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Chapter 928: Even Beauties Are To Be Whacked
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Old Mother Jade Pool, Old Mistress Fox… This is all a misunderstanding! That fella up ahead is the real degenerate!" The Old Master Thunder tried explaining hurriedly.

"Hmph! It's not as though we're blind!"

For both the Old Mother Jade Pool and the Old Mistress Fox, there was no way they would believe such dishonest words of accusations!

The Old Master Thunder and the other utmost powerful beings were stumped at this moment as well. If it were anyone else, they would have long taken them down.

However, the Old Mother Jade Pool and the Old Mistress Fox were one of the few female utmost powerful beings. Therefore, they were the targets of affection of quite a number of other utmost powerful beings.

If they were to make any brash move by attacking them, the consequences might be dire.

"HAHA! Old Master Thunder, shouldn't you take a good look at who Yours Truly is right now?" Lin Fan removed the imposter mask and revealed his true face.

When the many utmost powerful beings around turned their heads over, they were all stumped.

"Motherf*cking Human King…!"

"HAHAHA…! You bunch of dumbf*cks!"

Lin Fan burst out laughing wildly before disappearing into the void entirely. This time around, it was all thanks to these two chicks! If not for the both of them, he might not even have known how to make his escape!

But, in order to not let the utmost powerful beings catch up to him, Lin Fan made use of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar and made multiple jumps across dozens of worlds repeatedly.

Given Lin Fan's current strength and powers, even if he wanted to make a complete circle around all of the thousands of worlds, it would be something extremely easy as well.

"This world here is pretty decent with a fortuitous aura. Everything seems peaceful, and there don't seem to be any dangers lurking within."

After jumping across dozens of worlds, Lin Fan finally settled down on a single one.

There were various cities in this world similar to the Xuanhuang World of the past, where those of royalty ruled over the commoners, but everything was still eventually ruled over by sects.

Ever since the fusion of the Infinite Worlds, the Lower Worlds of the thousands of races had fused in as well. While there were changes for those living beings who had yet to ascend up, these changes were not that great altogether.

It was just that the Spirit Qi in the air has become denser than ever, and the radius of the world had grown larger. At the same time, they were meeting up with many different races they had never seen before.

At a hidden spot somewhere, Lin Fan started changing his appearance once more. If he did not do so and was discovered by an utmost powerful being, that would undoubtedly be a tragedy.

Solitary Heavens City…

Lin Fan walked through an alley with extremely subtlety and did not draw any attention to himself at all. In the eyes of anyone else, he was but a mere living being.

This was a place filled with life, and there were neither wars nor conflicts.

There were majestic walls that pierced straight into the clouds from all directions of the city that caged it up. On those majestic walls were countless mysterious runic symbols that were inscribed. When these runes were connected to one another, they gave off a mystifying power.

This power was something that came from an utmost powerful being.

If any danger were to arise, they could activate the runes on the walls and turn it into an extremely strong defensive barrier.

The reason why Lin Fan chose to hide here was mainly so that he could help the Great Sage heal up his wounds. That single palm strike of the Old Master Thunder brought with it an unbridled destructive Power of Thunder.

Even though the Great Sage was an utmost powerful being as well, he had no way of purging out the power that was within his body right away. To think that even the lifeforce of the Mythical Parasol Tree would be ineffective.

Seemed like everything would have to depend on the Great Sage himself then.

Even though Lin Fan had an utmost powerful being by his side, the Great Sage was wounded severely. Therefore, he did not want to roam around too much either. That could wait till the Great Sage had recovered from his wounds. That would definitely give him much more a.s.surance.

However, even up till now, Lin Fan did not know what those utmost powerful beings were up to.

This current era was the final one, which was something that Lin Fan knew. However, why in the world were these utmost powerful beings fighting one another to death? What was all of that for?

Once the Great Sage had fully recovered, Lin Fan would have to ask him properly.

"Get lost… Get lost!"

At this moment, a carriage was rushing over from the distance. Interestingly, the carriage was being pulled by an Ancient Beast, one that had an extraordinary cultivation state of Divine celestial level 1 to boot.

