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Chapter 924: The Ma.s.s Battle Starts
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

A summoning like this was something that came from the deepest levels of the bloodline. And, the source of it was naturally the Old Master.

This was so d.a.m.ned messed up! To think that he would actually encounter with this instant summoning technique after switching his bloodline to that of the Thunder race!

"Have you guys ever experienced the summoning of the bloodline?"

Most of the disciples of the Disciplinary Hall were thoroughly trusting of Lin Fan right now. Under this scheme of robbing everyone cleanly, they had turned from paupers to tyc.o.o.ns in the blink of an eye.

The moment he struck out, everyone had something to gain from it. Compared to the past, there was simply a world of a difference.


"What's summoning of the bloodline? I've never heard of it before."

All of these disciples shook their heads. Some of them had never even heard of it before.

Looking at the expressions on the faces of these disciples, Lin Fan doubted that they were deceiving him. Perhaps, they truly did not know anything about it.

For a moment or so, Lin Fan was truly caught at a loss for what to do. Could it be that the Old Master Thunder had discovered something about him? Was he thinking of killing him?

But, that shouldn't be the case either, right? If he were truly discovered, the Old Master Thunder would have appeared right before his face instantly and taken him down. Why would he choose to go with such a roundabout method?

Could there be something big that was happening instead?

"What are you still waiting for?"

Just as Lin Fan was still in the midst of contemplating, a thundering voice boomed out from deep within Lin Fan's bloodline. It was as though if he didn't return the call, there was a high chance the bloodline would just rupture out from within to cripple him instantly.

"Such a vicious method! Could this Old Master Thunder truly control the life and death of every single Thunder race being?"

"But thankfully, there's no utmost powerful being within the Human race. Otherwise, the fate of my life would end up being in the control of someone else's hands."

Lin Fan did not hesitate anymore. No matter what would happen, he would have to face it anyway. Furthermore, this Old Master Thunder might not know that he was actually a human.

As the saying went, 'If the soldiers come by, fight them. If the flood comes by the dam, block it.' He'd just go and see what was there to deal with, and handle it as it came.

"All of you head back first. The Old Master is summoning me." Lin Fan said before following the call of the bloodline and diving into the void.

The disciples of the Disciplinary Hall exchanged glances with one another. For a moment or so, they hadn't registered the sudden news just yet. But, by the time they snapped to their senses, the Hall Master had already left…

The summoning of the bloodline tore through the restrictions of time and s.p.a.ce. When Lin Fan opened his eyes, he saw how his surroundings were flowing swiftly with the shining gleam of a galactic river. In the blink of an eye, the entire world collapsed over as the scenery before his eyes changed once more.

"This place…"

For Lin Fan, this was a place that was ever so familiar. When he caught sight of the figure that was standing tall between the world far up in the distance, his heart could not help but skip a beat.

"Great Sage."

Lin Fan was taken aback, feeling that there was something wrong with this situation. But, when he turned his head around to look, he saw the Old Master Thunder standing up in the void. He was looking at the Great Sage, who was surrounded by many utmost powerful beings at the moment with a sharp gaze.

Just what in the world was going on right now?

Lin Fan turned his head around and realized that the Holy Master of the Holy Thunder Hall was summoned over as well, along with other Hall Masters of the various Halls.

The Old Master Thunder, the Drought Demonic G.o.d of the Ancient race, the Old Master of the Bat race…

"Monkey, hand over the Unrivalled Heaven Duelling Mystic Technique you have. Otherwise, we're going to trample the entire Monkey race flat." The Old Master Thunder scolded out harshly.

This Unrivalled Heaven Duelling Mystic Technique was a Legendary Item that descended from the Heavens in an era a long time ago. This mystic skill that the Great Sage had obtained could be considered as one of the strongest mystic skills of all.

And, now that this era was the final era, all of these Old Masters from the different races, in fact, even the Demonic G.o.ds of the Ancient race, had started fighting for their own survival.

The Great Sage had no faction and chose to side with neither the utmost powerful beings nor the Demonic G.o.ds, choosing to be all alone. And, that was precisely the reason why he was being targeted right now.

In the previous eras, no one wanted to come and ruffle the feathers of this mad ape. But, now that this was the final era, if they did not have the power to transcend through it, they would just vanish away like smoke.

