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Chapter 916: Completely Unleashed
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"That's Senior Sister Qingxuan of the Holy Thunder Hall!"

"Even though the majority of the Holy Thunder Hall are females, they're extremely overbearing. What are they doing here?"

"They can't be here for Senior Brother Lei Ming, can they?"

"Hush! Lower your volumes. Let us just wait and see."

All the surrounding disciples were extremely curious. To them, the way the situation was playing out seemed a little complex.

At this moment, the leader of the women had a composed aura to her. However, from the side of her eyes, one could make out the sharp gaze she had. That curvy and defined body of hers attracted the eyes of everyone present. But, for the most part, they did not dare to gape at her body too much. After all, that sharp gaze she had was way too intense.

Qingxuan walked over in a straight path and was followed by four other women. The faces of these women were cold as though they were way too superior for anyone to pander after.

Coming to a stop, Qingxuan looked at Lei Ming with a somewhat curious look. She wondered what sort of a trump card Lei Ming was holding on to for him to dare to go against the Disciplinary Hall all alone.

"Qingxuan, what is the Holy Thunder Hall implying by doing this?" Lei Wanshan questioned directly. If this were during normal times, he would naturally not dare to offend her. However, now that he had the Disciplinary Hall as his backing, it was not as though he needed to be afraid, did he?

While the Holy Thunder Hall might be strong, they had always been kept in place by the Disciplinary Hall.

"My Holy Master has made it clear that this Lei Ming shall be under the protection of the Holy Thunder Hall." Qingxuan's mission for heading over here this time around was to recruit Lei Ming into the Holy Thunder Hall.

"You…!" The moment Lei Wanshan heard this, he was taken aback immediately, somewhat in disbelief. Just what in the world was so different about this Lei Ming for him to attract the attention of the Holy Thunder Hall? And moreover, to have Qingxuan head over personally to recruit him into the Holy Thunder Hall even!

If Lei Ming were to join the Holy Thunder Hall right now, then wouldn't his plans of crushing him cruelly be for naught?

"This fella is someone that the Disciplinary Hall wants. Is the Holy Thunder Hall trying to pit yourselves against the Disciplinary Hall now?" Lei Wanshan barked out.

Qingxuan smiled faintly without retreating at all, "This man is now under the protection of my Holy Thunder Hall. Is YOUR Disciplinary Hall intent on pitting yourselves against the Holy Thunder Hall?"

The eyes of Lei Wanshan shone with an endless fury. For a moment or so, he truly did not know what to do anymore.

If this were any other Hall, Lei Wanshan naturally wouldn't feel fearful in the slightest bit. But, given the current situation, there was no way he could do anything about it!

When Lin Fan looked at the situation before him, he chuckled out as well. What was this Holy Thunder Hall thinking about doing?

They were all talking as though Yours Truly had agreed to join and whatnot.

However, as for some of the surroundings disciples, they could only look at Lei Ming in envy. They were truly jealous down from the bottom of their hearts.

This was THE Holy Thunder Hall! If one were to be taken a liking by the Holy Thunder Hall, they would definitely skyrocket in terms of status!

Initially, when they saw the Disciplinary Hall arriving, they naturally thought that this would be a tragedy for Senior Brother Lei Ming. But, who would have thought that the Holy Thunder Hall would step in to protect him?

The luck of Senior Brother Lei Ming was way too good, wasn't it?!

"Lei Ming, my Holy Master has high regards for you. How about joining the Holy Thunder Hall?" Qingxuan looked at Lin Fan asking.

In Qingxuan's opinion, she felt that this person before her eyes would definitely be emotional and grateful beyond words after hearing her invitation. After all, being able to join the Holy Thunder Hall was a joyous event tantamount to the reaching the Heavens for these unaffiliated disciples.

As long as they joined the Holy Thunder Hall, no one would dare to cause trouble for them in the Thunder Sect from then on. And, even if they got into any trouble, the Holy Thunder Hall would be able to shield them from it.

This was especially the case for this particular occasion where he was being recruited personally by the Holy Master herself. This was one h.e.l.l of a good fortune in the eyes of all the unaffiliated disciples.

Qingxuan looked at Lin Fan's expression, waiting for this unaffiliated disciple to burst out with joy. But gradually, she was starting to realize that something didn't make sense.

The only thing she saw was nonchalance as he said out, "What's this Holy Thunder Hall thing? Nopes, not joining."

