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Chapter 919: Three Palms To Slay
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

This was the Thunder City of Lei Kuanglong, an Utmost Treasure that was handed down by the Old Master Thunder directly. It could be used to refine one's physical body. If one were to cultivate their martial arts mystic skills within it, one would be able to soar even further.

Lei Kuanglong was right in the midst of cultivating a supreme mystic skill when he sensed the disturbances at the Disciplinary Hall caused by outsiders. Naturally, there was no way he could endure something as such, and he came out of his seclusion to check it out.

Within the Thunder City, Lei Kuanglong's aura was not the only one there. There were the auras of several other Vice Hall Masters.

All of them were covering and protecting Lei Kuanglong within the Thunder City. At the same time, they made use of the thunderbolts within the Thunder City to refine their own physical bodies. But, at the sight of everything before them right now, their anger was almost ruining their hard work from earlier on.

"Huehue... Seems like the rightful Master has finally arrived. By the looks of it, I can finally have a good fight then, eh?" Lin Fan looked over at the Thunder City. The aura of Lei Kuanglong was exceptionally dense and thick.

This was especially the case for the power of thunder that was wrapping around his body. It was something far from ordinary, and was not to be underestimated.

When the Holy Master of the Holy Thunder Hall caught sight of the Thunder City, her eyes shone with a look of greed. Everyone from the Thunder race knew that that Thunder City was a gift to Lei Kuanglong from the Old Master Thunder.

And, the reason why Lei Kuanglong could have grown to this extent in the past few years had a tight connection with this Thunder City.

There was a Thunder Pool that existed within the Thunder City, formed from the rarest G.o.d Thunder in this entire world. No matter who it was that cultivated within it, it could purge away any impurities within their bodies, and even raise their cultivation states.

And, for all this while, Lei Kuanglong had been cultivating a secret skill within the Thunder City. Right now, his aura was so imperceptible that even the Holy Master could not see through him. By the looks of it, he must have cultivated that skill successfully by now.

Lei Kuanglong was a supreme powerful being, THE powerful being in the eyes of the disciples of the Thunder Sect. There would be not even a single disciple who would dare to act brazenly before him.

And, now that Lei Ming has attracted the attention of Lei Kuanglong, this naturally had the surrounding disciples feeling a little tense over this. Within the depths of their hearts, it was as though there was a solid rock that was crushing down heavily with an immense pressure.

Lin Fan was practically laughing out so badly within his heart he could barely speak when he thought about how Lei Ming's reaction would be upon seeing how he was behaving right now.

The way he was right now was tyrannical beyond words, f*cking up anyone he was unhappy with and throwing them straight into the eye of the storm... As long as he were to take down the other party with absolute strength, he would definitely turn into the undisputed number one in the entire Thunder Sect.

If Lei Ming knew that the imposter would be doing something as such with his body, that guy would probably cry himself to death.

"Lei Kuanglong, stop acting tough at that c.o.c.k City of yours. Come over to Daddy. Don't worry, I won't whack you to death." Lin Fan yelled out.

When the surrounding disciples heard what Lin Fan had just said, they did not even wish to speak any longer. Some of the gathered ma.s.ses felt that he was simply way too arrogant. This was unbridled arrogance!

"Lei Ming, to think that an unaffiliated disciple such as yourself could have stayed hidden for such a long time. And here I was, thinking what sort of a formidable person had appeared. To think that it would just be someone like you. But fair enough. Today, I, Lei Kuanglong, shall show you what the consequences of seeking death are then." Lei Kuanglong laughed out coldly as his killing intent surged. In his eyes, Lei Ming was nothing more than a dead man.

"Hall Master, you don't have to dirty your hands with this man. We'll take him down instead." The three Vice Hall Masters around Lei Kuanglong spoke up together.

"Okay." Lei Kuanglong nodded in agreement.

The three Vice Hall Masters leaped down from the Thunder City instantly, "Lad, you're the one who came seeking for death. You can't blame anyone else for this."

The powers of the three Vice Hall Masters were formidable, and even electric currents were flowing through their gazes. This was the Thunder Body that would be cultivated when one cultivated the thunderbolts into their bodies.

"Seems like it's going to be a tragedy for this Lei Ming now. Those three Vice Hall Masters are not weak in the least bit!"