At this moment, the Great Sage was floating above in the void, and did not say anything at all. However, those eyes of his were burning with blazing fury. When he looked at those beings of his race that he had wanted to protect so direly being left dead and injured all over the place, his heart was filled with anguish.

"Old Master Thunder, Old Master of the Bat race, Old Master of the Rain Dragons, Old Master Devouring Heavens… All of you d.a.m.ned b*stards… I've never ever fought with you guys for anything. If you guys had wanted the Unrivalled Heaven Duelling Mystic Technique, I could have given it to you guys. BUT, YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER F*CKING EVER TOUCHED OR KILLED ANY BEINGS FROM MY RACE! EVEN IF I'M GOING TO FALL HERE TODAY, I'LL HAVE ALL OF YOU FOLLOW ME TO DEATH!" The Great Sage howled out in fury as a berserk power rumbled forth from him, causing the entire world to quake in the face of it.


When Lin Fan caught sight of everything before him, he understood what was going on within his heart. However, the situation did not seem too favorable right now.

If it came down to a head on fight, there was practically no chance of living at all.

Four utmost powerful beings together with a Demonic G.o.d of the Ancient race… This was an exceptionally formidable force! Even if his own Physical Body State was that of an Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state, he might not be able to get through their hands that easily.

"Old Master Thunder, what are we still wasting our breath on him for? Let us join hands and take him down entirely. We'll then deploy a soul-searching mystic skill to retrieve that Unrivalled Heaven Duelling Mystic Technique." The voice of the Old Master of the Bat race was shrill and sharp as he remained hidden under his black robes the entire time.

The Old Master Thunder looked at the Great Sage with a cold glare. He then waved out with his hand, "Kill every single being from the Monkey race."

"Yes, Old Master!"

All the Hall Masters of the hundreds of other Halls roared out in reply. They then turned into streaks of light that dove right for the Monkey race.

There was no lack of powerful beings within the Monkey race. However, in the face of this vast and formidable force, they really stood no chance at all.

"Great Sage, save me…!"

A series of tragic wails rang out. The eyes of the Great Sage were bloodshot right now as he snarled and bared his sharp spiky canines, "YOU GUYS ARE LOOKING TO DIE…!"

"Monkey, we're your opponents!" The Old Master Thunder blared out and together with the four utmost powerful beings, surrounded the Great Sage in a flash.


With that, the battle erupted out. Being a.s.saulted on all fronts by the five utmost powerful beings, he did not have the chance to get distracted.

Lin Fan dove into the crowd. For a moment or so, his heart was in a fl.u.s.ter as well.

What should he do? What should he do right now?

If he couldn't think up of any other way about this, this was basically just the end for them!

"Thunder race, go to h.e.l.l!" Just as Lin Fan was contemplating about this, a being from the Monkey race bolted out at Lin Fan with a killing intent.

Lin Fan clenched his teeth. With the way the situation was right now, any person he saved was a single person more who could be kept alive.

Lin Fan mixed in with the crowd and punched out with his fist. However, that fist sent the being of the Monkey race into his Paradise.

"Even if I die, the Great Sage is going to avenge me!" Right now, there was another being of the Monkey race that was being pinned down onto the ground by some Hall Master from G.o.d knows what Hall. His face was cruel as he was about to land the killing blow.

But all of a sudden, Lin Fan appeared in a flash and yelled out, "I'll kill this one!"

Lin Fan punched out with his fist and sent the living being of the Monkey race into his Paradise instantly.

"You…!" When the Hall Master saw that his prey had been s.n.a.t.c.hed, his heart burnt with rage instantly. But, when he caught sight of that face, he froze up before smiling immediately after.

"Good one, Hall Master Lei!"

The scene of Lin Fan taking down the previous Hall Master harshly was something that was witnessed by everyone. How would they dare to offend him?

"Leave all these monkeys here to me. None of you shall interfere!"

Lin Fan shouted and ordered out before darting around to begin rescuing these living beings of the Monkey race. However, the area of the battle was simply way too huge that Lin Fan could not cover it entirely.

But, for Lin Fan right now, anyone he saved would be one extra he would be able to keep alive. He was really giving it his best.

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