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Chapter 895: Final Desperate Attempt
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Bald monk, Chicky, you guys head to another world first."

Lin Fan did not hesitate at all as he kept Reverend Shakya and Chicky into the Xuanhuang World first.

Now that Xuanhuang World and Earth had already been cultivated by him, they were just revolving around in his Inner World. If Lin Fan were to fall, everything would disappear as well.

Heaven and Earth Smelt's Protection!

Lin Fan allowed the Heaven and Earth Smelt to keep the Xuanhuang World and Earth within it. It then shrank continuously until the Heaven and Earth Smelt turned into a speck of dust.

If he were to unfortunately fall right here, that could at least ensure their safety.


When the three utmost powerful beings discovered that the bald monk and the chicken had disappeared all of a sudden, they were surprised as well. But, they did not put it to heart.

For the Ancestral Buddha, his greatest wish right now was to have this Human before him slain.

At this moment, Lin Fan heaved in a huge breath of air. He then looked at the three utmost powerful beings that were up in the void and shouted out furiously.

"You three little sh*ts, aren't you guys shameless to come at me three on one? Come and fight me alone if you've got the guts!"


The Ancestor of the Night Devils snorted coldly, causing a loud soundwave to reverberate throughout the world.

"You're trying to see who was the louder voice? Who's afraid of whom!"

Lin Fan sucked in a huge breath of air before channeling out the Heavenly Dragon's Music instantly.

"Guys, this human possesses some precious treasure. Let us join forces and take him down." The Ancestral Buddha remarked calmly. In his eyes, this Human was already dead. There was definitely no chance of him making out of this alive now.

If even the three of them could not take down this single human, that would truly be a laughing joke.

Instantly, the body of the Ancestor of the Star race burst forth with a tremendous, boundless aura. Following that, the aura started converging as he punched out with his fist, causing a bright, G.o.dly glow to shine through. This single fist possessed the entire endless galactic rivers, sending one dead star after another plummeting down.

Lin Fan inhaled a deep breath. Against these three utmost powerful beings, he no longer had a way out of this. Seemed like he could only give it a shot.

"So what if the three of you are utmost powerful beings? Even if Yours Truly were to fall today, I shall have you guys pay a terrible price for it!"

Lin Fan roared out furiously as the powers within his Paradise started rumbling. The Big Ancient Demon, Cruel, Ancient One, and the others all howled out furiously.

A relentless amount of power gushed out of Lin Fan's body as he struck out with a single fist that contained an extreme amount of power. The void started shattering as the stars started exploding.


Lin Fan yelled out. Right now, his aura was already at its peak. This single fist was Lin Fan's pinnacle fist that possessed everything he had. However, in the face of the fist of the Ancestor of the Star race, it still seemed pretty tiny.

The difference between cultivation states wasn't one that could be crossed this easily.


A tremendous amount of power was rebounded back and that unparalleled G.o.d body of Lin Fan's began to crack like a turtle's sh.e.l.l.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +100,000.'

"Some capabilities you've got there. But, it's a pity it's still too far off." The Ancestor of the Star race's casual punch had caused Lin Fan to expend all of his entire might just to fight it.

The Ancestor of the Night Devils gave off a look of disdain. As for the Ancestral Buddha, he placed his palms together before slapping out with a single palm. The Buddha's Land started descending as it brought forth an endless amount of Buddha power that penetrated the void and slammed down straight at Lin Fan.


At that moment, Lin Fan screamed out. That cracked body of his burst forth as countless pieces of flesh and meat rumbled around furiously in the void.

"Unlimited Essence Qi! Rebirth!"

With that, the Mythical Parasol Tree burst furiously as those thousands of tree branches started squirming, bringing forth a wave of lifeforce that flushed all over Lin Fan's body. The flesh and meat began to rumble furiously as they started regrouping once more.

"To think that this human would be in control of the Mythical Parasol Tree! That's the first G.o.d Tree that existed within the entire universe! But, it is still far from its pinnacle state right now." The Ancestor of the Star race glared at Lin Fan with a weird expression. He then laughed out coldly before reaching out into the void with his fingers.


