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Chapter 915: The Path To Dominating The Thunder Sect
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

From the memories of Lei Ming, Lin Fan knew that there were many factions within the Thunder Sect. Out of them, just the Halls alone amounted to hundreds.

The forces of these Halls were extremely great, and they practically had the entire Thunder race living beings divided out.

Amongst them, there were ten Halls that were the strongest.

This Lei Wanshan was someone from the Disciplinary Hall. As for Lei Ming, he was just part of the casuals who were not affiliated with any Halls, and were just ordinary disciples of the sect.

Just what in the world was this Old Master Thunder up to? To think that he would create the Thunder Sect and yet leave it to its own fate without being bothered at all. Could there be some huge secret that lied behind all of this?

When the Thunder Sect was first created, all these Halls had already existed. However, there was no one ruling over them. Based on the will of the Old Master Thunder, the powerful ones naturally took the upper positions.

As such, the first batch of powerful beings naturally occupied the Halls, and started recruiting powerful beings of their own before competing with the other Halls.

Lin Fan had a huge plan in his mind.

"Lei Ming, ah! Seems like I can only do you the injustice." In order for Lin Fan to hide his ident.i.ty even deeper, he could only think of a single plan.

That was for him to s.n.a.t.c.h over the bloodline of Lei Ming as someone from the Thunder race. That was to prevent him from being discovered by the Old Master Thunder in the future or anything like that.

Just like pulling silk out of a coc.o.o.n, a single long bloodline river was pulled out of Lei Ming's body and migrated over to Lin Fan's own.

At the same time, Lin Fan repressed his own bloodline deep within his body.

"Alright, this is much safer now! Now that I possess the bloodline of the Thunder race in my body, even if the utmost powerful beings were to slice my body apart, they wouldn't be able to detect my ident.i.ty."

After Lei Wanshan was taught a lesson by Lei Ming, there was naturally no way this anger of his could dissipate away.

Disciplinary Hall…

"Senior Brother Wanzun…!" At this moment, Lei Wanshan prostrated on the ground without even daring to lift his head. And that was because the one seated before him was the Vice Hall Master, Lei Wanzun.

"Lift your head." The voice of Lei Wanzun was filled with authority that no one would dare disobey.

"Senior brother…" Lei Wanshan raised his head, with a face filled with rage.

"What's wrong with your face. Who was the one who did this to you?" When Lei Wanzun caught sight of this face of Lei Wanshan that was just like a pig's head right now, he was taken aback slightly as well.

Lei Wanshan was a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state powerful being! Any injury would recover almost immediately. But, there seemed to be some mysterious power that was cruising through his face, that prevented his swelling from abating.

"It's that unaffiliated disciple, Lei Ming, who did this. Please seek redressal for me, Senior Brother Wanzun." Lei Wanshan replied.

"Hmph! You really can amount to nothing. To think that you would be suppressed by a single unaffiliated disciple. If not for the fact that we've got some blood relation, who knows where you would have died long ago." Lei Wanzun scoffed.

Lei Wanshan lowered his head and did not reply. He and Lei Wanzun were brothers with the same father and different mothers. However, this older brother of his was much stronger than he was, with the Supreme state cultivation.

Back when they were still being oppressed by the Ancient race, his older brother had already been one of the stellar beings of the Thunder race. Later on, when the Old Master returned and knocked the Ancient race into retreating, this older brother of his had skyrocketed even further in terms of strength. In just a few years' time, he was now one of the top powerful beings in the entire Thunder Sect.

"Alright, go and retreat now! Tomorrow, head over with our guys from the Disciplinary Hall and capture this Lei Ming back." Lei Wanzun remarked.

"Yes. Thank you, Senior Brother Wanzun!" Lei Wanshan prostrated down, his heart full of grat.i.tude and elated with joy right now. As long as his older brother was to take action, that Lei Ming would be nothing more than a toy in Lei Wanshan's hands!

The news of Lei Wanshan being suppressed in the territory of the unaffiliated disciples spread out like wildfire. For some of those people in charge of the Halls, Lei Wanshan was nothing but a small fry. However, for some of the Halls, this was something that was quite the news.

One of the Halls that had the most conflicts with the Disciplinary Hall, the Holy Thunder Hall, was in a huge uproar right now.

"What's the background of this Lei Ming guy?" All of a sudden, a woman who was dressed in white robes with lightning emblems on it sat down quietly within the Main Hall.

