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Chapter 912: Mixing Into The Thousands of Races
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_


Namo Saint Emperor was momentarily speechless. The scene before him was a little horrifying. Those five Heaven Bandits were in no way weak! Otherwise, there was no way they could have pushed him to such a state. But, who would have thought that this fella, Lin Fan, would have been able to slap those five Heaven Bandits to death with a single palm!

That was extremely horrifying!

Against these few n.o.bodies of the Supreme state, Lin Fan was even lazy to take them down. To not even talk about the emotional excitement, even the experience points from killing them were practically nothing. It was just akin to killing ants.

'Ding…Obtained Myriad Transformations Mask.'

After Lin Fan had slain the five Heaven Bandits, a mask popped out that had Lin Fan curious about.

'Myriad Transformations Mask: Able to transform into living beings of the thousands of races as you wish.'

"This thing does not have much use!"

At the start, Lin Fan had thought that this might be some good stuff. But, after using the System to check on the functions it had, Lin Fan felt that this was just some jacksh*t!

"How are you so strong right now?" Namo Saint Emperor gasped out feeling absolutely incredulous. Back when he had met Lin Fan a few years earlier, the Namo Saint Emperor could not deny that the other party's strength was already stronger than his. But even then, it wasn't strong to this horrifying extent!

"It's not that I'm strong. It's just that you're weak." Lin Fan talked him down.

The Namo Saint Emperor looked at Lin Fan speechlessly, "Alright, alright… Fine! You're oh so great now, lad. But honestly, have these beings of the thousands of races taken in the wrong medicine or something? Your Emperor here has always been keeping to myself and never gone around causing trouble. Why in the h.e.l.l were they chasing after my life?"

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders, "Well, just because you haven't been going around causing trouble doesn't mean that others haven't been going around causing trouble as well."

"Earlier when there were those Legendary Items descending or whatnot, I stole away a huge bunch of them from under the noses of those utmost powerful beings."

The moment Namo Saint Emperor heard these words of Lin Fan, his mind blew up.

"What did you say? You're the one who created this mess?!" The Namo Saint Emperor could not understand it at all. From the get go, there weren't that many Human race beings in the Ancient Saint World to begin with, and he hadn't done anything that would cause anyone to begrudge him. So, how was he being targeted by others for no reason?

But, now that he heard everything that Lin Fan had said, the Namo Saint Emperor finally understood. The mess was all created by this lad!

"Are you tired of living? To think that you would dare to steal stuff from under the eyes of the utmost powerful beings. No wonder all of them are now on the hunt for the Human race. So, it was all created by you, lad!" The Namo Saint Emperor exclaimed out.

The Namo Saint Emperor suddenly realized that this lad was just a born troublemaker. And not only that, the messes he caused were all far from ordinary.

Even though he hadn't come into contact with the utmost powerful beings directly, he knew that the times had changed. And, it was a horrifying change.

Ever since the Infinite Worlds had merged together, a whole load of powerful beings spouted out of nowhere.

It was as though all the geniuses of the past had broken through some forbidden seal and skyrocketed their cultivation states, soaring all the way up.

What could a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state amount to right now?

Even if it was the Supreme state, there were quite a number of them!

The pressure that the Namo Saint Emperor felt these days was immense. Every single generation would have talents that would lead the trends on for couple hundred years. At times, the Namo Saint Emperor could not help but feel that he was already getting old, and could barely keep up with the times.

"What are you afraid of? Aren't they just utmost powerful beings? The number of utmost powerful beings that Yours Truly have slain has already amounted to four." Lin Fan replied indifferently.

He had already been used to being chased down. It was not as though he could be afraid of them now, could he?

'If the soldiers come, fight the soldiers. If the flood comes, raise the dam. If they're unhappy, f*ck sh*t up then!' Who was there for him to be afraid of?

"You…!" The Namo Saint Emperor did not want to say anything more anymore, feeling that this lad has already gone crazy. To think that he would even say that he could kill the utmost powerful beings! That was just crazy talk!

However, now that he had b.u.mped into this lad, he could do well to discuss about their future plans as well.

"Right now, the situation isn't all that good. Your Emperor feels that we shouldn't separate. It would be better for us to stick together." The Namo Saint Emperor said.

"No need… I'm not used to stuff like that. How about someone as old as yourself can just go and look for the Female Empress instead?" Lin Fan replied.

