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Chapter 926: Peaches and Bananas
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Old Master Thunder, you must not listen to his one-sided stories! We're of the same alliance!" The Old Master of the Bat race tried explaining hurriedly. The situation that had just happened was something out of his expectations.

This guy was just biting at everyone randomly! Your Ancestor did not even know him at all!

"Your Demonic G.o.d wishes to know just what in the world is up with this as well." The eyes of the Drought Demonic G.o.d shone with a glint.

Lin Fan gulped down his saliva before looking over at the Old Master Thunder, "Old Master, if I say it out, will you let me live?"

"Hmph! Do you still think that you're a spot for bargaining even at this point?" The Old Master Thunder barked out angrily, "But, don't you worry. As long as you tell everything as it is honestly, Your Ancestor can let bygones be bygones."

Towards this Lei Ming before him, the Old Master Thunder was already forming some sort of an idea about the situation in his mind.

This kid had been enduring silently among the unaffiliated disciples for a long time now and was totally insignificant. But all of a sudden, he caused an uproar and defeated Lei Kuanglong. That Lei Kuanglong was someone who had the Thunder City that he had given off as a reward personally! Unless it was other utmost powerful beings, who else would be able to take down the Thunder City with such ease?

Therefore, other than receiving the empowerment of the other utmost powerful beings, there was definitely no way his cultivation state could have risen so quickly.

Putting everything that had happened before together, the Old Master Thunder was able to determine that there must have been some secret behind all of this.

Lin Fan lowered his head and stole a glance at the Great Sage. Right now, the wounds on the body of the Great Sage were severe. It was evident that receiving that strike of the Old Master Thunder from earlier on had done an impossibly huge amount of damage to him.

If the fight were to carry on, he would be left with only death.

"Old Master, the Bat Ancestor and the Old Master Devouring Heavens had looked for me and empowered me so that I could remain hidden within the Thunder Sect. They then had me fight for the seat of the Hall Master of the Disciplinary Hall so that I could bring the disciples out to bully the other races."

"Back then, your disciple here had not understood what was going on. But right now, your disciple understands."

"Seems like Old Master, you were intending to come with them to take down the Monkey race. But, at that critical moment, you were targeted by the Old Master of the Wings race and the Old Master of the Crocodile race. From there on, you'll lose out in the fight for the Unrivalled Duelling Heavens Mystic Technique!"

Lin Fan said everything out obediently and honestly. Even though it was all made up by him, in his opinion, there was a huge possibility of all of those things happening.

After Lin Fan was done speaking, the Old Master Thunder fell deep into his thoughts. The more he thought about it, the scarier it sounded. At the same time, he was starting to buy into his words.

"Lad, how dare you sow discord out of nothing? You deserve to die!" The Old Master of the Bat race roared out. To think that he would be stabbed in the back by a smelly brat! And, by the looks of the Old Master Thunder's face right now, he seemed to be buying into the words of that brat!

If anything were to really happen right now, it would be a huge loss for them!

The Old Master Thunder looked over at the Old Master of the Bat race. Even though there were some doubts in his heart, his expression started to change gradually.

However, Lin Fan's words that followed closely after had the Old Master Thunder believing in everything he said entirely.

"Old Master, everything that your disciple here has said is entirely true! The Wings race and our Thunder race are such close friends! If Your Disciple here had wanted to rob the Wings race, how could I possibly reveal my true ident.i.ty? Even if you gave me ten guts, I wouldn't have dared to!" Lin Fan yelled out.

The Old Master Thunder closed his eyes firmly before jerking his head over towards the Bat Ancestor and the Old Master Devouring Heavens. At the same time, Lucifer and the Old Master Crocodile cast their sights on the Old Master Bat and the Old Master Devouring Heavens as well.

"Old Master, your disciple here has already told you everything as it was without lying at all! Please spare my life, Old Master!" Lin Fan begged out.

"Hmph! Betraying Your Ancestor leaves you with only a single word for your outcome… Death." The Old Master looked at Lin Fan with a sharp gaze. He then flicked his finger, causing a surge of power to erupt forth from Lin Fan's bloodline.


