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Chapter 905: The Strongest Sword
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"How is this possible?"

All of the utmost powerful beings were taken aback as they felt their hearts skip a beat. This was a situation that had never happened to them before! To think that the smelt would just disappear before their very eyes without any single bit of trace left!

"d.a.m.n it!" The Extreme Yin Demonic G.o.d was burning with rage in his heart, feeling like he had just been fooled.

All of a sudden, the Extreme Yin Demonic G.o.d found himself being surrounded by the other utmost powerful beings, "Extreme Yin Demonic G.o.d, hand the Legendary Items over!"

"We've all been had by that human! Your Demonic G.o.d here didn't get any Legendary Items at all." The Extreme Yin Demonic G.o.d replied with a grim tone.

"Horsesh*t! Do you take us for fools that you can trick so easily? You're the first one who was chasing after this smelt, and it disappeared all of a sudden. Are you telling us that the smelt could disappear on its own?"

"Extreme Yin Demonic G.o.d, you had better hand the Legendary Items over. Otherwise…" Another utmost powerful being threatened.

"Otherwise what? If Your Demonic G.o.d says I hadn't taken them, then I hadn't taken them!"

Right now, the heart of the Extreme Yin Demonic G.o.d was just burning with an endless rage. That d.a.m.ned human had taken them for a ride, and right now, he was being surrounded by these utmost powerful beings that were demanding for him to hand over the Legendary Items.


All the other utmost powerful beings were no kind souls either. All of a sudden, the entire atmosphere in the air turned extremely tense.

In a flash, the 3,000 Demonic G.o.ds of the Ancient race arrived and landed beside the Extreme Yin Demonic G.o.d. At a moment like this, they were naturally on the same side against the outsiders.

"HAHA! Who knows, those bunch of fools may have even started fighting right now."

At this moment, Lin Fan was traveling through the endless void with an exhilarated feeling. He had stolen more than half of the Legendary Items out there. For Lin Fan, this was no wasted trip at all!

However, he wasn't safe just yet. It was hard to guarantee that there was no utmost powerful being chasing after him right now.

Lin Fan sensed out at his surroundings trying to see if there was anything fishy.

He did not know how long it had been, but he felt as though he had traveled a distance amounting to thousands of worlds. He then came to a stop within a mountainous valley.

It was dusk in this valley right now. Other than a few Ancient Beasts, there was nothing else around here.

Lin Fan opened up the Heaven and Earth Smelt. When he took out the Legendary Items, he suddenly felt a sense of impending danger looming over him from the void.


An extremely sharp Sword Will tore through the void and shot down. This Sword Will was something that had an unrivaled momentum and was practically impossible to dodge. However, Lin Fan was also an expert of the Sword Dao. In a flash, he lifted his finger, and caught the Sword Will between his fingers with a nimble motion.

This single Sword Will was barely a hair's breadth away from Lin Fan's brows. In fact, there were even a few strands of hair that were shaved off and fell down.

So strong! This single Sword Will sealed everything and destroyed all signs of life within. There was completely no aura left as all the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths were completely sealed. If not for the fact that Lin Fan was extremely quick in his reaction, that Sword Will might have just pierced through his brains entirely.

But of course, the prerequisite for that must be that Lin Fan's Physical Body State wasn't at the Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state. But, given his current state, there would naturally be no harm that would come to him.

"Not bad. To think that you're able to catch that single sword of Your Ancestor."

A figure appeared while bearing a sword in his arms. Wherever he stood, it was as though there was a Heavenly Sword piercing through the entire world, with every single living being forced to bow down and submit to it.

"Ancestor of the Sword race."

When Lin Fan caught sight of this man, he was taken aback in his heart. How in the world did this fella manage to chase up to him?

"Are you thinking about how Your Ancestor managed to hunt you down?" The face of the Ancestor of the Sword race was cold as he glared at Lin Fan. It was as though a pair of Heavenly Swords were piercing out of those eyes and piercing straight through Lin Fan's heart.

Lin Fan sent his consciousness into the void. He was truly afraid that there might be other utmost powerful beings who were in hiding nearby.

"Human, you don't have to search. There's only Your Ancestor alone." The Ancestor of the Sword race said.

The moment Lin Fan heard these words of the Ancestor of the Sword race, he felt his heart give a sigh of relief. His brows then twitched with joy as he completely disregarded the existence of the other party.

