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Chapter 931: Please Don't Come And Annoy Me
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

This shopfront that Lin Fan had bought over was totally insignificant in the face of the Solitary Heavens City, and as a result, there weren't many customers. The main reason was because the previous owner did not have the strength to obtain some wondrous elixirs and whatnot. Therefore, it was only natural that most cultivators would definitely choose not to shop at his place.

As for Lin Fan, it didn't matter to him whether business was good or not. As long as the Great Sage's wounds recovered, he would leave this place immediately.

At the same time, he just wanted to hide for a short while now so that the utmost powerful beings could place their worries on other things and not fight him to the death over this.

After such a long time, Lin Fan wanted to take a good break to rest his heart and soul as well.

At this moment, there was a commotion outside. There were many guards of the Imperial City that were roaming the streets as though they were looking to arrest someone.

However, Lin Fan wasn't bothered with these affairs in the least bit.

Suddenly, a dog's barking rang over.

"Woof! Woof!"

Raising his head, Lin Fan discovered that it was that little kid from before. However, there was now a middle-aged man that was standing beside the little kid.

The aura of that middle-aged man was unusual, and furthermore, there were traces of the aura from his pill earlier on. Evidently, this man must have been the father that the kid had been referring to.

"Father, he's the one who gave me the pill!" The little kid pointed at Lin Fan saying.

Now that his father had recovered, the little kid was naturally grateful beyond words. His impression towards Lin Fan had changed entirely. In fact, he was even slightly reverent of him by now.

The middle-aged man was someone of Divine celestial level 2 cultivation state. Therefore, he had some general knowledge about the world.

When he looked over, he discovered that the aura around this benefactor before him was well restrained, without any single bit of reverberations. It was just as though he was a common person. But, the middle-aged man knew that it would definitely be the mistake of a blind person to take this man as a common person.

Just that elixir alone could be considered as the most mysterious pill that this middle-aged man had seen in his entire life. Even if it were the most valuable pill in this world, there was no way it can just heal up those injuries he had in the blink of an eye.

That wound had been afflicting him for years now as he suffered endless days and nights of pain of being eaten by it. At the same time, he had searched for an endless amount of wondrous elixirs and miracle pills. However, most of them could only help stop his pain and not purge it away completely.


"Thank you for your lifesaving grace, benefactor! I, Yang Wantian, am humbly filled with grat.i.tude! I'm willing to work as a slave to repay you for this lifesaving grace, benefactor!" Yang Wantian declared with grat.i.tude.

Lin Fan sat there and raised his brows while saying, "I'm lacking a sweeper here. You can stay here with that child of yours then."

Lin Fan was not going to be staying here for a short while only. Therefore, it was only natural that he needed someone to help him. Using a single pill in exchange for free labor, why not? Furthermore, this Yang Wantian would definitely be more than willing to do so as well.

"Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master! This is my child, Yang Zhixing!" Yang Wantian said.

"Yang Zhixing?" Lin Fan furrowed his brows, feeling that this name didn't amount to much.

"Master, is there anything wrong with it?" Yang Wantian could feel that the Master before him was someone that had way more than what met the eye. There was a deeply indescribable feeling about him.

"There's nothing wrong with it. It's just that… this name is way too common." Lin Fan replied.

"Alright then. From now on, he will be called Yang Batian. That's a name that's more domineering and can ring through the Heavens." Lin Fan remarked indifferently.

But in the eyes of Yang Wantian, it created gigantic waves. This name…!

He might be killed to death just by telling people about his name!

But now that this was a name given by his Master, he naturally had to accept it.

"Master, that's a great name!" Yang Wantian added on hurriedly.

"Father, your child here still thinks that Zhixing is better." The little kid commented innocently.

"No, THIS is good! Batian is good!" Even though Yang Wantian thought that Zhixing was better as well, he naturally had to accede to his Master's wishes now that he had acknowledged this man as his Master.

"Alright, go and sweep the floor then. Don't bother me if there's nothing up." Lin Fan did not say anything much and continued to enter his daze once more.