Lin Fan screamed out loudly before the bloodline of the Thunder race within his body vibrated and ruptured out, leaving him deader than he could have ever been.

"Holy f*ck! The Old Master Thunder is really able to kill the living beings of the Thunder race with just their bloodline alone!"

Lin Fan laid there motionlessly. This situation was simply way too heaven revolting! Thankfully, Yours Truly wasn't someone of the Thunder race! Otherwise, he would truly have been left for dead this time around!

But, the situation right now hadn't taken a turn for the better just yet. He had to think up of a way to escape with the Great Sage no matter what.

"Old Master Thunder, you'd rather believe in the words of an ant than us?" The Old Master Bat was enraged right now. This was clearly a good thing that was going on for them. To think that they would have discord sown within them by an ant!

d.a.m.n it! G.o.d d.a.m.n it!

"Old Master Bat, Old Master Devouring Heavens! You guys have really gone overboard this time around!" The Old Master Thunder roared out with an endless fury burning in his heart. If not for the fact that Lucifer and the Old Master Crocodile had come earlier on, the outcome would have been unimaginable!

It was just as Lei Ming had said. Even if he had ten guts, he wouldn't have dared to act so brazenly unless there was someone manipulating the events from behind the scenes.

"Old Master Thunder, Drought Demonic G.o.d, and Old Master Water Dragon, how about we discuss this matter after we take down the monkey? Old Master Devouring Heavens, lets strike!" Right now, the wounds of the Great Sage were severe. The Old Master Bat naturally could not give up on this chance so easily. No matter what, he would have to take down the monkey for real!

"Bullsh*t! Even if Your Ancestor has to let this monkey off today, I'll have you guys pay the price!" The Old Master Thunder roared out as he bolted up ahead to stand in their way.

"Old Master Bat, Old Master Devouring Heavens! You guys are ambitious, aren't you? How dare you try to make Your Ancestor here act as your gun? If I don't let you guys know of my might today, who knows if you guys may even decide to take a dump straight on my head in the future!" Lucifer bellowed out and struck out instantly as well.

"Holy f*ck…!"

When the Old Master Bat and the Old Master Devouring Heavens caught sight of everything before them right now, they cursed out at their mothers instantly. To think that that mother*cking dogsh*t had seriously dug a pit for them!

"Are you guys stupid or what? To think that you would even believe a provocation of this sort!" The Old Master Bat hollered out. He hadn't expected for the intelligence of these Old Masters to be so low that they would even believe bullsh*t like that!

When the various Hall Masters of the different Halls caught sight of this, they were frozen for a moment as well. Was this f*cking kidding them?

Everything was just fine moments earlier! But now, everyone was getting into a huge fight! Wasn't this too d.a.m.ned surreal?

After Lin Fan pretended to be dead, he could sense the situation unfolding around him. Right now, these utmost powerful beings weren't paying him any attention at all as he just entered Stealth mode immediately.

He then came to the side of the Great Sage sneakily.

"Great Sage, don't strike. It's me! Peaches and Bananas!" Lin Fan hurriedly said.

"You…!" The face of the Great Sage focused up. This was especially the case when he heard about the Peaches and Bananas. Those were things that he could never forget in his lifetime.

"Great Sage, this place isn't somewhere we should linger any longer. Let us hurry and make our leave!" Lin Fan said.

"No, I'm not leaving! I'm going to seek vengeance for my race!" The Great Sage replied.

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he nearly exploded out. Vengeance your mother! To think that he would be thinking about vengeance even at this moment! How many lives did he think he had?

By the time these guys came to their senses, things might already be too late by then!

"Great Sage, with your current state, it's impossible for you to seek revenge! The only path awaiting you here is death!" Lin Fan advised, "Furthermore, I've saved the majority of the Monkey race! If you were to die now, what's going to happen to those of the Monkey race that are still alive?"

"d.a.m.n it! I had chosen not to engage in secular affairs for the sake of the safety of the Monkey race. To think that things would turn out like this…" The heart of the Great Sage was infuriated. There were countless of beings from the Monkey race that were either injured or dead. This was a vengeance he couldn't let off just like that.

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