The moment these words came out of Lin Fan's mouth, all the surrounding disciples were totally stunned, as though they could not believe what had just happened.

What did he just say?

What's this Holy Thunder Hall thing?

Everyone present right now just felt as though they must have misheard him. How in the world would anyone refuse to join the Holy Thunder Hall?


Qingxuan hadn't expected for this Lei Ming to be so audacious! Unable to tolerate it, she jerked her wrist and a long whip made up of thunder and filled with a killing intent slashed over.

"Don't get hasty now. Scram on one side." Lin Fan immediately received the thunder whip in his hands. Using some slight strength, he caused the entire whip to dissipate.

"You…!" Qingxuan was taken aback as a formidable power burst forth from the other party, causing her to stumble backward.

Qingxuan knew of the cultivation state of this Lei Ming before her. He was just an ordinary Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state being. But, the power that he was giving off right now was way beyond her expectations.

"Lei Wanshan, initially, I didn't want to stoop down to your level. But honestly, you don't know what's good for you. Since that's the case, I, Lei Ming, shall no longer bear with it silently. From this day forth, I, Lei Ming, shall start my hegemony over the entire Thunder race. And of course, the first one to be taken down shall be that backing of yours, the Disciplinary Hall."

Right now, Lin Fan's bloodline had already been transformed to that of the Thunder race. Even if it were Old Master Thunder, he wouldn't be able to differentiate it from the rest. Furthermore, it was the Old Master Thunder himself who allowed the Thunder race beings to fight it out and have the stronger ones take the top spots.

If that were the case, even if he upended the entire Thunder race, nothing would happen to him, right?

By now, Lin Fan could no longer endure everything anymore. If that were the case, he would just show off his berserk powers and oppress everyone with brute force.

At this moment, Lin Fan's aura changed. In the eyes of all the surrounding disciples, this Senior Brother Lei Ming was getting imposing once more.

"Guys, take a look at the expression on Senior Brother Lei Ming's face. It's so scary!"

"Domineering! He's really way too domineering! Since when has Senior Brother Lei Ming turned so domineering?"

"It's as though Senior Brother Lei Ming is a different person altogether! Is this still the same Senior Brother Lei Ming we used to know?"

At this moment, everyone exclaimed out.

Even Qingxuan was left standing at a corner blankly as her eyes sparkled with surprise.

"You're looking to die…!" Lei Wanshan roared out furiously, "Senior brothers, let us take down this guy along with his brash words!"

"Brazen! The Disciplinary Hall isn't something that a mere unaffiliated disciple such as yourself can look down upon!"

"Take him down and send him over to the Disciplinary Hall, so that he has to pay the price for his actions!"

At this moment, a horrifying aura burst forth from the disciples of the Disciplinary Hall. All of a sudden, a series of chains shot out from their bodies.

These chains brought with them a power of thunder that was cruising around them. This power of thunder brought with it a horrifyingly devastating might.

"That's the Disciplinary G.o.d Chain! No matter what sort of a powerful being it is, as long as they're bound by them, they will definitely not be able to move!"

"Even though the cultivation states of these disciples of the Disciplinary Hall are not that high, anyone with a higher cultivation state than them will still be useless with these Disciplinary G.o.d Chains in their hands!"

At this moment, everyone was expecting Senior Brother Lei Ming to be in for a tragedy. How could he possibly escape the seals of these Disciplinary G.o.d Chains?

When Lin Fan looked at these G.o.d Chains, his lips merely curled into a smirk.

"Disciplinary Hall? The first one I'm taking down today shall be the Disciplinary Hall then!"

Lin Fan spread out his palm as lightning swam around every single finger of his, causing a series of crackling sounds to burst out from that palm of his. With that, gigantic Thunder Dragons swam out one after another.


In the next moment, those formidable G.o.d Chains shattered apart instantly. As though they had just received an immense blow, the disciples of the Disciplinary Hall fell onto the ground crippled while spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"How could this be?!" When Lei Wanshan caught sight of everything before him, he stumbled backward with a terrified look on his face. In his eyes, this was absolutely impossible!

"What's this sh*t?"

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan appeared before Lei Wanshan's face. The latter glared at him and muttered out, "Y-you…!"


Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out coldly, then lifted up Lei Wanshan and gave him a swift kick.

"Go first and inform your Master that I, Lei Ming, am coming for them in a jiffy!"

Like a rubber ball, Lei Wanshan was sent flying into the distance by Lin Fan's kick. And, his destination was none other than the Disciplinary Hall.

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