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Chapter 889: Don't Move If You Have The Guts!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"How am I supposed to play with this Gatling?"

At this moment, Lin Fan was still trying to figure out how to play with this Demon Slaying G.o.d Vanquishing Gatling Gun. However, the Buddha light from the void was already reaching him.

"Old Bro! Hurry up and do something! Otherwise, it'll be too late!" Reverend Shakya shouted out. At this moment, Chicky was also standing on Reverend Shakya's head while slapping his wings furiously. Everything was way too exciting right now!

"I found it!"

Finally, Lin Fan found out how to make use of that Human race Supreme Weapon, and then moved his finger.


All of a sudden, a tremendous amount of power cruised through his entire body. The barrel of the Gatling Gun was just like a fierce beast right now as it exploded forth with an incredibly unparalleled force.

Every single bullet seemed to penetrate through even time, and blew up the Buddha Light instantly.

"Holy f*ck! So strong!" Lin Fan looked at everything before him and was startled as well. This was even more ferocious than when he had gone all out himself!

When the Ancestral Buddha caught sight of this, he was equally startled. There was a weird glint that shone in those eyes of his that were filled with a Buddhist nature.

"This treasure…" The Ancestral Buddha was stunned for a moment. He had seen all sorts of treasures in this world. But, this thing before his eyes right now could still be considered pretty amazing.

"So cool!" Right now, Reverend Shakya was completely awestruck by the might of this mysterious weapon. This was way too formidable, wasn't it!


The Ancestral Buddha couldn't bear with this any longer as he roared out. That gigantic apparition of his roared out as well, causing the golden swastika on the chest of the apparition to revolve out through the void with an immense Buddhist nature to it.

This was the True Essence of the Ancestral Buddha, and possessed an incredible amount of might.


A booming sound that was akin to thunder roared out. It was relentless as Buddhist music shrouded the world, causing heavenly flowers to drop down and all sort of weird phenomenon to occur.

"Picking a fight with me over our apparitions? Let's see who's afraid of whom!" Lin Fan was enraged. The Gatling Gun that was wielded in his hands burst forth with a formidable amount of power once more.

At this moment, the apparition that was floating gently behind Lin Fna's back moved suddenly. That ma.s.sive palm of his gave a tight squeeze, pushing that fiery red Sun and sinisterly black Moon together in his hands and fusing them together. Instantly, a red and black unknown round object appeared out of thin air.

"What's this?"

Lin Fan toyed with it in puzzlement. While he did not know what it was, he could sense that the power that it contained was extremely scary. It was something not to be underestimated.

"Benefactor, this is the Dao of Your Ancestral Buddha here, containing the spirit of all living beings. You shall not…"

The swastika was the strongest secret that the Ancestral Buddha held in his possession. But, before the Ancestral Buddha could even finish his sentence, something that scared him happened.

The apparition of Lin Fan tossed that round ball in his hands casually.

Nothing unusual happened.

But, the moment it clashed with that swastika, an enormous amount of power burst forth and instantly turned into a black hole with a radius a thousand miles!

This was the extremities of a power that destroyed all the void around, causing a rampant amount of void currents to flow out indiscriminately.

"How could this be?" The Ancestral Buddha who had been watching everything calmly was totally not calm at all when he caught sight of this scene.

He had suddenly discovered that the swastika that he had, which possessed every single being's spirit, was destroyed in an instant before being converted into nothingness and disappearing from the face of the world!


The apparition of Lin Fan snorted coldly as the Sun and Moon appeared in his hands once more. It was as though the Sun and Moon could be used for an infinite number of times!

"Tyrannical!" When Lin Fan felt that rampaging power, he was completely stumped.

Wasn't everything gifted by the system way too tyrannical? The power that came forth was way beyond Lin Fan's imagination! The only word to describe this was nothing short of horrific!

"Bald monk, I don't think you're anything much really." Lin Fan had to hold up the pearl ta.s.sels while saying. d.a.m.n it! These things were just way too troublesome. Blocking out his vision was something that left him pretty uncomfortable!


