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Chapter 930: You've Got Quite The Backbone!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The Shang Family could be considered as one of the top families in the entire Solitary Heavens City. Even though the Solitary Heavens City was ruled by royalty, in this part of the world, power still reigned supreme above all else.

The Old Master of the Shang Family was a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state powerful being.

Shang Qingcheng's face was dark and grim right now as she kicked the door open in a huff and walked in towards the Main Hall. All the surrounding underlings bore frightful looks on their faces — they did not know what was wrong with their Missy.

For her face to look so terrible upon returning… Could something big have happened outside?

"Qingcheng, what are you doing?" Just as Qingcheng was throwing her tantrum, a middle-aged man walked over. He had a thick aura to him along with a sharp gaze. Filled with authority, he bore the full disposition of someone with might.

"Father, I've been bullied by someone," When Shang Qingcheng saw who it was that had arrived, she broke out into tears immediately. The events of today were something that she wouldn't be able to forget for the rest of her life, and would forever be etched deeply into her heart.

To think that she, Shang Qingcheng, would have been bullied by someone and had to endure the humiliation of being stomped on her face! How could she endure something as such?

Thereafter, Shang Qingcheng related everything that happened today as it was.

When her father, his face shone with bewilderment. Everything sounded extremely outrageous!

Within the Imperial City, the Crown Prince had ordered down for everyone to hunt out that man today as well. He felt that he had to regain some image for himself no matter what.

After all, someone had created trouble in his territory, and not only that, he had even taken a lashing from the other party! How could the Crown Prince tolerate this?

At this moment, Lin Fan had opened up his shopfront once more. He sat there all alone; however, his thoughts had long flown into the nether reaches.

Everything that the Great Sage had told him had him absolutely astounded. To think that the truth would be as such!

For the utmost powerful beings, this era was definitely the last era. No matter who it was, as long as they couldn't transcend through it, they would definitely vanish with the winds.

However, how could those utmost powerful beings accept something as such?

They had cultivated out all the way till now all for the sake of eternity! But now that they were discovering that this was the final era, how could it not drive them crazy?

"Woof! Woof!"

Right at this moment, the sounds of a dog barking broke through Lin Fan's train of thoughts. When he raised his head, he saw a barefooted kid who was wearing some tattered clothes and looking at him shyly while tugging a leashed black dog.

When he realized that Lin Fan was looking back at him, he broke off into a run.

"Just what is that strong looking kid up to?" Lin Fan chuckled out, totally unbothered by it.

But, to his surprise, it wasn't long before that kid had returned. He was still sneaking around at the sides. When he thought that Lin Fan wasn't noticing, he tried to stretch his hands into the cabinet to grab a bunch of pills.

"Kid, it's not good to steal something! You've got to rob openly and daringly! Otherwise, you'll lose your disposition as a man!" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Woof woof!"

That little black dog snarled and barked out at Lin Fan. But, the moment Lin Fan looked over, he scared the little black dog so badly that it prostrated down on the ground, not daring to move anymore.

When he caught sight of this little black dog, a person did come into Lin Fan's mind. Only, he did not know where that Seven Saint Old Dog had run off to by now.

That Seven Saint Old Dog had been at odds with Lin Fan for a long time now since they were in the Xuanhuang World. Ever since the Infinite Worlds had opened up, he had followed along sneakily as well. However, Lin Fan did not know where he was right now.

He couldn't have been dead, could he?

When the little boy realized that he had been discovered, he was scared so badly that the already yellow face of his turned even yellower. He turned around and wanted to run away. But, since Lin Fan was feeling bored right now, he was looking to find some entertainment as well.

He then grabbed the boy's collar and hooked him up, "Kid, why are you stealing?"

"Baddie! Let me down!" The limbs of that little kid were short and stumpy. How could they possibly reach at Lin Fan?

"Aiyoh! You're quite domineering!" Lin Fan chuckled out before placing the little kid down.

With a thud, the kid kneeled down on the ground straight, "Boss, could you please do some good? My father has been whacked till he was injured by someone! I've got no money to buy medicine here! As long as you give some to me, Boss, I'm willing to work like a slave!"

"Gosh! Here I was just talking about how domineering you were! To think that you would kneel down so quickly! How boring!" Lin Fan shook his head. As he flicked out his fingers, a pill landed before the little kid.

"Take this pill for your father. Remember to be more domineering in life in the future! If I don't give it to you, just try to rob me! What's with that kneeling and whatnot?" Lin Fan 'educated' the boy.

If Lin Fan were to teach this boy, this guy would definitely turn into an overlord of the world someday someplace, and would bring forth harm for the ma.s.ses!

The little kid was stumped. Those bright, innocent eyes of his opened wide as he kowtowed a few times rapidly. Taking the pills, he kowtowed yet another few times and broke into a sprint as though he could nearly fly out.

"Boooooring! I wonder when the Great Sage can finally heal from his injuries. This Unrivalled Heaven Duelling Mystic Technique is something that's extremely mysterious. To think that it would be for one to duel with the Heavens by increasing their fighting spirits."

The Great Sage had retrieved the martial arts mystic skill from out of nowhere and handed it straight to Lin Fan. And, because he was in possession of the system, it was naturally extremely quick for him to learn that martial arts mystic skill. Therefore, he had already cultivated the Unrivalled Heaven Duelling Mystic Technique to its entry level.

However, if he wanted to improve this to an even higher state, that might probably have to take some time.

This skill was unlike any other skills. With other skills, Lin Fan could easily cultivate them to an extremely profound state with just a single thought. But, this skill was something that required time to grind and cultivate.

At this moment within a broken and derelict hut…

A man laid there looking extremely skinny and frail. It was especially the case on his chest where there was a single slash wound. There was a black mist shrouding that chest wound of his as though it was corroding his body. The wound was extremely deep, and one could even see his innards.

If this were any normal person who had received a wound as such, they might have long died already.

"Father, I've got the medicine!" A crisp voice of a kid that was filled with excitement traveled out. The frightfully pale face of the man who was lying on the bed let out with a faint and weak smile. But, his brows furrowed closely after as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"Father! I've got the medicine now! Hurry up and consume it, and your body will get better!" The little kid said excitedly.

The man's eye shone with a look of despair. However, he still forced out a smile no matter what.

An injury as such wasn't something that mere pills and medicines could heal at all. But, in order to give his son some hope, he could only consume it as an act.

"Alright, alright." The man knew that his time was almost up. The only thing he couldn't let go of right now was this son of his.

However, in order to not let his son get worried, the man did not care what sort of a pill this was. Even if it were poison or anything, it didn't matter to him anymore.

That was because he was the clearest about the condition of his body right now.

When the man received the pill over, he consumed it in a single mouthful before fondling the head of his son, "Alright, go out there and play by yourself…then."

But, just at this moment, the face of the man took a stark change as he let out a look of absolute disbelief.

He could feel a tremendous lifeforce ramming out within his entire body. The black mist that was shrouding his wounds was instantly purged away!

The corroded flesh of his was healing up rapidly as well!

"This… this…!"

The man's face was in fright right now as he looked at his son in utter astonishment. He did not know where in the world his son had obtained this elixir from!

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