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Chapter 914: Way Too Domineering!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Lei Wanshan was stunned right now. To think that this Lei Ming would dare to fight for the upper hand with him! This was something he hadn't expected.

In the past, he would always insult the latter sarcastically. However, Lei Ming was really good at tolerating, and would usually ignore him. But, everything that happened today had shocked him greatly.

The disciples behind Lin Fan were equally stunned. They had realized that Senior Brother Lei Ming seemed somewhat different today. It seemed as though his att.i.tude had toughened up!

"Lei Ming, that sounds like you're asking for a good fight with me on the arena, aren't you?" Lei Wanshan asked while laughing out coldly.

The arena of the Thunder Sect was where the disciples could settle their disputes. Whoever won could take over everything of the other party.

Lei Wanshan had long intended to take on Lei Ming on the arena, so that he could trample on the latter harshly under his feet. But, this lad was too good at enduring, that he hadn't had the chance to do so.

Yet today, Lei Wanshan had finally seized the chance. He had realized that this lad seemed a little different today.

Seeing this scene, all the surrounding disciples began to discuss in hushed whispers.

"Seems like Senior Brother Lei Ming is finally done tolerating Senior Brother Lei Wanshan!"

"Senior Brother Lei Wanshan has always been taunting to get Senior Brother Lei Ming up onto the arena. It looks as though the battle today is definitely unavoidable!"

"However, the strength of Senior Brother Lei Wanshan is quite a fair bit stronger than that of Senior Brother Lei Ming! I reckon that Senior Brother Lei Ming wouldn't take on Senior Brother Lei Wanshan's challenge to fight."

"It's hard to say."

The disciples were rife in their discussions. Some of them were optimistic towards Lei Ming, while others were towards Lei Wanshan.

"Senior Brother Lei, this Lei Wanshan is just agitating you. You mustn't fall for his tricks!" The disciples behind Lin Fan whispered out softly.

They were on the same side as their Senior Brother Lei. Therefore, they naturally did not wish to see Senior Brother Lei being eaten up by Lei Wanshan.

Even though Lin Fan's intentions of coming to the Thunder Sect this time around were to be a spy, right now, there was a little piece of trash that was trying to climb above his head!

Was this tolerable?

The answer was…'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, DUH?!?!?!'

"Lei Ming, go up to the arena if you've got the guts. Don't worry, I won't take your life. Your Senior Brother here will only have you lie flat." Lei Wanshan continued taunting with a cold laugh.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan appeared right before Lei Wanshan.

"It's alright. We don't have to go up to the arena. This place will do."

With that, Lin Fan slapped out with his palm as the power of thunder gathered on that palm of his.

"That's the Thunder Yang Palm!"


Before the exclamations of the crowd had even ended, something that shocked them happened. Lei Wanshan had fallen flat onto the ground with a thud!

The handprint on his face right now was so d.a.m.ned glaring!

"You…!" The eyes of Lei Wanshan, who had fallen onto the ground, were shining with incredulity. He hadn't expected for this guy to truly strike! And, to think that he hadn't held back his powers at all! At this moment, Lei Wanshan's heart was burning with an endless fury.


Lin Fan stomped down on the face of Lei Wanshan with his feet with a look of disdain on his face, "In the past, I just didn't want to be so calculative with you, and yet you really thought that you could climb all over my head? From now on forth, I'm the Boss here! You had better be well behaved for Your Daddy, you piece of shi*t!"

Lin Fan was absolutely imposing right now! First, it was the palm strike, and next, the stamp that had Lei Wanshan trampled beneath his feet entirely!

All the disciples who were watching this felt their hearts skip a beat. In their eyes, this was simply way too scary!

At this moment, there wasn't even a single peep of sound rising up in the entire place. Everyone was frozen solid.

Lin Fan clapped his hands up and down, signaling that he was done with this sh*t. He then stepped right on Lei Wanshan's face and walked over him without even glancing at him a single time.

Countless disciples had their gazes fixated on Lin Fan. They realized that Senior Brother Lei Ming was too tyrannical today!

At the same time, wasn't he just too strong?!

