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Chapter 929: Residence
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Shang Qingcheng was totally stumped right now. She hadn't expected that she would actually be stomped on the face by someone one day! And furthermore, in front of such a crowd…!

Some of the surrounding men were enraged at this moment. While they were irked off by the behavior of the Shang Family as well, the fact that the number one beauty in the entire Solitary Heavens City was being trampled upon by someone's feet was something that invoked the warrior's heart in them to want to save the damsel in distress.

But, when they thought about how a single punch from the other party had caused the Divine celestial level 1 state Ancient Beast to explode, their hearts started shivering in fear.

In their eyes, that was something that was simply way too horrifying.

"B*STARD! I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO KILL YOU!" Shang Qingcheng screamed at the top of her lungs. It was as though she had turned into a crazed lioness at this moment.

Lin Fan scoffed out. Towards something like this, he wasn't bothered in the least bit. And just as he was prepared to make his leave, an angry roar burst forth from the distance.

"Dogsh*t! Let go of Qingcheng!"

A young man sped over from the distance. When he caught sight of everything that was happening right now, his heart ached immensely. It was as though something that was beloved to him was being humiliated by others.

When the surrounding crowd caught sight of who it was that had arrived, their hearts skipped a beat.

"The Crown Prince is here!"

"The young man is probably in for a tragedy right now! It is a known fact throughout the entire Solitary Heavens City that the Crown Prince is chasing after Shang Qingcheng! Now that this man has dared to do something as such to Shang Qingcheng, he has definitely brought on trouble to himself that's tantamount to the Heavens!"

Lin Fan hated trouble the most. The reason why he came into this world was to seek refuge from troubles, and at the same time, think of a way to help the Great Sage recover his wounds. But, who would have thought that so many things would be happening here right now? This was something that left him entirely speechless.

Lin Fan did not want to say anything more as he lifted his feet and continued walking towards the city.

When the Crown Prince saw how audaciously this man was behaving, he naturally could not endure it. When the Crown Prince moved his eyes slightly, his guards surrounding him naturally understood his intentions and surrounded Lin Fan in the center.

"Hmph! Take him down!"

The cultivation states of these guards weren't weak. They were at least Divine celestial level 2 and 3 state beings.

Within the Solitary Heavens City, this was a pretty decent strength to possess. But for Lin Fan, they were just like ants. The fact that they were bothering him relentlessly was something that had him feeling annoyed.

Moving his eyes slightly as well, a formidable aura burst forth and crushed down on the bodies of these guards.


In the blink of an eye, it was as though the guards had received some severe blow as they all fainted over onto the ground.

"You…!" When the Crown Prince caught sight of this, he was entirely dumbfounded. He did not know what in the world had just happened. His guards were fine just moments earlier! How did they faint over all of a sudden?

"You had better not annoy Your Father. Otherwise, you better bear the consequences yourself."

After leaving this warning behind, Lin Fan did not care how terrible the face of the Crown Prince was as he continued walking in towards the city.

These guards had always been around to ensure the safety of the Crown Prince. But, now that the other party had them lying on the ground without even budging an inch, that was something that had the Crown Prince feeling astounded.

This was especially the case after the gaze that the other party had stared at him with. They were so d.a.m.ned overbearing! It was as though if he had stared any longer, he would even have to prostrate on the ground after!

This was something that made no sense to the Crown Prince at all.

After the figure of the other party had disappeared entirely, the Crown Prince rushed over to Shang Qingcheng hurriedly, "Qingcheng, are you alright!"

The heart of the Crown Prince was pained right now. To think that the woman he had loved so deeply would be trampled down by the feet of others and yet he couldn't offer any help at all! This was something that made him so mad.

"SCRAM…!" Shang Qingcheng bellowed out before glaring far into the distance with hatred on her face as she climbed straight up. Disregarding the awkward expression on the face of the Crown Prince right now, she left the place immediately.

At this moment, Lin Fan was faced with yet another troublesome affair.

"To think that you wouldn't accept Shengyang Pills!"

Having decided to reside here in this city, Lin Fan naturally wanted to buy a shopfront. But, to think that he would meet with an owner who was selling out his shopfront but did not accept Shengyang Pills as payment! This was something that had him speechless.

"I only want elixirs that can raise my cultivation state." The boss who was selling his shopfront was a middle aged man. However, his potential was way worse than most normal people. Even after cultivating all this while, he only had the Desolate celestial cultivation state.

Holding on to such a cultivation state in times like these was so pathetic that one would even feel terrified at the thought of it.

Troublesome! Lin Fan felt that this owner was way too stupid. Couldn't he just buy some pills and whatnot with the Shengyang Pills as payment? But, the owner's excuse was that if he had so many Shengyang Pills with him, it would be easy for others to rob him.

Lin Fan instantly tried searching within his storage to see if there were any pills he had left. After all, most of the pills that he had reaped over had basically been popped in by him.

Eventually, there was no other choice than for him to cultivate out some pills on the spot. Given his current proficiency in pills cultivation, cultivating out pills was naturally something that was extremely easy for him.

"This is a pill that can help you to reach Divine celestial level 2 state! What do you think of it?" Lin Fan took out the pill.

When the middle aged man caught sight of the pill, his heart leaped with joy. How could he hesitate with something like this? Immediately, he signed the papers to hand the deed over and transferred the ownership of the shopfront over to Lin Fan.

A fixed a.s.set such as this was only important for mere commoners in a world like this. For powerful beings, this was worth jacksh*t.

Any true powerful beings would be able to cause the entire world to be destroyed with just a wave of their palms.

Lin Fan took a look at this shopfront. Originally, it was used to sell pills. So, in order to save himself from trouble, he opened it as per usual. However, the pills that he sold were just extremely common pills. He did not sell some wondrous elixirs or the likes lest he attracted unwanted attention.

Closing the doors, Lin Fan entered his Paradise directly. At this moment, the Great Sage was floating cross legged up in the air.

"Motherf*cking Human King, why did you have to save me?" There were countless rips and tears on the body of the Great Sage. All of these were caused by that destructive power that was wreaking havoc within his body.

For the time being, he could only suppress it. However, he could not purge it out entirely.

"Great Sage, why are you so insistent? What will happen to your Monkey race if you're dead?" Lin Fan asked.

"Monkey race? The Monkey race doesn't exist anymore! I would have rather fought it out with them at that moment!" The expression of the Great Sage was anguished as a fiery flame of rage blazed out within his heart.

"I implore the Great Sage to follow me to a place then."

Lin Fan swept with his robes and the location changed as they arrived at the Xuanhuang World.

Somewhere in a corner of the Xuanhuang World…

When those from the Monkey race had just arrived here, they were extremely wary at first. But, when they discovered that there weren't any threats around here, they heaved a sigh of relief.

When Lin Fan and the Great Sage arrived, the remaining survivors of the Monkey race were exhilarated.

At the same time, when the Great Sage caught sight of his fellow people, his eyes shone with an infinite glow.

"Great Sage, even though I have not managed to save everyone from the Monkey race, there is at least half of the Monkey race here. If you were to fight it out with those utmost powerful beings, what would happen to these survivors then?" Lin Fan asked.

The Great Sage looked at Lin Fan gratefully before nodding his head eventually, "My thanks."

The Great Sage had not expected that the Monkey race truly would have survived! As long as they were alive, given the pa.s.sage of time, the Monkey race would definitely flourish once more!

"It's alright, Great Sage. I've still got many things I wish to find out about from you." There were many questions up in Lin Fan's mind he wanted to get answers about from Great Sage here.

"Alright, what do you wish to know? Anything I know, I will definitely tell about it to you!"

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