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Chapter 897: Severing The Future
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The Ancestral Buddha was burning with rage. Since when had he been pushed to such an extent by an ant over multiple eras? In fact, he had even lost his face in front of two other utmost powerful beings!

This was something he simply could not endure.

Even if he were to shred the other party into pieces right now, it would not be enough to quench the hatred in his heart at this moment.

Lin Fan was at the end of his path, with nowhere else to run, "Bald monk! Even if you were to kill Your Daddy, you will never be able to wash away the fact that you were whacked down by Your Daddy for all eternity!"

"SHUT UP!" The Ancestral Buddha roared out as that golden Buddha body of his jerked. Those Buddha eyes of his were filled with an endless fury right now, "Your Ancestral Buddha shall kill off every single last incarnation for all eternity, so that you will turn into complete nothingness!"

"HAHAHA! Bald monk, you had better just wait for Your Daddy! So what if I were to be killed by you in this lifetime? Come the next lifetime, the next-next lifetime, I would definitely hunt you down relentlessly!"

Lin Fan burst out laughing. Since he had no other way out of this, he might as well give it all he had. Even if he had to die, he wanted to die with his head high.

As long as his consciousness wasn't destroyed, he could reincarnate once more.

Lin Fan hadn't expected for himself to ever reach this point. The path of cultivation was indeed one that was fraught with dangers, and would never just be a smooth sailing.

"Hmph! Next lifetime? Do you really think that Your Ancestral Buddha would give you a chance like that?"

"The Supreme state's consciousness is undying, similar to being imperishable and everlasting. But, it's a pity that you met with Your Ancestral Buddha's Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra."

"The Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra of the Ancestral Buddha is truly powerful. It can slay off all your eternal lifetimes and sever everything. Even if your consciousness is undying, it can only vanish like smoke and disappear into nothingness." The Ancestor of the Star race said calmly. However, his eyes shone with a look of greed.

This Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra could be said to be one of the most mysterious sutras in the entire world, and possessed an incredible power. The fact that the Ancestral Buddha was able to reach where he was today was closely connected to the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra.


All of a sudden, a mysterious and unrivaled power caged Lin Fan up within it.

"What the sh*t is this?" Lin Fan's heart was taken aback. What in the world was this bald monk thinking of doing? Naturally, Lin Fan knew about the saying of the consciousness being undying. As long as one's consciousness did not get destroyed entirely, one could continue to reincarnate for all eternity. However, even though the consciousness might not be destroyed, it could go into slumber. Whether or not it could awaken for the next lifetime was still a question.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan could feel his consciousness within him being dragged out by something!

Momentarily, an image appeared within the void. This was the image of his life back on Earth!

Lin Fan did not know what this bald monk was trying to do. But all of a sudden, a maddened roar boomed out.



Lin Fan's heart tightened as though he had just been dealt some severe blow. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"Hmph! Human, your Ancestral Buddha has just slain off your past life and inflicted some heavy damage on your consciousness. All I have to do now is to sever your current life and your future life. No matter how strong your consciousness is, you will have no choice but to dissipate from the face of the world!"

The grim voice of the Ancestral Buddha boomed out once more.

Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat with a face of disbelief. How in the world could there be such a skill in this world?

To be able to sever his past, present and future! This was just leaving him with no way out at all!

He had to fight back against this!

"Huehue. You don't have to try resisting. Even if you were to complain this up to the Heavens, it would all be useless."

"I'll slay your future first, so that you can have a good look at how your future is going to vanish." The Ancestral Buddha said with his cold voice. The Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra started activating out once more. This was a heavenly mystic skill. Even the Great Buddha's Light of Purification couldn't compare with this at all!

This mystic skill was something that the Ancestral Buddha had s.n.a.t.c.hed over from a secret ground in the first ever era. Even utmost powerful beings were unable to fight against this, let alone a tiny human.

In the blink of an eye, yet another image appeared.

This method of slaying away all three of his lifetimes was way too mysterious. Even if Lin Fan had used all sorts of methods, he was still unable to defend against it.

When Lin Fan raised his head, he looked at the image. Wasn't that his future?

"Snore, snore."

When Lin Fan looked at the image, he was stunned for a moment. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, wasn't that him?! Why the h.e.l.l did he look so pathetic?

In the image, Lin Fan's future was asleep within a patch of void. And he was even dead asleep while snoring out loudly. He couldn't have looked any more similar to an ordinary commoner.

"Human, this shall be your future. Once Your Ancestral Buddha slays off your future, you shall have nothing to depend on. From there on, your consciousness shall disappear from the world entirely!" The Ancestral Buddha glared at Lin Fan coldly while he let out a cruel smirk.

"This is the pinnacle state of the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation Sutra to slay away one's future. To think that the Ancestral Buddha would have cultivated it to such a state." The Ancestor of the Star race commented.

'If he can combine all three lifetimes into one, the Ancestral Buddha's powers would definitely surpa.s.s everything. By then, even we would be no match for him any longer.' The Ancestor of the Night Devils calculated in his heart.

Their awakening for this era was to search for that last and final hope. If they didn't grab onto this chance, even they would completely disappear and from then on, ceasing to exist.

The world would be annihilated while time would just disappear. Everything would vanish completely and return to its initial state of nothingness, where there was no era, transcending beyond anything else.

"Bald monk, you had better stop! Let's talk things out!" Lin Fan could sense yet another wave of disturbance within his consciousness. If this bald monk were to truly slay away his future, everything would disappear entirely!

Even his consciousness would not be able to reincarnate anymore!

"Human, take a good look at how your consciousness shall remain asleep within the endless void before disappearing into nothingness just like how you will be right now!" The Ancestral Buddha played with all living beings and severed their karmas.


At that moment, the Ancestral Buddha roared out. A bright Buddha Light entered that image as a mysterious power crossed through the long rivers of time into the future, so that it could slay off Lin Fan's future entirely.


When Lin Fan caught sight of everything before him, he could not help but yell out. This mother*cker…!


The lips of the Ancestral Buddha let out a faint smile. Everything was within his control, and everything would disappear right before his eyes.

Lin Fan felt his heart tighten. 'It's all over…'

But right at this moment, the Ancestral Buddha caught sight of the image before him and started yelling frantically, "Impossible…!!!"

As for Lin Fan, he did not know what was going on just yet. But when he caught sight of his future image, he was stunned.

That future him which was asleep rubbed his chest while muttering, "A little ticklish."



The Ancestral Buddha howled out in anger.


When he saw that severing flash of light seep into the image, Lin Fan closed his eyes in despair once more.

But yet, at this moment, the maddened howls of the Ancestral Buddha came through once more as Lin Fan jerked his eyes open. That future him was still sleeping and scratching his body!

"HAHAHA!" Lin Fan burst out laughing, "Bald monk! Are you f*cking kidding me? You're thinking of slaying my future and yet you can't even slice off a single strand of hair? Who the f*ck are you trying to scare?"

"IMPOSSIBLE!" The Ancestral Buddha howled out.




At this moment, the Ancestral Buddha was crazed and started slaying down countless times. He could not believe that he wouldn't be able to sever the future of the other party!

But at this moment, something that had everyone horrified happened.

"Slay your mother! Slay, slay, slay? CAN'T A MAN GET A GOOD SLEEP NOW?"

All of a sudden, Lin Fan's future self started scolding out before jerking his eyes wide open instantly.

"To think that my future self would have such a character to him! He's exactly the same as I am!" Lin Fan laughed out in relief. And all of a sudden, an extremely frightening aura started bursting forth from that body of his future self…

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