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Chapter 907: Nearly Got F*cked By Chicky
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Oho! Does it hurt really badly?"

Lin Fan raised his head and blinked his eyes as though he was really innocent right now.

The Ancestor of the Sword race did not reply. However, as long as one wasn't blind, they would be able to make out that grimaced expression of his right now. The pain that he was enduring wasn't something that ordinary people could ever hope to understand.

"Chicky, come on out and take a look!" At this moment, Lin Fan let Chicky out.

"Old Bro, what are you doing here?" The bright chicken eyes of Chicky looked at Lin Fan innocently. He did not know what to make of that hand of his Old Bro.

"Cut the c.r.a.p! Come, I'll introduce you. This is the Ancestor of the Sword race." Lin Fan said.

The Ancestor of the Sword race turned his head around slowly. When he caught sight of Chicky, his heart was filled with a deep shame.


The Ancestor of the Sword race roared out once more. He wanted to go into S.E.E.D. mode. But, before this roar could even finish its length, the fire in his heart was quenched.

Using just a little bit of strength, Lin Fan was almost taking his life for real.


Sparkling beads of sweat dripped down from the forehead of the Ancestor of the Sword race. He could not believe that there would be such a vile skill that existed within this world! His Sword Body was accomplished! How was it that he was unable to withstand this pain at all?

But, the reality was proving to him that he truly could not withstand the pain at all.


Chicky stretched out his neck and looked down at the groin area of the Ancestor of the Sword race, checking it out carefully.

"Old Bro, what are you doing here?" Chicky asked in a baffled tone.

When the Ancestor of the Sword race caught sight of how this d.a.m.ned chicken dared to come to close to inspect the situation, he could not tolerate it at all!

"G-GET LOST! OTHERWISE, I'M G-GOING TO KILL YOU!" The voice of the Ancestor of the Sword race was trembling as he endured the intense pain as much as he could. He was using every last bit of his strength to even howl out.


Chicky was stunned. Using both of his wings to pat at his chest, he looked at Lin Fan with his pitiful chicken eyes, "Old Bro…he got Chicky scared…!"

"Holy f*ck! How dare you scare MY Chicky?! You're looking to die or what?" Lin Fan struck out with a heavy hand once more, causing the Ancestor of the Sword race a pain that was absolutely unbearable.

"YOU DOGSH*T…!" The Ancestor of the Sword race howled out into the skies with a boundless fury. He was unable to take this!

"Chicky, he called you dogsh*t. What do you wish to do?" Lin Fan asked.

"Old Bro, he seems to be scolding you instead of me!" Chicky tossed his head around, implying that he was no fool.

"THE BOTH OF YOU DOGSH*TS HAD BETTER WAIT FOR YOUR ANCESTOR! YOUR ANCESTOR WILL NOT YOU GUYS OFF!" The Ancestor of the Sword race's body was shivering uncontrollably right now as he burst forth with that unparalleled Sword Will. However, it had no use in the situation at all.

"Did you hear that? He WAS scolding you! Do you believe me now?" Lin Fan asked again.


This time around, Chicky was truly enraged. Spreading out his wings, he leaped out into the skies. Using that small chicken claw of his, he streaked through the air and kicked the face of the Ancestor of the Sword race heavily.

"Chicky's anger shall grant you a kick on the face!"

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he burst out laughing instead.

"HAHA! How do you feel now, Ancestor of the Sword race? Even my Chicky can abuse you like this. What other capabilities do you have?" Lin Fan roared out in laughter while asking.

The Ancestor of the Sword race was an Ancestor of a race no matter what. With his formidable strength, he had tided through countless of eras. But right now, he was doomed in the hands of Lin Fan, and furthermore, he had to endure the insults of Chicky! How could he possibly endure something like this?

"d.a.m.n IT!" The Ancestor of the Sword race roared out, "HUMAN…! YOU'RE DESPICABLE AND SHAMELESS…!"


Lin Fan used more strength, and the Ancestor of the Sword race started screaming again. This particular scream was extremely sorrowful, and anyone who heard it could have felt the horrors a.s.sociated with it.


Right now, the Ancestor of the Sword race was immensely regretful. He had been scammed by Lin Fan. Had he known that this would be the case, he would have never dared to be careless.

