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Chapter 904: A Bunch Of Braindead F*cks.
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Right now, Lin Fan's Physical Body State was at the Immemorial Ancient full cultivation state. The killing moves of these utmost powerful beings could not cause him that much damage at all.


A clanging sound rang out as the void around Lin Fan was shattered by this formidable power.

"HAHA!" Lin Fan roared out in laughter in his heart and was immensely happy beyond anything else. This was a huge bounty that he was receiving right now!

All the Legendary Items were slamming out within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, trying to smash their way out of this jail. However, this Heaven and Earth Smelt was a product of the System. It was not as though it could be broken through by these Legendary Items that easily.

"That's the Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan!"

One of the Ancient race Demonic G.o.ds yelled out as a berserk killing intent rose up into the air and materialized before gushing out at Lin Fan.

He was a Demonic G.o.d of the Ancient race. He had found out about this person from one of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race. And, now that these Legendary Items are being stolen away by that human, it naturally brought about their anger.

At this moment, the Spirit of Biggra rushed through the entire world as a rampaging force swept across all the utmost powerful beings around.


Lin Fan's aura rumbled furiously as his powers burst forth. Using So Near, Yet So Far, he instantly strode out and leaped across a boundless distance.


However, to Lin Fan's astonishment, the powers of the utmost powerful beings had gone beyond his expectations. They tore the Spirit of Biggra apart and rushed out at Lin Fan.

"Human! Hand over the Legendary Items!" Jing Tian roared with a voice that filled the entire world. To these utmost powerful beings, the fact that someone would dare to attempt stealing their Legendary Items was just him literally looking to die!

The King of the Giant race, Kua Fu, had another t.i.tle: The Sun Pursuit G.o.d.

That mighty body of Kua Fu jerked intensely as his eyes shone with a G.o.dly gleam. Instantly, he deployed his mystic skill.

"Sun's Pursuit!"

This movement skill was extremely formidable. With a single breath, he could stride through the entire world. Even Lin Fan's So Near, Yet So Far, paled in comparison to this skill.

Legends had it that this mysterious mystic skill of Kua Fu was obtained from a Legendary Item. Later on, he had it cultivated to the pinnacle state. No matter the distance, all he had to do was take a single step, and he could reach the other end instantly.

Even the s.p.a.ce Demonic G.o.d of the Ancient race could not help but acknowledge that this mystic movement skill of Kua Fu had surpa.s.sed his own dimensional mystic skills.


Instantly, Kua Fu appeared before Lin Fan. That gigantic arm of his that was just like a coiling dragon danced around, causing the void to explode out rapidly. A single palm strike that slammed over caused a devastating typhoon to form.

"Get lost!"

Lin Fan roared out as his powers rumbled. The powers of the Big Ancient Demon slammed out in the form of a single fist that seemed to possess the boundless powers of a world.


The face of Kua Fu changed immediately as his body shuddered. He hadn't expected that he would be thrown away by this fist of the Human!

Lin Fan felt the powers that were rumbling within his body and burst out laughing. This was formidable indeed.

"Human… Hand over the Legendary Items." The Ancestor of the Lion race suddenly appeared from the void and opened his mouth wide. That gigantic lion's mouth of his was just like a gigantic black hole.

"To think that even a lion would dare to try fight for items. That's a dream! Who are you trying to scare by opening your mouth so wide? Go and eat some pills!"

Lin Fan tossed the Spirit of Biggra over directly and then his body flashed. Instantly, he slapped out with thousands of palm strikes that sent an extremely tremendous force out.

"Shut the h.e.l.l up for Yours Truly!"

"Demonic G.o.d Wheel!"

A terrifying Demonic G.o.d appeared up in the void where the wheel separated Yin and Yang and fused together with the powers of the Five Elements. The gigantic wheel emanated out the power of reincarnation that slammed at the void.

Boom! Boom!

