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Chapter 902: Transcending Legendary Items
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Good one!"


At this moment, the Great Sage was slamming down a fist onto Lin Fan's body, causing a violent explosive sound to boom out. Even though it looked formidable at first glance, the Great Sage was, in fact, controlling his own powers right now.

When the fist landed on Lin Fan's body, his blood started rumbling furiously. At the same time, the notifications from the System rang out relentlessly as well.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +…'

After enduring that single fist, Lin Fan could feel as though his entire physical body was getting stronger by a little once more. This feeling was something Lin Fan could only describe as too d.a.m.ned awesome!

Chicky sat with his b.u.t.t down on the ground and looked at the two figures before him.

"Old Bro is getting whacked again. How pitiful!"

Chicky was feeling that his Old Bro was really weird. He always loved being whacked by others! And each time he was whacked, he would give off an expression of pleasure on his face!

At the same time, the Great Sage was equally startled, feeling that this physical mystic skill of Lin Fan was extremely mysterious.

"This physical mystic skill of yours is truly mysterious. Even if it is the mystical body skill of the King of the Giant race, Kua Fu, it isn't comparable to yours in terms of amazingness!" The Great Sage remarked.

"Hahahaha! That's for sure. Within this entire universe, I'm the only one who can cultivate this physical mystic skill of mine to such an extent." Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Great Sage, please carry on."


Right now, the Impression Points of the Monkey race towards Lin Fan had already reached a maximum point. No matter what it was, the Great Sage would definitely satisfy him with unconditionally.

Forgetting even the bananas and peaches, just that pill alone that had the Great Sage regaining his status as a Monkey Man had the Great Sage grateful beyond tears.


Every single fist burst through the void and had Lin Fan's body shuddering in the face of it. For Lin Fan, this was the road that he had to undertake if he wanted to develop his Physical Body State to greatness.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +…'

The days and nights exchanged places for G.o.d knows how many days.

Given the cultivation states of Lin Fan and the Great Sage, even if they did not sleep for an entire era, they wouldn't feel anything off about it at all.

By now, Chicky was looking absolutely bored. Day after day, G.o.d knows how many times his Old Bro had been whacked by the other party. He was just starting to feel pity for his Old Bro by now.

To think that his Old Bro would have to lead such a miserable life! At the same time, he could not figure out why his Old Bro loved being whacked up so badly! It couldn't be that he had some Unspeakable Flaw in his heart, could he?

As for the ma.s.ses of the Monkey race, they were just completely stunned by the situation that was unfolding between their Great Sage and that human.

At the start, they did not know what was happening at all when they saw their Great Sage whacking the human. They had even headed up to ask about it slightly.

After all, they were all feeling extremely grateful towards that human.

When they found out that their Great Sage was helping the other party train up his Physical Body State, they started cheering at the sides as well.

After all, being able to help a friend was something they could not be happier over.

"Good! What a great punch!"

"Bravo, Great Sage!"

"The Motherf*cking Human King is extraordinary as well! His Physical Body State is so great!"

'Ding…Physical Body State leveled up.'

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body has upgraded to Eternal Ancient Imperishable Body.'

'Ding…Physical Body State: Supreme state lower level.'

At this moment, the notification that rang forth from the System had Lin Fan's heart skipping with joy. Indeed, the Heavens would not let down the diligent. He had finally improved his Physical Body State to such a point!

"Great Sage, please increase your strength." Lin Fan said.

"Alright…" Right now, the Great Sage was excited beyond anything else as well. Even though he had repressed a large portion of his strength, for some unknown reason, the whacking just felt better as time went by!

One month later…

Physical Body State: Supreme state middle level.

Two months later…

Physical Body State: Supreme state upper level.

Four months later…

Physical Body State: Supreme state full cultivation state.

One year later…

Physical Body State: Immemorial Ancient state full cultivation state.

After this period of diligent hard work, Lin Fan's Physical Body State had reached a frightening degree.

Immemorial Ancient state full cultivation state.

By now, the attacks of the Great Sage could no longer give Lin Fan any more experience points, not even a single bit.

However, Lin Fan knew that this was not the endpoint just yet.

"Your physical body…" The Great Sage had witnessed Lin Fan's physical body state strengthening step by step. Right now, even with his fullest attack, he could not deal any damage to the other party at all! This was something that was extremely horrifying in his eyes.

"It's all thanks to your help, Great Sage, that my Physical Body State can reach the pinnacle it is at right now." Lin Fan could feel the immense amount of power that was running through his physical body right now. At the same time, his face was filled with a delighted smile.

This was simply an amazing feeling!

However, there was something that Lin Fan felt regrettable about, the fact that his own strength wasn't at that level as well. Seemed like he would have to put in a lot more hard work.

"Strong! This is really strong indeed! If anyone else were to find out about this physical mystic skill, I'm afraid that there'll be a bloodbath for it." The Great Sage lamented.

Even though they were utmost powerful beings, their Physical Body States were in no way comparable to that of Lin Fan's.

Given Lin Fan's current Physical Body State, he was an invincible existence within the Immemorial Ancient state. There was practically no one who could possibly break through his defense.

Amongst the many utmost powerful beings, the Great Sage might not be the strongest out of them all, but he was definitely not someone to be looked down upon. And even with his strongest attack right now, he could not even deal a single bit of damage. It was needless to talk about anyone else right now.

"Great Sage, I'm truly thankful for your help this time around. If not for you, G.o.d knows when this Physical Body State of mine would have been able to reach such a state." Lin Fan said in grat.i.tude.

"You are the bestest best friend of the Monkey race. You don't have to say such words." The Great Sage replied.

Lin Fan could feel as though his entire heart was about to fly out right now. This feeling was simply way too wondrous. It wasn't even any ordinary happiness he was feeling right now.

"Great Sage, there's something I do not understand. Why do you guys have to enter slumber one era after another?"

This was the one point that Lin Fan could not figure even in the least bit, and neither could he understand what all of these people were up to.

The Great Sage started reminiscing slowly before sighing out, "Actually, we are all just pitiful beings that are seeking for life within this great universe."

"We have pa.s.sed through countless of eras one after another for the sake of transcending through everything. However, no one has been successful so far. At the same time, this era is the last and final era. When the time is up, the entire universe shall turn into nothingness, and even if it's us, we will vanish and cease to exist as well."

"In the previous eras, everyone was fighting to transcend. But it was all for naught. Eventually, we had only spent boring eras one after another. Because of that, there were two factions that were formed. And now that this is the final era, this should be the time to transcend…"

Lin Fan had never heard of any of this before. But now that he was listening to the Great Sage elaborate it out, he was starting to feel that it was extremely horrifying.


But just at that moment, the entire world started quaking. A series of bright beams descended from the Heavens, bathing the entire world in its radiance.

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, his face was bewildered, "This…?"

"This is a sign before transcending! Legend has it that the one who is able to transcend through everything will have to be the strongest person in this entire world. And right now, the Heavens are sending down Transcending items! All of them are Legendary Items of the utmost powers!" The Great Sage remarked.

"Legendary Items?"

Right now, Lin Fan's interest was piqued greatly. Legendary Items were always things that were attractive...

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