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Nameless Peak looked pretty desolate and deserted. After all, there were only 3 residents on such a huge peak.

"Master, the mission today was… not very successful. Only towards the end was there a servant disciple who was willing to put his trust in us. Other than that, all of the outer sect disciples were just there to watch the commotion, but none of them believed in us." Zhang Ergou reported the events of the day honestly.

Lin Fan did not say anything. He was just staring at the wild boar being roasted in the fire in front of him.


The aroma of the barbequed wild boar in front of him and the sizzling sound of its roasted skin was amazing. Lin Fan took a deep swallow as he salivated at the scent of this delicious boar.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were also deeply attracted by the fragrant aroma of the barbecue. But, without the permission of their Master, they could only await in antic.i.p.ation.

"Today’s situation was part of my calculations. But, to have even one disciple believing in us? That’s a good start. We can’t rush things" Lin Fan said peacefully, without a hint of hastiness in his voice.

While it was important to boost the reputation of Saint Devil Sect, it was also important to do it based on one’s strength.

With the entire afternoon of hard work, Lin Fan had attained 6 folds of strength with "Tidal Push". If everything were to proceed without any hiccups, he should be able to reach 8 folds by tonight.

Once "Tidal Push" reached 5 folds, the experience points needed for the next level was more than enough in Lin Fan’s eyes.

"Alright, let’s eat. After dinner, go back to your huts and cultivate. We’ll try again with the advertising tomorrow" Lin Fan clapped his hands together and retrieved the boar from its rack. Tearing the thigh away, he chomped into it.

This taste was pretty decent, tender meat with crispy skin. Even after one was done, the aroma lingered with a fragrant aftertaste.

"Master! To think that this wild boar was so delicious!" Zhang Ergou’s eyes brightened up, and bit into it without hesitation.

Feng Bujue, who was eating at the side, also nodded his head and he chomped intensely, agreeing with his Senior Brother.

Back in the house…

Lin Fan looked the 3 strands of herbs in his hands. This was the main and only ingredient required for the Qi Boosting pill.

This herb had two leaves on it. On every leaf, the veins looked like tendons within human bodies, except that it was red.

Qi Boosting Pill.

Lin Fan threw the ingredients directly into the furnace.

In less than a second, it was completed.

Now that Lin Fan’s pill cultivating skill had reached level 16, he could be considered a master amongst masters.

To cultivate something as simple as Qi Boosting pill not only required no time at all, he could also utilize the essence within the ingredients fully to maximise the effects of the pill.

"Ding… congratulations on creating Light lower graded Qi Boosting Pill."

"Ding… Able to improve blood circulation after consumption. Useless for anyone postcelestial above, able to be consumed for 1 experience point."

For a pill like this, Lin Fan did not even want to look at it. It was simply too useless. So useless that Lin Fan was speechless.

It couldn’t even be compared to the Circulation Pill he had back in Saint Devil Sect.

Even though he was at the first stage of postcelestial right now, according to the system before upgrading, he should be level 9, just one step away from pericelestial.

And now, despite being a postcelestial initial stage, he could utterly obliterate someone who was at postcelestial completion stage. And behind his level was a huge experience bar. As of now, it was only filled to half. That was to say that out of 100000000 experience points, he was at most at 50000000.

F*ck man!

When would he finally be able to level up? Seemed like he could only await an opportunity when he could ma.s.sacre a whole bunch of wild beasts.

For a pill of this level with just 1 set of ingredients…under extremely good conditions, one could probably just produce 5 servings. But, he could easily produce 10. This was the difference between a supreme master and normal human beings.

It was the ability to utilize the essence of the herbs completely, without a single drop going to waste.

Collecting the 30 servings, Lin Fan entered a state of cultivation.

Just like he did in the day, he began practicing "Tidal Push."

A push of the left hand, a push of the right. The surrounding air trembled, seemingly as though there was an invisible force.

The next day…

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue headed down the peak to advertise after waking up.

The outer sect disciples no longer had any interest towards Nameless Peak. Cultivate pills? Cultivate your mum! Only a fool will fall for your lies.

They would rather go to Danding Peak to be exploited thoroughly than to give up their precious ingredients for a worthless risk.

Mao Xiaoxiao woke up bright and early. Ever since he returned to the servants’ quarters, he could barely eat or sleep. He was filled with excitement. The moment he closed his eyes, thoughts of the pill would flood his mind.

He wondered what would await him the next day.