"Female Empress? Where is the Female Empress right now?" Right now, the Namo Saint Emperor was really in need of some partners! The outside world was simply way too difficult for him to handle if he did not have some comrades.

"Not too sure. However, I suppose that the Female Empress must have gone seeking her own destined encounters. Who knows, the Female Empress's cultivation state might be even more formidable than yours right now."

Ever since he had met the Female Empress the previous time, Lin Fan had initially arranged for her to stay within the Xuanhuang World. Later on, she felt that that wouldn't do, and decided to head out to seek her own destined encounters.

Facing something like this, there was naturally no way Lin Fan would oppose her. After all, if one did not seek to improve themselves, there would only be death awaiting them in this world right now.

The Namo Saint Emperor went silent. As an emperor, he naturally had an air of arrogance to him, and would not just sit idly by to await death.

But, right at this moment, Lin Fan frowned, "Someone's coming. Let's hide first."

When Lin Fan and the Namo Saint Emperor went into hiding within the endless void, a bunch of living beings appeared from the distance.

"The five Heaven Bandits sent out the news that they had already found someone of the Human race. But, where has that human gone?"

"No idea. How about we head further up to check it out?"


"Seems like we're really wanted like fugitives. The days forth are probably going to be tough from now on." Lin Fan remarked.

"That's for sure now! After stealing so many items from the faces of the utmost powerful beings, how do you expect for them to let you off?" The Namo Saint Emperor replied with exasperation.

"What do you intend to do right now?"

Lin Fan was starting to think of ideas. If things were to continue this way, it might be pretty difficult to get on with the stuff he wanted to do.

"I'm preparing to head to the extreme west of the continents. Ever since the Infinite Worlds merged, there have been countless of new secret grounds appearing. I'm preparing to go there and give it a shot. Who knows, I might be able to find a destined encounter of my own." The Namo Saint Emperor said.

"Alright. Then, let us separate ways. However, I do not wish to hear news of you being slain by whom and whom, alright?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Horsesh*t! Your Emperor being slain by someone? Goodbye!"

The Namo Saint Emperor scoffed out before hiding his aura and diving into the void, flying off into the distance.

"Aiyah! The situation right now just doesn't seem all that great." Lin Fan contemplated, lost deep in his thoughts. For a moment or so, he truly could not think up anything good.

At this moment, Lin Fan was holding onto the Myriad Transformations Mask in his hands. He then looked over where the living beings from earlier on had headed over to. For a moment or so, he was silent.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan's eyes sparkled as his lips curled into a girn.

"I've got it!"

"Senior brother, that human is really just looking for death. To think that he would even dare to offend the Old Master." A man who was dressed glamorously said in a grim tone.

"Junior brother, no matter what, that human had once helped the thousands of races greatly. However, now that he has offended the Old Master, he only has himself to blame. As long as we b.u.mp into him, let's just take him down, so that we can answer to the Old Master when we return." A man who was dressed in long green robes looked somewhat regretful. However, his expression changed back soon after. As long as they captured that human, they would receive a reward bestowed by the Old Master.

Back when the Ancient race was still in the control of the Ancient Saint World, they had naturally heard of news about the Motherf*cking Human King. But even so, what use was it now?

With the return of their Old Master and the establishment of their race's sect, their strength had skyrocketed considerably. Even if it were the Ancient race, they were no longer bothered by them anymore.

And right now, all the Old Masters of the different races had laid down their orders, that no matter who it was that could capture that human back, they would all be handsomely rewarded.

As such, there was only a single hope for all these beings of the different races right now: Capture the human.

Whether it was the Motherf*cking Human King or not, as long as it was someone from the human race, they would get a reward for successfully capturing them and returning.

For any single living being, this was an invigorating mission.

However, the Human race beings were extremely rare to find right now, even more difficult than ascending the heavens.

The only two they knew of were the Female Empress and the Namo Saint Emperor. However, they did not know of the locations of these guys.

"Senior brother, check it out! There seems to be a group of Ancient race beings up ahead! Let us go slay them!" At this moment, a group of Ancient race beings were traveling through the void hurriedly.

"Alright. Since we can't find the humans, let us just slay these Ancient race beings and get their items for ourselves."

"In the past, the Ancient race has always oppressed us. It's now time for us to take revenge!"

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