The void vibrated as that gigantic wheel stuffed the mouth of the Ancestor of the Lion race shut.

Cough, cough!

The Ancestor of the Lion race started coughing out as though he had just swallowed something he shouldn't have.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan could feel a sharp gleam of light that was piercing out at him from the void.

A b.l.o.o.d.y gleam sliced over. However, Lin Fan wasn't bothered about this at all.

The b.l.o.o.d.y gleam possessed a destructive power within it. However, Lin Fan spread open his arms wide and hugged it within his embrace, totally unfazed by the powers emanated out by it.

Right now, Lin Fan's Physical Body State had long become invincible. How could he be fearful of something as such?


The Eternal Axe shone out with a dazzling gleam of light that sliced down, slashing the b.l.o.o.d.y gleam into two instantly.

"Good stuff!"

Lin Fan could feel the amount of power that was coming forth from that b.l.o.o.d.y gleam. Even after it was severed, it had some life to it. Without hesitating, Lin Fan tossed it into his Paradise.

"d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n IT!"

A maddened roar erupted forth as a figure appeared out in the distance where the Lord of the Blood race was hidden. However, right now, the arms of the Blood Ancestor were pretty bare. It was as though what Lin Fan had just sliced through was his arms!

d.a.m.n it!

The Lord of the Blood race had not expected for this Human to be this formidable. To think that the ferocious claw of his wouldn't deal any damage to the other party at all! This was utterly inconceivable!

But right at this moment, countless of utmost powerful beings had Lin Fan surrounded. All of them glared at him in rage. During the time earlier, they had split off all the other Legendary Items that were out there. However, this Human had still gotten the majority of them. No matter what, they couldn't allow him to leave.

"Human, hand over the Legendary Items that you have obtained! Otherwise, the only path awaiting you is death!" The Ancestor of the Blood race glared at Lin Fan coldly. Within those eyes of his was an ominous glint that was relentless.

"Why are we still wasting our breath on this human? Everyone, join forces and slay him! We'll then break open that thing of his that has all the Legendary Items kept! Obtaining everything that spills out of it shall depend on everyone's own capabilities to fight for it all!"

"Sounds good!"

Lin Fan hadn't expected himself to be surrounded by all of the utmost powerful beings. Suddenly, he was thinking about breaking out from their encirclement. But, that seemed to be quite difficult.

Besides, with his current speed, the s.p.a.ce Demonic G.o.d of the Ancient race and the King of the Giant race, Kua Fu, would be able to catch up to him with ease.

Seemed like he might be chased down by them endlessly real soon now.


But just at this moment, a roar boomed out.

"Ancestor of the Lion race, what are you thinking of doing?"


At this moment, the eyes of the Ancestor of the Lion race were both flushed red as his aura went berserk. Evidently, he must have been affected by the Spirit of Biggra.

When Lin Fan looked at the situation, his heart leaped with joy. His chance had come.

"You guys want the Legendary Items? Go and get it if you can then!" Instantly, Lin Fan summoned out the Heaven and Earth Smelt before tossing it out into the endless void.

"That belongs to Your Ancestor!"

All of the many utmost powerful beings leaped across the void and chased after that Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"What are you guys still surrounding me for? Unless you guys don't want those Legendary Items anymore, do you?" Lin Fan asked.

All of the utmost powerful beings who were still rounding up on Lin Fan looked at the situation up ahead and their faces changed. They then bolted out towards the Heaven and Earth Smelt. How could they allow the others to get their hands on it?

"Good chance!"

Lin Fan seized the chance to enter Stealth mode immediately before diving into those endless rivers of the void.

"HAHAHA! A bunch of braindead f*cks."

How could Lin Fan let the Legendary Items be taken over by these fellas?

One of the utmost powerful beings reached out had almost grabbed the Heaven and Earth Smelt when it turned into a long streak of light all of a sudden and disappeared before their very faces.

Utmost powerful beings, "…"

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