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Chapter 918: Is There Anyone Else Who Can Fight?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The reason why Lin Fan had disguised himself as someone from the Thunder race was exactly because he wanted to wreak havoc throughout the entire Thunder race.

Initially, he was still contemplating about how he was going to go about that. But now, it was all good. With this Disciplinary Hall coming to create trouble for him directly, how could Lin Fan endure it at all? Even when he was surrounded and attacked by countless utmost powerful beings, he did not ever cower back.

Now that people from this Disciplinary Hall had decided to come look for him directly, even if he was within the Thunder Sect, he would have to maintain a high profile naturally.

And, IF he was truly discovered at the end of the day, worst comes to the worst, he would just fight everyone else then. It was only a single utmost powerful being after all. Lin Fan had the fullest of confidence in escaping from within his grasp.

Shing! The

void started contorting as thunderbolts soared around the entire place like dragons with a torrential might. These were the extremes of thunderbolts, and even a single one could punish and smite down all ordinary living beings in the world.

Wielding control over the thunderbolts, the Thunder race had one of the strongest innate potentials among all the races.

In the past, because they had no utmost powerful being, they had always been oppressed by the Ancient race. But, now that the utmost powerful beings had returned, the innate potential of the Thunder race was unleashed completely.

Making use of the unparalleled thunderbolts to cultivate their bodies, one could even say that the beings of the Thunder race were all talented geniuses.

As for Lei Wanzun, he was one of the very best talents in the entire Thunder race. In the short span of a few years, he had leaped from the Divine celestial level 8 state to the Supreme state by relying on the G.o.dly might of the utmost powerful being.

This was a cultivation state that could shake the entire world. Even right now, save for the utmost powerful beings, he was definitely one of the top few that could stand on top of the world.

That was enough to show just how terrifying that single thunderbolt could be.

The True Energy of the world started rumbling as thunderbolts wrapped around everywhere, caging Lin Fan up within them.

But, Lin Fan spread open his palm as his powers rumbled. Under the frightful gaze of everyone present, he grabbed the thunderbolt with his hands.

"Lei Wanzun, do you wish to take me down with just something like this? Honestly, do you even know the difference between Heaven and Earth?" Lin Fan swept out with his arm as the thunderbolt in his hands soared up furiously. The remaining powers of the thunderbolt crackled out, causing the void to explode as he gave it a tight slap and sent it shooting straight at Lei Wanzun.

"How could this be?"

When Lei Wanzun caught sight of everything before him, he was completely taken aback. He hadn't expected for this Lei Ming to be this powerful that he could toy with that ferocious thunderbolt in the palms of his hands!

"Thunderbolt River!"

Lei Wanzun howled out in rage as his entire body's aura turned denser, and a Thunderbolt River appeared above his head. This Thunderbolt River possessed an unbridled amount of power of thunder, which then gushed down to destroy that long thunder whip Lin Fan had sent rebounding.

"If you're this strong, how is it that you've remained silent the entire time?" Lei Wanzun glared at Lin Fan in shock. He could not believe that there could be a powerful being as such amongst the unaffiliated disciples, and that he hadn't even known about him at all!


Lin Fan burst out laughing, "I, Lei Ming, have just always been silently enduring everything in the past. But, now that this Lei Wanshan has come to provoke me indiscriminately time after time, perhaps it's time for me to show off some of my might. Otherwise, you guys might even think that I, Lei Ming, am a pushover!"

All of the surrounding disciples were completely flabbergasted. They had not expected for this Lei Ming to be this formidable that even Senior Brother Lei Wanzun could not take him down!

"Today, the only goal that I, Lei Ming, have is to take down the Disciplinary Hall entirely! From this day forth, the Master of the Disciplinary Hall shall be I, Lei Ming!" Lin Fan's disposition was exceptionally domineering. As he raised his arm high, a destructive thunderbolt coiled around it. He then burst forth and tore through the void, slamming out straight at the Thunderbolt River of Lei Wanzun.

"Brazen!" Lei Wanzun roared out with a ferocious expression.

"Thunderbolt River! G.o.d of Thunder!"

At that moment, Lei Wanzun howled out in rage and burst forth with a torrential momentum.