"Since you obstinately insist on persisting through your wrongdoings, benefactor, Your Ancestral Buddha here can only choose to send you down to h.e.l.l." Even though the voice of the Ancestral Buddha might seem like it was filled with a Buddhist nature, there was actually a ton of anger hidden within that tone of his.

The impact of that single sentence was far from ordinary. It was as though every living being in the world was conquered by it.

"Boundless Buddhist doctrines that are as vast as the oceans... Pa.s.sing of life."

The Ancestral Buddha chanted out Buddhist scriptures as a series of Buddhist lights shone out from behind his back like banners of lights that pierced through the entire world before fusing continuously. It was as though they were about to form a World of the Buddha race.

This was the unparalleled Buddha powers of the Ancestral Buddha. He could draw out the power of the Buddha race to create a special realm, so as to allow life to pa.s.s away within. This was meant for Lin Fan's death.

This was no longer any mystic skill of a martial art. This was the true skill of the Great Dao.

"Great Dao of Life's Pa.s.sing!"


The metal-like lips of the Ancestral Buddha twitched slightly and gave off a clanging sound of metal.

All of a sudden, something changed in the entire world.

Lin Fan was enveloped by this boundless Buddhist power all of a sudden as a mysterious power of life pa.s.sing surged through him. This was the most profound state of everything within the Buddha race.

"Benefactor, repent for your sins now and you will turn into a Buddha. Right now, your sins are immensely grave. Let Your Ancestral Buddha here cleanse you of your sins."

The eyes of the Ancestral Buddha shone with two heaven piercing golden beams of light. It was as though these beams of light possessed everything that the Ancestral Buddha had.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he could sense a ridiculous amount of pressure coming towards him.

"Holy f*ck! Is he coming at it for real?! Seems like I can only fight it out with him!" If it was based on actual strength, there was no way Lin Fan could defeat the Ancestral Buddha. But, with this Supreme Set of the Human race right now, whether or not he could take him down was an entirely different issue.

"Bald monk, have a taste of what it's like to be shot by an endless stream of popcorns!"

Lin Fan roared out.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan realized that after he was enveloped by this formidable power of life pa.s.sing, he could feel the essence, spirit, and vitality within his body being expended away and disappearing rapidly. It was as though he could pa.s.s away at any moment right now.

'Activate the Ten Seconds Invulnerability Mode!'

This was the only characteristic of the Supreme Set: Ten Seconds of being a True Man.


Lin Fan could feel a mysterious power that entered his body. It was as though this mysterious power was running its course throughout his entire body.

After activating the Ten Seconds True Man mode, Lin Fan realized that the pressure surrounding him had disappeared entirely!

"Good! The time for me to exhibit my strength has come!" Lin Fan snorted out coldly as the Gatling Gun in his hands went even more berserk. Right now, the bullets had already torn through the limits of time.

Even the void in front of him was like nothing but paper that was being shredded.



The Vajra Indestructible body of the Ancestral Buddha gave off the sounds of metal clanging after being struck by Lin Fan's bullets.

"Benefactor, there's no need to resist anymore. All of your attacks will have no effects on Your Ancestral Buddha." The Ancestral Buddha smiled out confidently.

But all of a sudden, a cracking sound traveled out.



The eyes of the Ancestral Buddha were frozen and opened wide. He had realized in shock that his physical body was actually broken through by this ridiculous attack!

"HAHAHA! Bald monk, don't move if you have the guts!" When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he burst out laughing wildly.

"Pa.s.sing of life!"

Right now, the Ancestral Buddha was thoroughly angered as he slammed his fists together. The power of life's pa.s.sing tore through Lin Fan's body relentlessly.

However, none of that mattered to Lin Fan.

"How could this be?" The Ancestral Buddha howled out with a face of disbelief. To think that his formidable power of life's pa.s.sing would have no effect at all!


When the bullets rained down on the body of the Ancestral Buddha, it generated a series of sharp pain, causing the Ancestral Buddha to howl out uncontrollably.


Lin Fan was totally immersed in the tempo of the Gatling Gun, and his head was just swinging left and right along with it as well. He wondered how the Ancestral Buddha must be feeling right now.

However, the Ancestral Buddha truly wanted to say only a single sentence, 'What in the mother*cking world is this sh*t? Why the f*ck does it sting so much?'

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