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Chapter 901: Come On. I'll Depend On You Then.
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The feast started as per normal. But, when Lin Fan took out these two fruits, the entire Monkey race could not bear to have it leave their fingers at all. To them, these bananas and peaches or whatnot were simply way too delicious!

It was as though this taste was created especially for their sake!

But, it was a real pity that they hadn't managed to discover this even earlier! If they had, how wonderful would have that been!

"Great Sage…!"

Just at this moment, a few female voices floated over. When Lin Fan turned his head around, he realized that it was some of the beauties of the Great Sage that had come over.

When the Great Sage caught sight of these beauties, his eyes shone with a gleeful look. However, that was replaced with sorrow almost instantly as he sighed out to himself. When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he was taken aback in his heart. Could there be some problems with the Great Sage?

And just at this moment, two powerful beings of the Monkey race who were beside Lin Fan suddenly spoke up.

"In the past few years, the Great Sage hasn't had even a single heir until now. This is so worrisome!"

"Hais! The Great Sage refuses to even share a room with them. There's nothing we can do about that as well!"

When Lin Fan heard the conversation that was going on between them, he had some preliminary thoughts about what was going on.

A few years without sharing a room?

There must be some really big problem about this. Unless…?

All of a sudden, Lin Fan thought of something that was extremely scary. Something about the Great Sage's body... There was a possibility that…!

Chicky, who was still in the midst of eating wildly, looked over at Lin Fan and beamed widely from beak to beak. He then went back to burying his head within the food and stuffing himself once more.

There were a couple of beauties circling around the Great Sage. While the Great Sage was composed on the surface, he was sighing out within his heart. Even these delicious fruits could not help him lift up his mood.

Even though the Great Sage looked normal from his facial expression, Lin Fan could tell that he must be feeling terrible within his heart. After all, he was a man as well. How could Lin Fan not understand the pain in the heart of a man?

No man would admit to themselves of not being able to make it. However, the Great Sage could declare tyrannicaly that he truly could not make it.

At this moment, Lin Fan stood up, "Great Sage, I have an elixir here. You can give it a try."

This was no elixir here! This was just a pill that was made from the Spirit of Biggra!

The Great Sage took the pill in his hands and looked at it curiously. There was a berserk energy that was rumbling within the pill. When the Great Sage raised his head and looked at Lin Fan, Lin Fan could only smile faintly and give him an approving nod.

The Great Sage did not hesitate further as he popped down the pill.

In Lin Fan's opinion, the Great Sage was an unrivaled powerful being. Therefore, any normal portion of Biggra wouldn't possibly do. He had to make sure it was the essence of Biggra.

As such, Lin Fan had the Spirit of Biggra shrink down endlessly until he had the pill concentrated to its max. Right now, if any ordinary person were to consume this pill, they could probably penetrate through the entire world.


All of a sudden, the clouds above started rumbling as the Great Sage bolted upright. His eyes let off a G.o.dly glow that was extremely horrifying.

This feeling…!

All the powerful beings of the Monkey race looked at their Great Sage, wondering what was happening. At this moment, the Great Sage could feel that there was a single part of his body that was slammed apart by something.

To think that he would have a feeling as such coming from that place of his…!

"Great Sage, you…!" The powerful beings of the Monkey race were starting to realize that something was weird. Compared to the way the Great Sage used to be usually, there seemed to be a different feeling right now.

"Take good care of the valued guest." The Great Sage could no longer wait and say anything more. After he tossed down this single order, he brought the beauties with him and bolted off into the void far away from the place.

All the powerful beings of the Monkey race caught sight of this and were all stunned for a moment or so.

"What's going on right now?"

"How come I could sense that the aura of the Great Sage had turned somewhat mysterious?"

"That's right! I could sense that as well!"

Thereafter, the powerful beings of the Monkey race cast their sights over at Lin Fan, "What was that pill earlier on?"

Lin Fan smiled out calmly and spread open his fingers, causing more pills to appear. "You guys can give it a try for yourselves."

Since their Great Sage had already taken it, they naturally didn't doubt it at all.

Afterward, just as Lin Fan had expected, the expressions on the faces of these powerful beings of the Monkey race started changing.

"I'll take my leave first! Take care of the valued guest!"

"I've got to take my leave as well! Take care of the valued guest!"

"All of you can go first. I can stay here alone." The strength of these powerful beings from the Monkey race were nowhere near that of their Great Sage. Furthermore, this was where the essence of the Spirit of Biggra lied. There was no way they couldn't be flying up into the skies right now! Each of them could not wait any longer and started leaving.

To them, if they did not leave this place, there was a probability they would just go insane.

In an instant, the entire feast was left with no one else but Lin Fan and Chicky.

"Old Bro, where're the rest?" Chicky raised his head and looked around his surroundings in bafflement.

"They've all gone to learn." Lin Fan replied.

"Eh? What's there to learn that they would give up on all this good food here?" Chicky shook and lowered his head to savor the feast before him once more.

All of a sudden, the entire world started trembling. It was as though an earthquake was happening in the base of the Monkey race.

"Holy f*ck! Do they have to get this intense?"

Lin Fan huffed out. This was mother*cking heaven revolting!




All of a sudden, a series of shrill shrieks rang out through the entire base of the Monkey race.

This was too d.a.m.ned lewd!

They had to be reported to the authorities for indecent behavior!

While Lin Fan sat there calmly, his inner heart had broken down entirely by now. To think that these living beings of the Monkey race would be so unreserved! Those cries were definitely earthshattering!

'Ding…Monkey race's Impression Points risen. Respect. (Max points.)'

When Lin Fan heard the notification from the System, he felt that everything was all worth it right now.

To think that with just two steps, he had managed to raise the Impression Points with the Monkey race to its peak!

Day and night exchanged places…

Lin Fan and Chicky sat there quietly, savoring the delicious food from the feast. The music behind them was just like a symphonic band that was playing right now and filled up the entire world.

There was truly nothing else that could surprise him more than this. To think that even a heaven revolting being such as the Great Sage would have a physical flaw as such. That was truly unbelievable.

But, it was all great now. Everything was all settled. Right now, the Great Sage must definitely be on cloud nine.

The next day…


A figure appeared right before Lin Fan's face.

Right now, the face of the Great Sage was radiant. The gaze that he was looking at Lin Fan with was one that was filled with an endless amount of grat.i.tude.

At this moment, the Great Sage placed his hand on Lin Fan's shoulder. Without saying anything more, it was just two words that came forth.

Yet, these two words possessed every single thing.

"Thank you!"

"Don't worry about it." Lin Fan could sense the amount of thankfulness that was filled in those words of the Great Sage. He nodded his head calmly, "I can understand your pain. Now that your issue is settled, I would like to request for some help from the Great Sage."

"Say it! No matter what it is, I will definitely a.s.sist you all the way!" The Great Sage did not hesitate at all. Given the Impression Points right now, there was nothing he wouldn't agree to.

"Hit me." Lin Fan said.

Chicky, who was resting at the moment, popped up his head. His chicken eyes shone with a look of incredulity.

'Has my Old Bro gone bonkers or something?!'

"EH?!" The Great Sage was stunned, as though he could not understand what was going on.

"I'm currently training up a skill for my physical body. But, I would have to trouble you to lower and suppress your strength first, Great Sage." Lin Fan could feel that his chance had arrived.

Even if there were no way for him to level up his cultivation state right now, he had to ensure that his body was invincible no matter what.

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