince while the other was the number one beauty of the entire Solitary Heavens City — Shang Qingcheng!

Yet, at this very moment, they were being whacked so badly by that mysterious man that they were jumping up and down! They looked so darned pathetic right now!

All of the mercenaries could not help but gulp down their saliva as well as they exchanged glances with one another.


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