Naturally, given Lin Fan's current cultivation state, he couldn't care less about cultivation states as such. However, if this were from the perspective of the city, the fact that a carriage could have a Divine celestial level 1 state Ancient Beast pulling it along was something that was pretty startling.

There was a flag sticking up from the carriage. For the residents of the Solitary Heavens City, that flag was something they could not be more familiar with.

The carriage rampaged through its way. However, none of the residents dared to voice out any dissent. That was the flag of the Solitary Heavens City's Shang Family after all.

At this moment, the woman who was controlling this Ancient Beast at the front of the carriage bore a haughty expression on her face as she wielded a long whip in her hands that was leashed onto the body of this Ancient Beast.

That whip should be a treasure or something. Each time it was whipped onto the body of that Ancient Beast, it would wail out tragically as though it was extremely painful.

"Little fella, make way!"

All the bystanders started shouting out at Lin Fan frantically. When he turned around and caught sight of the carriage, his brows furrowed. This chick was pretty domineering, wasn't she?!

At this moment, there was a woman who was seated within the carriage that was being pulled along. She was totally indifferent towards everything as though she was long used to it.

"Peasant, scram!" The woman who was taming the Ancient Beast barked out at Lin Fan.

At this moment, Lin Fan was giddily happy. Even though he was currently avoiding the hunt of the utmost powerful beings, the fact that someone within a small city as such would dare to act so toughly before him was something that he could not tolerate at all!

As the bystanders were witnessing how this young man before them was about to be knocked down by that oncoming Ancient Beast, something shocking happened.

Lin Fan chuckled out before throwing out a punch that landed squarely on the body of that Ancient Beast.


Everything overturned as a tremendous power erupted forth. The Ancient Beast was exploded into tons of pieces while the carriage was sent flipping in the air. With a loud crash, it landed somewhere in the distance before rolling for a few rounds and crumbling into debris.

As for the woman who was whipping the Ancient Beast, she fell onto the ground and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The woman who was in the carriage had evidently not expected for something like this to happen at all. For a moment, she was stumped and looked entirely wretched.

As for all the surrounding bystanders, they were completely stupefied.

This was the carriage of the Shang Family! And that woman in the carriage seemed to be the Missy of the Shang Family!

Now that this young man had sent the entire carriage flipping over and destroyed with that single punch of his, this was naturally going to be something big!

"What in the world is this?" Lin Fan asked in contempt.

Meeting with such a situation was something that he did not have to endure at all! Who in the world cared who the other party was? Even if she were an alluring beauty, he would whack her up all the same!

No matter what, Lin Fan was also a powerful being. There was no way powerful beings could ever tolerate the insolent att.i.tude of their puny juniors. Weren't these people just b.l.o.o.d.y courting death?!

Lin Fan tossed his head and continued walking towards the city, totally unbothered by everything that had just happened.

The Missy who was within the carriage bore a frosty expression on her face. Arranging her clothes, she looked at her maid who was spitting blood on the ground.

"Stay right there!" Shang Qingcheng roared out as her eyes shone with rage.

However, the thing that had Shang Qingcheng even angrier than anything else was the fact that the other party had just continued walking forward!

"Dogsh*t! You had better stand right there!"


A long streak of light bolted through the void as Shang Qingcheng's fingers took on the shape of a claw and reached out to grab Lin Fan's head. There was truly no one in the Solitary Heavens City who would dare to stand up against her Shang Family!

When Lin Fan sensed the vibrations that were coming forth behind his back, he scoffed coldly and flipped around. Without moving his hands, he lifted his leg all the way up before slamming down furiously and crushing down on the shoulders of Shang Qingcheng.


There was no way Shang Qingcheng was a match for Lin Fan as her knees dropped to the ground in a kneeling position immediately. He then followed up by stomping on her face right after.

"You have got some mental issues, right?"

Trampling on a supremely alluring woman right beneath his feet, Lin Fan was even giving off a look of disdain!

At this moment, all the residents around were completely flabbergasted. It was the same for some of the surrounding martial artists who had been out in the world cultivating before.

This was the number one beauty of the entire Solitary Heavens City!

She was the G.o.ddess in the hearts of countless of men and disciples here! But, to think that this young man before them would actually trample her beneath his feet! This was a scene that shocked the bejabbers out of way too many people around here.

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