All of a sudden, a tremendous amount of power burst forth. The Mythical Parasol Tree that was embedded deep in the endless void suddenly seemed as though it was being dragged by someone and trying to fly out of Lin Fan's body!

"The Mythical Parasol Tree must have been hoodwinked for it to land in the possession of a human like yourself." The Ancestor of the Star race roared out, unable to believe that this human would be in possession of such a treasure!

When the Ancestral Buddha caught sight of the Mythical Parasol Tree, his brows twitched with joy. But, as though he had suddenly thought of something, he looked somewhat disappointed afterward.

The Ancestor of the Night Devils howled out, "Ancestor of the Star race, let's split that Mythical Parasol Tree half each."

"F*ck! Do you guys really think that Yours Truly is a pushover?" Right now, Lin Fan was truly riled. To think that he would be suppressed down by these two utmost powerful beings, "Human race's Supreme Weapon!"

All of a sudden, the Gatling Gun appeared in the void and started spraying out. But, the two utmost powerful beings did not pay much heed to this weird weapon.

"Both of you guys, watch out! There's something up with that weapon." The Ancestral Buddha warned out.

At this moment, the Ancestors of the Star race and the Night Devils still weren't exactly bothered. However, all of a sudden, the arm that grabbing onto the Mythical Parasol Tree suddenly let go after receiving a series of sharp pains.

The two utmost powerful beings looked at this mysterious weapon with a look of astonishment, "To think that this weapon would wield such strength."

What sort of existences were both of them? For them to have to retract their bodies and to even feel pain from it, what sort of an idea was that?

"Sh*t man! I had better not have my life cut short here for real." Lin Fan huffed out heavily. With the lifeforce of the Mythical Parasol Tree boosting him, he would not lose his life just yet. But right now, that unparalleled G.o.d body of his was already broken. This was something that Lin Fan was coming across for the first time.

"Amitabha! Benefactor, your sins are grave. Therefore, it's only natural for you to receive karma. Now that it has arrived in your face, I wonder how you're feeling now, benefactor?" When the Ancestral Buddha caught sight of the miserable state Lin Fan was in, he could not help but laugh out.

Right now, Lin Fan was only an ant that was being toyed around in the hands of these three utmost powerful beings. He could barely even stand up, and could easily be squished to death by them as and when they willed.

"Bald monk, you had better shut up for Your Father here! Don't come here and spout out your lies and false righteousness! Pui!" Lin Fan spat out.

Lin Fan could tell that this bald monk was just a petty little b*tch. He had only taken a single bit of loss in the hands of Lin Fan, and yet he had sought out help immediately. And not only that, he had even sought out two equally powerful helpers! How b.l.o.o.d.y extravagant was that!


The Ancestor of the Star race burst out laughing, "Kid, you're truly decent to be able to face up to the three of us without fear. In order to reward you for that, I shall let you have a glorious death then!"

All of a sudden, the face of the Ancestor of the Star race sterned up. His palms trembled slightly as an unlimited number of stars started vibrating, causing a tremendous power of the stars to descend out from the void.


The Ancestor of the Star race said out with a soft voice as he flipped his palm. All of a sudden, all the stars started crushing down on Lin Fan just like a waterfall. That boundless amount of power destroyed everything in its path, causing Lin Fan's face to change.

"Supreme Set! Ten seconds of invulnerability!"


Lin Fan did not hesitate as he entered that invincible mode immediately. And right at this moment, the Waterfall of Stars gushed down onto Lin Fan.

"Star Ancestor, this move of yours is indeed unparalleled and brings forth with it an unrivaled power. That Human must be dead for sure." When the Ancestral Buddha caught sight of this, his lips curled into a grin.

But all of a sudden, a figure appeared right in the face of the Ancestral Buddha.

"Bald monk, even if Yours Truly were to die, I have to let you know of just how strong I am!"

At this moment, Lin Fan could only make a desperate attempt at death's door. If there was no miracle, he was definitely dying for sure.

But even if he had to die, he had to let this bald monk know just how strong he was.

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