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Chapter 899: F*cking h.e.l.l! Monkey!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Help me! I can't deal with him!"

"You! Don't come over! I'm not the one who wants to devour you!"

"Master! Why did you toss this sicko inside here? Help us!!!"

At this moment, there were countless of living beings who had their faces swelling with bruises in the Paradise. The Big Ancient Demon had it the worst, as his entire face was hammered so badly that it was beyond recognition.

"To think that all of you ant like living beings would dare to try devouring me! That's just looking for death!" At this moment, an imposing and domineering figure dominated the entire Paradise with his fists.

This middle aged man was the Weapon Spirit of the Stars Paramita. When the Ancestor of the Star race was being killed, he could sense the formidable aura outside and was shivering uncontrollably, not daring to come out at all.

But, after he entered this mysterious Paradise, he realized that there were Weapon Spirits that were trying to devour him! That was something that naturally had him riled up.

When he struck, the entire army went down. All of these ant-like Weapon Spirits were definitely not a match for him at all.

"All of you are really way too pathetic, aren't you?! To think that so many of you could not even deal with a single Weapon Spirit." When Lin Fan caught sight of everything before him, he was completely helpless.

However, when he thought about it, that made sense as well. The Stars Paramita was an Ancestor Weapon, with an extraordinary strength to it. Even the Big Ancient Demon might not be a match for him.

"Master! Help us! This fella is simply way too violent!" The Big Ancient Demon yelled out miserably.

"Master! I can't do it anymore!" The Thunder Trainer King who had dedicated his life towards the path of training was now lying there like a dead pig. His eyes shone with a deep regrettable look.

He was the Reforming Buddha Lord! But, to think that he would be walloped to the point of breaking down by this accursed living being, without even the chance to fight back at all! This was entirely inhumane!

"Human, I am a spirit of the world! You had better let me out immediately!" The Weapon Spirit of the Stars Paramita looked at Lin Fan and declared with a tone of displeasure.

"Huehue. You wanna leave after whacking my people? Are you really dreaming?" Lin Fan chuckled out before hitting over with a seal.

"That's the Source Sealing Technique!"

All of a sudden, the Weapon Spirit of the Stars Paramita realized that his powers had been sealed up by the other party! He howled out, "I am the Weapon Spirit of the Stars Paramita! Hurry and let me out!"

But, Lin Fan could not be bothered with a small little Weapon Spirit as such.

"I've already sealed up the powers of that guy. You guys can do as you deem fit." After leaving that sentence behind, Lin Fan left the Paradise.

At this moment, the Big Ancient Demon stood up as a cold grin curled on his lips, "Hmph! How dare you treat Your Emperor as such earlier on? Time for Your Emperor to teach you a good lesson or two."



All of a sudden, a series of tragic cries rang out from within the Paradise…

"Bald monk, what's up with you?" Lin Fan suddenly realized that Reverend Shakya wasn't looking all that good, as though something had happened.

Reverend Shakya looked at Lin Fan. He had a thought earlier on, thinking that this was not the way for him to carry on.

When he met dangerous situations like earlier on, he could not even retaliate, and was just like a burden.

"Benefactor, this poor monk wishes to head out there and strike it out for a bit." Reverend Shakya spoke out the thoughts in his mind.

Lin Fan was stunned, not expecting that something like this would come out from the mouth of Reverend Shakya. But, by the looks of his expression, he was firm and didn't seem like he was joking about this.

Thereafter, Lin Fan understood his intentions.

He could understand the worries that Reverend Shakya was carrying within his heart, "Alright. Remember this: your life is more important than anything else."

"Benefactor, don't worry. This poor monk is extremely smart, and will not die that easily for sure. No matter what, this poor monk is the Vice Party Leader of the Revolutionary Army." Reverend Shakya naturally knew of how dangerous the world out there was. However, if a powerful being were to start feeling fear in his heart, he would definitely be trash for the rest of his life, and would not amount to anything much.

"This is the Lotus Seat of the Ancestral Buddha. I have no use keeping it with me. You can have it." That golden Lotus Seat brought with it a myriad of mysterious effects. Not only could it boost one's Buddhist powers, it could stabilize one's fortune.

For Reverend Shakya, those were naturally extremely important factors to help him with his cultivation.

Lin Fan pointed out with his finger and a mystical talisman floated over, "This is the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra. This is the mystic skill of the Ancestral Buddha."

Reverend Shakya looked at Lin Fan and nodded his head seriously. Placing his palms together, he continued, "Party Leader, I'll be leaving now."

Lin Fan chuckled out, "Go on. Hopefully, by the next time we meet, your powers would have truly strengthened. You had better not start feeling ashamed of yourself after seeing an even larger gap in terms of power between us."

"How could that be?" Reverend Shakya yelped out.


After Reverend Shakya left, Lin Fan looked over into the distance, "Chicky, do you wish to head out and explore it out there on your own as well?"

Chicky, who was still feeling exhilarated, suddenly froze up, "Old Bro, I'm not going! Why should I go out and explore? It's enough with you protecting me! I am the great Chicky who shall lead a life of complete happiness in this perfect world! As for all of the dangerous stuff? I shall hand it over to you humanoid beings to handle."

"Holy f*ck! You're truly so darned lazy, Chicky boy!" Lin Fan was helpless.

"CUCKCUCKOO!" Chicky tossed his chicken head and reared it into the skies while crowing, as though he was extremely proud of that fact.


Lin Fan dove into the void and headed off into the distance.

At this moment, the falling of the utmost powerful beings of three huge races alarmed all the utmost powerful beings out there. They could sense one another. The moment those three fell, all of their faces changed, and were extremely startled.

Suddenly, a Buddha Light pierced out from the endless void around them. In a flash, a gigantic hand reached out into the void and grabbed hold of that Buddha Light.

"Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra! This is the mystic skill of that fella, Ancestral Buddha, that he does not impart to anyone else! To think that it would end up here!"

At this moment, countless powerful beings could sense the power of Buddha that was coming forth from beyond the void as well. When all of them reached out to grab, they were equally astounded.

This Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra of the Ancestral Buddha was something that all of them had dreamt of obtaining for a long time now! This was an extremely formidable mystic skill, and was more mysterious than anything else. Once it was cultivated to its pinnacle state, one could combine all three lifetimes and obtain an Eternal Body!

Even if they couldn't manage to cultivate it to its pinnacle state, as long as they could even reach the state where they could sever someone's future, there would be no one in this world who could escape from their grasp!

The slaying of three lifetimes! Even if one's consciousness was heaven defying, they would have to vanish because of it as well!

"HAHA! The Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra! I've been waiting for this for a long time now!"

"Seems like that Ancestral Buddha must have thrown out the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra into the void right before he died. To think that my luck would be this heaven defying for me to obtain this mystic skill right before the end of this era! Seems like my chances are only going to get higher and higher!"

All of these powerful beings who had obtained the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra were exhilarated beyond words. It was as though they had just obtained an utmost treasure. At the same time, they told no one else about it while cultivating it in secret.

But, if all of these powerful beings were to find out that this Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra was actually intentionally let out by someone else, they would truly be at a loss for words.

At this moment, Lin Fan, who was traveling within the void, suddenly frowned as he had a feeling of impending danger. By the time he reacted to it, a boundless amount of power was swinging down at him and slammed harshly onto his body.

"Holy f*ck! Who the f*ck is this mentally sick person?!"

Lin Fan broke through the void when all of a sudden, a voice rang out in his ears.

"Eat the stick of Old Monkey!"

When Lin Fan looked over, he was stunned.

F*cking h.e.l.l! Monkey…!

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