"That's right! Those three Vice Hall Masters are all Supreme state beings! Even if this Lei Ming is exceptionally strong, what could he amount to in the face of them all?"

Right now, Lin Fan was just like a lone ranger. But in his eyes, he felt that he definitely had to show some stuff for this fight. It was just that these three ants weren't really something that Lin Fan could even find himself being bothered with.

Bzzt! Bzzt!

At this moment, Lin Fan gripped his fist tightly as a series of thunderbolts wrapped around it.

Thunder Yang Palm.

This was the martial arts mystic skill learned by Lei Ming, not some incredibly powerful one or anything like that. In fact, there were many disciples within the Thunder Sect who had learned this same skill as well.

"Against the three of you, three palm strikes are all I need." Lin Fan said in a composed manner.

"Brazen!" The three Vice Hall Masters roared out in unison. How could they have this junior act so audaciously before them?

"The first palm."

Even though this mystic skill didn't amount to anything much, in Lin Fan's hands, it naturally possessed a power that could devastate the entire world.

With just that simple palm strike, it brought on a strong gust that howled as lightning crackled all around it. For a moment, a G.o.d of Thunder appeared standing upright in the void. Waving his fists, he punched out straight at one of the Vice Hall Masters.

"How could this be? That's just a normal mystic skill, the Thunder Yang Palm! How could it cultivate out a G.o.d of Thunder with it?"

All of the surrounding disciples could not contain their shock. In their eyes, this was beyond incredulous!

That Thunder Yang Palm was but a normal palm strike move from the Thunder Sect! Even though it possessed a decent power, if one wanted to cultivate a G.o.d of Thunder out of it, that would definitely be nothing but a dream!


One of the Vice Hall Masters roared out and wanted to slay down the G.o.d of Thunder. But, in the blink of an eye, he was sent spitting out fresh blood everywhere as he fell in defeat.

"The first one."

Lin Fan smiled out indifferently. As he slammed out with both his palms, a boundless power of thunder lined up in the void.

"Lad, go to h.e.l.l!"

The other two Vice Hall Masters bellowed out as their powers started churning, displaying a myriad of mystic skills and whatnot. A power that was infused with the True Essence of Thunder pummelled out straight at Lin Fan.

"Huehue... It's over."

Lin Fan gently used some strength as he pushed down with both palms. No matter the cultivation state of these two Vice Hall Masters, they would definitely vanish like smoke at this moment.



Two palm strikes were embedded down onto the ground. Within those deep pits that were dug, two Vice Hall Masters laid there motionlessly like dead dogs.

At this moment, the entire vicinity fell totally silent. Everyone was just frozen at the sight before them.


To think that three Vice Hall Masters would have fallen over in just a single instance, without even the chance to fight back at all!

The Holy Master looked at Lei Ming with a look of extreme shock as well. Just how much of his strength had he concealed all this while?

In her eyes, a strength of this level was just absolutely horrifying! There was no way any ordinary person could handle this!

Lin Fan clapped his hands up and down before curling his finger out towards Lei Kuanglong, "You can take your turn now."

At this moment, Lei Kuanglong's expression grew stern. He had finally understood that the strength of this Lei Ming before him was definitely far from ordinary.

"Are you truly looking to die?" The aura of Lei Kuanglong was stable; he hadn't lost his cool and shown any fear just because three of his Vice Hall Masters have fallen.

Lei Kuanglong was someone who possessed the Thunder City. Therefore, he was naturally of the stand that he wouldn't lose out at all.

This was the treasure gifted to him by the Old Master Thunder, one that was capable of both offense and defense at the same time. If someone like this Lei Ming was thinking about taking him down, that would undoubtedly be just a dream.

At this moment, Lin Fan's brows twitched.

He could feel that someone was peeping on him. This consciousness was exactly the Old Master Thunder.

However, Lin Fan wasn't fearful at all. After all, his own body's bloodline was that of the Thunder race right now. There was naturally no way the Old Master Thunder would be able to see through that.

However, Lin Fan realized that as the Old Master Thunder was peeping on him, he could feel a tingle going on within that bloodline of the Thunder race inside him. It was as though the bloodline of the Thunder race was under the control of the Ancestor of the Thunder race.

It didn't take long before this consciousness dissipated.

Lin Fan knew that he had tided through the inspection. Since that was the case, coming next would just be a proper demonstration of his true skills.

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