"Yes." Yang Wantian nodded his head before getting busy silently once more.

For him, this ceremony of acknowledging this man as his Master seemed a little too simple, didn't it? To think that it would be done with just a few mere words. Wasn't that too quick?

A few days later, Yang Wantian felt that it would not do for the shop to continue down this way. In the past few days, there wasn't even a single customer. As the underling, he could not help but feel worried.

He wanted to repay his grat.i.tude. Therefore, he naturally did not wish for the business of the shop to continue being so cold.

"Master, I don't think that the shop's business is doing all too well. I think that we should try to purchase some pills or something." Yang Wantian seized the opportunity to sneak in some advice.

"It's alright. This is pretty nice like this. Oh, that's right. These clothes that you guys are wearing are a little too old. Go get yourselves some new ones." Lin Fan swept out with his robes and 100,000 Shengyang Pills poured out on the table surface.

Right now, Shengyang Pills were the globalized currency, and 100,000 Shengyang Pills was definitely no small sum.

This was the amount gathered from the powerful beings splitting out the Spirit Qi of the world.

For most people, 10,000 Shengyang Pills was more than enough for them to sustain life for an entire year. But for those who cultivated, these 100,000 Shengyang Pills were nothing more than just a slight drizzle.

"Thank you, Master!" Yang Wantian thanked immediately.

Yet, another few days later…

Lin Fan would always enter his Paradise daily to check up on the situation of the Great Sage.

At this moment, the Great Sage was shining with a golden glow around his body as a boundless power spread out through the air. The destructive power that was within his body rumbled up and threatened to take over his entire body.

The two opposing forces clashed with one another. For a moment or so, there was no clear victor just yet. However, Lin Fan could clearly tell that the destructive Power of Thunder was gradually shrinking down in magnitude. Most probably, it wouldn't be long before it was purged out of the Great Sage's body entirely.

That palm strike of the Old Master Thunder possessed every single last bit of his strength. It was already considered to be a great heavenly fortune for the Great Sage to be even alive right now.

That was also because the Great Sage did not have a Physical Body State as strong as Lin Fan's.

And on this day, the shop was still cold as ever. But all of a sudden, a large group of guards surrounded Lin Fan's shopfront.

"Finally found him!"

The leader amongst them was a man with an authoritative aura. When he caught sight of Lin Fan, his eyes shone with a raging fury. At the side of the man was Shang Qingcheng, whom Lin Fan had trampled upon with his feet.

They had been searching for him throughout the city for many days now. Since they had finally found him, they were naturally extremely excited.

However, they knew that this man was extremely mighty. Therefore, they brought a large group of mercenaries with them over.

"You guys…!" When Yang Wantian caught sight of these guards, his brows furrowed before he blocked the shop entrance.

"It's alright. Make way." Lin Fan said in a soft tone.

Seeing this situation before his eyes, Lin Fan wasn't bothered in the least bit. To him, it was just akin to ants coming forth to seek trouble with him.

Yang Wantian turned around to look back at Lin Fan before nodding his head and moving over to a side.

"Mercenaries, this is the man. You guys have to take him down." The Crown Prince ordered in a loud voice.

"Yes." The mercenaries nodded their heads immediately before turning around to look at Lin Fan. Seeing a young man as such, they weren't bothered about it at all. In their eyes, even though this lad might have some strength to him, it wasn't as though he could possibly defend against their combined attacks.

As for Shang Qingcheng, she was just looking at Lin Fan with a wrathful look on her face, "You b*stard! I'm going to ensure that you're filled with torments."


At this moment, Lin Fan sighed out softly and placed the toy in his hands down.

"Divine celestial level 7."

"Divine celestial level 8."

"Divine celestial level 9."

"That's all the strength that you guys have? I've said this before for you guys to not come and annoy me, haven't I? Otherwise, you're going to have to bear the consequences yourselves."

At this moment, Lin Fan stood up. However, that indifferent expression on his face had the hearts of the mercenaries skipping a beat. In their eyes, this young man's figure itself before them was crushing down on their bodies just like a gigantic mountain.

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