But, it was all too late for that now.


"Chicky, what are you doing?" At this moment, Lin Fan suddenly realized that Chicky was now standing behind the Ancestor of the Sword race. Spreading his wings open, Chicky covered the a*s of the Ancestor of the Sword race entirely.

"Old Bro! I want to let him know of the power of Your Chicky!" Chicky raised his head and said with an imposing manner.


Lin Fan was dumbfounded. This mother*cker…!


The Ancestor of the Sword race was incensed. He was the Ancestor of a race! How could he be disgraced by a chicken?


At this moment, Chicky's eyes shone with a brilliant glint. It was as though he had been holding it in for such a long time that it was making him miserable by now.

In a situation like this, there was basically no need to even distinguish between male and female anymore!

But, how could Lin Fan he possibly allow Chicky to do something as such?!


The Nine Five Legendary Brick appeared in his hands and he knocked out the Ancestor of the Sword race straightaway. He then stood up and looked at the fainted Ancestor of the Sword race, his lips curled into a smirk.

This battle today could be considered as earthshattering. Given his extremely high intellect, he had managed to take down the other party harshly.

So what if he was the Ancestor of the Sword race? He was still f*cked back and over by Lin Fan.

Within the Paradise…

The body of the Ancestor of the Sword race floated there quietly while the thousands of tree branches burst forth from the Mythical Parasol Tree and wrapped his within them entirely.

Lin Fan slashed out with his sword, destroying the body of the Ancestor of the Sword race instantly. Drops of fresh blood spilled out within the Paradise; within every single drop of blood was an unparalleled Sword Will.

These Sword Wills could be considered to be earth shattering, and possessed an extraordinary might. They brought forth immense benefits for all of the living beings of the Paradise. Every single fresh drop of blood possessed the essence of the Ancestor of the Sword race. As far as normal living beings were concerned, if they could even obtain even a single drop of the Ancestor of the Sword race's blood, they could complete their unparalleled Sword Will.

It was needless to explain the effects of this much blood that was available right now.


'Ding…Congratulations on killing Ancestor of the Sword race.'

'Ding…Experience Points +…'

'Ding…Cultivation State leveled up. Immemorial Ancient state lower level.'

Lin Fan could feel his entire body being filled with an unrivaled amount of power. Within every single cell and every single drop of blood of his, there was a mysterious amount of energy that was cruising through right now.

A single fist of his could shatter an entire world… This was the feeling that Lin Fan had right now.

Immemorial Ancient state lower level…

This was a state that any average living being could have never hoped to ever surpa.s.s. But for Lin Fan, this was merely a starting point. Even if it were any higher cultivation state, Lin Fan had the confidence of reaching it.

As for those utmost powerful beings, Lin Fan firmly believed that he would be able to have them all killed one fine day.

The Weapon Spirit within the longsword of the Ancestor of the Sword race was prostrating on the ground and crying while begging for mercy right now.

But for Lin Fan, all of these were nothing but tonics.


Squeezing with his hand, the Weapon Spirit shattered apart and a mystical weapon of that level was turned into an endless stream of pure energy. The Law that was contained within it was all absorbed by the Paradise as well.

After the crystallized walls of the Paradise absorbed the energy, they started breathing as well. The crystallized walls were like pieces of meat that were pulsating right now. Within them were even living beings that were being nurtured right now.

In the end, this Paradise would eventually be upgraded by Lin Fan into a World.

On the other side, the Legendary Items within the Heaven and Earth Smelt were struggling at this moment. Being trapped in that s.p.a.ce had them howling out repeatedly.

All of these Legendary Items had a life to them. In fact, some of their powers were nowhere weaker than Lin Fan's. Each of these Spirits of the Legendary Items had their own consciousness. They wanted to transcend through everything and break through the realm of being Legendary Items, ultimately achieving a true physical body of their own.

Lin Fan pinched out with his finger casually and a pill was pulled into his palms.

'Ding…Congratulations on discovering Nature Elixir.'

'Nature Elixir: Boundless of wondrous effects. Allows one to ascend anytime."

The Pill Spirit from within the elixir was struggling in Lin Fan's palms, trying to make an escape.

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