Above that Thunderbolt River stood a G.o.d of Thunder that brought with him a divinely might, shrouding the entire world. The Thunder G.o.d Weapon in his hands pierced through the void as he slashed out with killing intent towards Lin Fan.

"That's the secret skill that Senior Brother Lei Wanzun has been cultivating to create the Thunderbolt River! For him to be able to create the G.o.d of Thunder, that must be a power tantamount to that of G.o.ds and Ghosts!"

"Guys, take a look! Lei Wanzun and Lei Ming are exchanging blows now!"

Everyone was completely confounded by this sight before them. This was something that had never ever happened before.

As for the Holy Master of the Holy Thunder Hall, her face was just filled with a look of bewilderment, "Seems like we've all belittled this Lei Ming. For him to be able to endure silently among the unaffiliated disciples for all this time, that's simply way too scary of a thought."

"Holy Master, is it possible for this Lei Ming to be able to suppress Lei Wanzun? That Lei Wanzun is someone who is able to summon out that Thunderbolt River!" Qingxuan commented uncertainly.

The Holy Master did not reply as she kept her gaze focused up ahead.


A gigantic explosion boomed out.

That horizontal slash of Lin Fan's struck the G.o.d of Thunder straight on the chest. That impossibly mighty G.o.d of Thunder broke apart instantly without any room to fight back at all.

All of a sudden, a bedazzling gleam of light burst out above the Thunderbolt River.

"NOOOOOO…!" Lei Wanzun screamed out in horror. He had discovered that there were cracks appearing on the Thunderbolt River! Even worse, the mystic runes within his body had multiple crack lines appearing as well!


The Thunderbolt River broke apart as this horizontal slash of Lin Fan found its way to Lei Wanzun's body.


Lei Wanzun's eyes were wide open in fear as his body started exploding. This power was something that had gone way beyond his imagination! To think that he couldn't even have a chance to fight back at all!

Horrifying! This was simply way too horrifying!

"d.a.m.n IT! G.o.d d.a.m.n IT!" Pieces of meat pulsated and struggled within the void as Lei Wanzun howled out in rage. He channeled his powers repeatedly to try and regroup his body together.

At that exact moment when his body was finally reformed, Lin Fan stomped down with his feet onto his face.

"Too weak."

Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back as he stomped down on Lei Wanzun's face. His voice was calm as he gazed far into the distance.

All of those disciples who were spectating this show were completely stumped. In their eyes, everything was just simply way too surreal. In fact, one could even say that this was just like a fantasy.

"Has Lei Wanzun lost?"

"To think that Senior Brother Lei Ming would be able to take down Senior Brother Lei Wanzun in a single move!"

"How is this possible?! Lei Wanzun is a powerful being of Supreme state! How could Senior Brother Lei Ming possibly be this strong!?"

All of the people were caught in disbelief at this scene before them. In their eyes, this was truly something that seemed fictional.

Lei Wanzun was the Vice Hall Master of the Disciplinary Hall, someone who was high and mighty up above the others! The disciples of the Thunder Sect would have their hearts skipping in nervousness at the mere mention of his name!

But, to think that a horrifying character such as this would be trampled down by others right now! This was an incredible sight that they were having trouble coming to terms with.

"Holy Master, this…!" Qingxuan's body shivered.

"So, that's truly the case…" The heart of the Holy Master was incredibly alarmed as well. The strength of this Lei Ming was truly stronger than her imagination. To think that he would have remained hidden amongst the unaffiliated disciples for such a long time. How long had this guy been scheming about this?

"B*STARD! LET ME GO!" At this moment, Lei Wanzun was unable to accept the fact that he had just been defeated by an unaffiliated disciple.


Lin Fan used more strength as he stomped down on Lei Wanzun's face harshly, then looked around the entire Disciplinary Hall and bellowed out.

"Is there anyone else who can fight?! If there's no one else, from now on forth, I, Lei Ming, shall be the Boss of the Disciplinary Hall!"

Right now, what Lin Fan wanted was exactly power. He wanted to bring a group of young little companions to f*ck the Heavens, the Earth, and even the air.

"Lei Ming… Are you looking to die?"

At this moment, a Thunder City appeared in the void. When the ma.s.ses looked over at it, they felt their hearts quivering.

"The Hall Master of the Disciplinary Hall, Lei Kuanglong."

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