Would it be the apologies of these Senior Brothers, apologizing for their failure in cultivating the pills.

Or would he be greeted with congratulatory eyes, with pills in his hands.

And just like that, Mao Xiaoxiao spent the entire night pondering. At the first light of dawn, he headed out to the outer sect area.

"Man, what’re you guys even still wasting your time for? No one would patronize you!" An outer sect disciple mocked.

"That’s right! With the time spent, you might as well spend it fruitfully on cultivating. Feng Bujue, seems like you made a mistake entering Nameless Peak!"

"Even if you were to stand here for an entire day, not a single disciple would ask for your service!"

Looking at these outer sect disciples, Zhang Ergou bit his teeth in displeasure, "Would you please leave if you’re not here to cultivate pills. Annoying."

"Why! Can’t we stand here?" The outer sect disciples rebuked aggressively.

"Senior brother, let’s not argue with them. There’s no point" Feng Bujue told him.

Zhang Ergou nodded. He stared at the crotches of those disciples and said viciously, "Watch out."


And just at this moment, Mao Xiaoxiao, who beseeched them the previous night, hurried by. Looking at the large crowd of outer sect disciples around, Mao Xiaoxiao felt a little anxious.

"Senior Brother, is…is my pill done?" Mao Xiaoxiao asked.

"Yes, it is!" Zhang Ergou smiled and retrieved a sack hanging on his waist for Mao Xiaoxiao.

Mao Xiaoxiao gave it a little squeeze and took a leap in his heart. Seemed like there were way more than 7 servings within this sack. For…for just 3 sets of ingredients to produce this result! This…this!

"Thank you, Senior Brother! Thank you, Senior Brother!" Mao Xiaoxiao thanked them profusely and prepared to head off.

"Hold on." Mao Xiaoxiao was stunned, wondering what else was the matter.

"What’s the hurry, there are more," Zhang Ergou said helplessly. He was totally convinced by his Master’s pill cultivating skills.

Just 3 strands of the herb and he was able to cultivate 30 servings. Goodness. That was just way beyond G.o.dly.

"Ahh…!" Mao Xiaoxiao stared with his jaws open at Zhang Ergou as he took out 2 more sacks.

"There are a total of 30 here. Master had instructed that since it wasn’t an easy task being a servant disciple, he would collect no labor fees." This statement was totally made up by Zhang Ergou on the spot.

Based on Master Lin’s original meaning, this pill was just way too trash. It wasn’t worth a single s.h.i.t. Hence, he decided not to collect anything in return.

But to Zhang Ergou, if he were to say it as it was, this Junior Brother Mao would have been thoroughly brokenhearted. Hence, he embellished the words.

Indeed, after Mao Xiaoxiao collected the sacks, he looked at Zhang Ergou tearily. He could not believe that there were 30 servings.

"Thank you, Master Lin! Thank you, Senior Brother! Thank you..."Mao Xiaoxiao cried out in grat.i.tude, almost close to getting on his knees and kowtowing.

"Hey, servant disciple! What did you ask them to cultivate for you!" An outer sect disciple asked laughingly.

"Qi Boosting Pill" Mao Xiaoxiao replied.

"HAHA! You guys heard it? Qi. Boosting. Pill!"


At this moment, all the outer sect disciples burst out laughing. The look of scorn on their faces filled the surroundings.

"I told you! They could only produce such a level of pill! The Senior Brothers on Danding Peak would not even bother with such a pill! And for a pill of this difficulty level, Senior Brother Li can easily produce 3 servings with just 1 set of ingredients!"

Mao Xiaoxiao did not know what these Senior Brothers were laughing at. He then replied intensely, "Senior Brother, I only gave Senior Brother Zhang 3 sets of ingredients. But they cultivated 30 servings."

The outer sect disciples, who were deep in laughter, stopped. Stunned, they revealed a face of disbelief, "Impossible! Even Senior Disciple Li of Danding Peak can only produce 3 servings with 1 set. What capabilities do these guys on Nameless Peak have! That’s right, they must have given you extras!"

At this moment, Zhang Ergou was totally riled up, "Impudent! This guy is way too impudent! If I do not give his little nuggets a good kick, they would think that we’re pushovers!"

"Junior Brother! Go! Give his little nuggets a good kick!" Zhang Ergou summoned Feng Bujue immediately.

But right then, a series of shouts came from the far distance.

Everyone’s attention turned over.

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