At this moment, Lin Fan came to a stop. He felt that since this was his first time here, he should give all of these fellas a little something. After all, if he could buy into their hearts, it would be easy to deal with matters in the future.

"This time around when I headed out, I b.u.mped into some Ancient race beings. These pills here, you guys can split them amongst yourselves."

Lin Fan swept out with his robes, and a series of pills that shone with a G.o.dly radiance gushed out before landing onto the palms of the surrounding disciples.

When the disciples caught sight of these elixirs, all of them were extremely emotional.

"Thank you, Senior Brother Lei Ming!"

"Hmm..." Lin Fan nodded his head in approval. Hands behind his back, he continued walking forth.

At this moment, while those spectating disciples might have been shocked by the tyrannical behavior of Senior Brother Lei Ming, they were even more deeply entranced by the pills that were in their palms right now.

Even though the Thunder race had already gotten a backing of their own, this didn't mean that all of their strengths had been raised.

"Long live Senior Brother Lei Ming!" All of the disciples who had sided with Lei Ming burst out into cheers.

Lei Wanshan, who was lying on the ground, felt as though he had just endured an endless amount of humiliation. His eyes were filled with a boundless hatred, "Lei Ming! How dare you fight it out right here? The Elder of the Disciplinary Hall will not let you off!"

Right now, Lei Wanshan was truly angered. He felt as though he had just lost a whole load of face right here. He could make out expressions of mockery from the eyes of the surrounding disciples.

It was mockery towards himself!

"Lei Ming, you'll definitely die a horrendous death! The Elder of the Disciplinary Hall will definitely seek redressal for me!" The face of Lei Wanshan was menacing as he barked out.

When some of the disciples caught sight of that menacing expression, they were frightened for a moment or so. In their eyes, Senior Brother Lei Wanshan looked extremely terrifying right now.

Lin Fan came to a stop at this moment, then turned his head around and looked at Lei Wanshan, "What did you just say?"

"HAHAHA! Are you afraid now? I'm telling you, you're going to have to pay the price for fighting at this place!" Lei Wanshan continued to roar out menacingly.

Lin Fan sighed out. But, in the next second, he had already appeared before the face of Lei Wanshan.

"What are you trying to do?!" Lei Wanshan was taken aback.

"What am I trying to do? You know what, initially, I was even thinking of letting this go. But since you wish to cause trouble for Yours Truly, I'll leave you with an everlasting memory then."


Lin Fan raised his foot and stomped down on the face of Lei Wanshan.



The stomps sounded out one after another. At the same time, the tragic cries of Lei Wanshan rang out all over the place.

When the surrounding disciples caught sight of this, their faces were stupefied as well. They had realized that Senior Brother Lei Ming seemed a little berserk today, as though he was an entirely different person.

As for Lin Fan, what he wanted to do was to exactly cause a h.e.l.l of a ruckus within the Thunder Sect.

"LEI MING…! I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO KILL YOU!" Lei Wanshan howled out. However, every single pa.s.sing moment was engraved deeply within his heart, tormenting his mental state.

"I'll welcome you to try anytime." Lin Fan was extremely violent right now as he stomped down till the other's face was entirely disfigured.

That tyrannical and imposing figure of his was etched into the hearts of all the surrounding disciples. In their eyes, Senior Brother Lei Ming was someone who was ever so imposing right now.

When Lei Wanshan finally laid there lifelessly, Lin Fan retracted his foot.

"Trash." He cast a look of disdain at Lei Wanshan before leaving the place.


The sound of everyone gulping their saliva arose together.

For the spectating disciples, the scene from earlier on was akin to a gigantic hammer that was slamming down on their hearts viciously.

In their eyes, this was indeed way too domineering!

He was so domineering he could almost fly into the Heavens!

Right then, Lei Wanshan struggled to stand up. His heart was filled with an endless rage that was about to pierce through the roof while his face was grim beyond anything else.

"D-d.a.m.n it…!"

According to Lei Ming's memories, Lin Fan naturally knew where he was right now. He was thinking about how he should turn the entire Thunder Sect upside down.

At the same time, he wondered what methods were there for him to f*ck the Old Master Thunder to death cruelly as well.

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