"Aiyoh! Ancestor of the Sword race, you must be really smart to be able to catch up with me!" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Human, hand over the Legendary Items and I can guarantee that you will get to live." The aura of the Ancestor of the Sword race spread throughout the entire void. A series of Sword Wills that seemingly had nothing that could stand in their way filled up the entire sky and sealed the void.

Lin Fan raised his head and took a look before smiling out calmly. By the looks of it, this Ancestor of the Sword race seems like he's bent on taking advantage of Lin Fan entirely.

The void was now filled with an endless amount of Sword Wills that had cut off all paths of escape for him. However, in his eyes, this Ancestor of the Sword race was getting a little audacious now.

"Ancestor of the Sword race, let's not talk about anything else just yet. Yours Truly wants to know just how you managed to catch up to me." Lin Fan chuckled out while asking.

"Hmph." The Ancestor of the Sword race snorted coldly and did not say anything more. With a single clanging sound, a Sword gleam flashed out and arrived before Lin Fan's face in the blink of an eye.

Lin Fan could feel the surrounding s.p.a.ce around him being sealed up by this single sword. Even if Lin Fan had an unparalleled movement skill right now, he couldn't deploy it at all in this situation. The only s.p.a.ce available for him to move in was literally just a restricted little spot.

No matter where else he tried to move, it would be within the sharp gleam of this sword.

"Holy f*ck! Ancestor of the Sword race, you're simply way too savage! To think that you would strike out over a single sentence of disagreement. You're inhumane!" Lin Fan yelled out. However, he was neither panicked nor fazed.


The sword of the Ancestor of the Sword race pierced towards Lin Fan's chest as he let out a cold grin. However, all of a sudden, the face of the Ancestor of the Sword race changed. That sword of his, which could penetrate through anything, struck right onto that human before his very eyes. Yet, it looked as though the human was doing totally alright!

"This…!" The face of the Ancestor of the Sword race was grim right now as he wanted to retract his sword.

On the other hand, Lin Fan grabbed onto the longsword of the Ancestor of the Sword race while his lips curled into a grin, "What's the hurry?"

The eyes of the Ancestor of the Sword race revealed a look of astonishment. This longsword was a unique mystic skill of the Ancestor of the Sword race, a treasure that he had cultivated day and night, combining with the Laws of countless Sword Dao!

But, to think that this human would be totally unaffected even after grabbing onto the longsword with his bare hands!

Right at this moment, the Ancestor of the Sword race had suddenly realized that the human had raised his legs gently.

"True Origins Crushing Kick."

"Not good!"

The Ancestor of the Sword race yelped out as he wanted to retrieve his longsword. However, this human was just grabbing onto it with a death grip!

That single foot brought an immense pressure for the Ancestor of the Sword race. It was as though he would definitely have to pay a huge price if he were kicked by it.

The Ancestor of the Sword race grit his teeth tightly as his entire body flashed. Making a mysterious footstep, he tried dodging the attack. However, the longsword of his was left in Lin Fan's palms.

"Demon's Sword!"

The Ancestor of the Sword race did not stop because of that. Pointing out with his finger, he sent out a fatal attack at Lin Fan.

With that single finger, a mult.i.tude of worlds appeared. All of these worlds had a shadow of the Ancestor of the Sword race within them.

Past, present, future...

Lin Fan's brows furrowed, "To infuse the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra into one's Sword Will... Ancestor of the Sword race, your innate potential is indeed unrivaled."

"Hmph! Big words! Your Ancestor is not someone you can give guidance to!" The Ancestor of the Sword race had not expected that this Human before him would know of the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra.

The moment he obtained the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra, his heart was filled with an immense excitement. This was an unparalleled mystic skill. Eventually, with the help of his unmatched innate potential, he had managed to fuse it into his unparalleled Sword Will.

This created the Triple Lifetime Sword Will, where all the Sword Wills of all three lifetimes were fused into a single body.

Given the might of the Ancestor of the Sword race right now, he was much stronger compared to the rest of the utmost powerful beings. And now, this move had forcefully pushed his Sword Dao to its pinnacle state.

This was the most magnificent sword ever.

"Not bad! Even though Yours Truly's cultivation state isn't comparable to yours, but my attainments in the Sword Dao are pretty decent as well. How about you give it a try?"

Lin Fan's palms trembled, suppressing the Sword Spirit in that longsword as he brandished his own sword. This single sword contained Lin Fan's triple lifetimes within it as well.

"Abandoning the way of the martial arts in light of the sword… I wonder how it's like to start over from the very beginning once more."

All of a sudden, Lin Fan's aura changed as a sharp Sword Will burst forth from the ground, splitting the firmaments above his head entirely.

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