This woman had a beauty that brought shame upon the entire world. She had a perfect figure; with every single motion of hers, the air would crackle with small streaks of purple thunderbolts.

This was the Holy Master of the Holy Thunder Hall.

"Holy Master, this Lei Ming is one of the unaffiliated disciples. His cultivation state is at the Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state. Usually, he keeps a low profile and has been taunted by Lei Wanshan countless times. However, when he returned from the outside world this time around, it was as though he had changed in character entirely, and suppressed Lei Wanshan immediately. I suppose that Lei Wanshan must have gone to the Disciplinary Hall to lodge a complaint by now."

This woman that was speaking was the Direct Disciple of the Holy Master. Even though her cultivation state was also at the Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state, the aura that she was giving off was way stronger than that of Lei Wanshan.

Despite being at the same cultivation state, if they were to get into a fight, it was quite possible that Lei Wanshan would be killed by her.

"Tomorrow, take some people with you and go look for that Lei Ming to have him join the Holy Thunder Hall." The Holy Master commanded.

"Holy Master, the Disciplinary Hall is not going to let this disciple off. If we were to take him under us, wouldn't it be…?" Lei Qingxuan felt a little worried.

"Huehue..." The fresh red lips of the Holy Master curled up into a grin, "Anyone whom the Disciplinary Hall wishes to punish, my Holy Thunder Hall would wish to protect. Since this Lei Ming dares to retaliate, this would mean that he's got the guts. I might as well rope him in and have him serve our Holy Thunder Hall."

"Yes, Holy Master." Qingxuan nodded her head.

The next day…

Lin Fan hadn't slept for the entire night as he had been strategizing. This Thunder Sect was a little different from what he had imagined. However, the fact that the Old Master Thunder was totally unbothered with the happenings of the Thunder Sect allowed him to seize a single opportunity.

The powerful beings with strength would naturally place emphasis on status. If that were the case, Yours Truly would then make use of violent methods to take down all of them and create one h.e.l.l of a mess for the Old Master Thunder.


"Lei Ming! You dogs.h.i.t! Get the h.e.l.l out for Your Daddy!" At this moment, a maddened roar burst forth from outside. Lei Wanshan was standing there with his back arched in pride and arrogance right now as he bellowed out towards the house.

This time around, Lei Wanshan had brought forth his senior brothers from the Disciplinary Hall. If Lei Ming dared to retaliate, they would just whack the living daylights out of him.

But, if he surrendered just like that, Lei Wanshan would absolutely take the chance to torment the h.e.l.l out of this accursed fella. The happenings of yesterday were something that Lei Wanshan would never ever forget about.

There were many unaffiliated disciples gathered in the vicinity. When they caught sight of Lei Wanshan coming forth with senior brothers from the Disciplinary Hall, all of their hearts took a leap.

Even though there were many Halls within the Thunder Sect, the strength of the Disciplinary Hall was practically one of the very best. There were not many who could go against them, as they were an overbearing existence within the entire Thunder Sect.

Lin Fan pushed open the door and walked out.

"What are you shouting about? Have you forgotten about the punishment from yesterday?" Lin Fan strode out of the door immediately. F*ck with this Disciplinary Hall and whatnot. Lin Fan wasn't bothered by them in the least bit!

"Hmph! Lei Ming, this time around, the senior brothers of the Disciplinary Hall are here. I doubt you have the guts to stand against us. You had better just come with us obediently." Lei Wanshan barked with a cold tone.

Lin Fan took a look at the people behind Lei Wanshan. Bunch of s.h.i.tty cultivation states. Divine celestials? Weak!

However, with the great name of the Disciplinary Hall, the disciples of the Thunder Sect truly did not dare to go against them.

"Seems like I had gone too easy on you yesterday. Today, I'm going to have you remember it even clearer." Lin Fan chuckled out, totally unbothered by the Disciplinary Hall.

When the surrounding disciples saw this, their hearts took a dive. Was Senior Brother Lei Ming thinking of even fighting with the Disciplinary Hall?

"Have you eaten some leopard guts or something?!" When Lei Wanshan caught sight of how Lei Ming was even intending to retaliate, he shouted out immediately. These were the senior brothers of the Disciplinary Hall! Did that guy have the guts to fight against them?

"Huehue!" Lin Fan chuckled out, unfazed in the slightest bit.

"Stop that now!"

At this moment, a female voice traveled over.

When Lei Wanshan caught sight of who it was that had arrived, his eyes shone with a weird gaze.

'Why the h.e.l.l are those b*tches from the Holy Thunder Hall here?'

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