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Chapter 888: Who's Afraid Of Whom?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

With a stern expression on his face and his heaven encompa.s.sing palm, that sparkling golden Buddha Palm descended down the sky just like the Five Fingered Mountain that was used to suppress the monkey.

"d.a.m.n all of you bald monks! Do you guys only know how to use palm techniques?!" Lin Fan's powers rumbled as he slammed out with a single fist. When the fist collided with the palm strike, a reverberating sound boomed out.

"So strong!"

With just a preliminary exchange of blows, Lin Fan was already able to get a rough understanding of the other party's strength.

The strength of this Ancestral Buddha was definitely beyond the Supreme state. Just that palm alone was enough for Lin Fan to tell that there was more from where that came. In fact, the powers were relentless, and brought with it some feedback as well.

But even then, Lin Fan wasn't fearful in the least bit. He was someone who still had some tricks up his sleeves. However, whether or not he could kill this bald monk was another issue altogether.

"Amitabha. Benefactor, it wasn't easy for you to cultivate to the Supreme state. Please do not squander your life away just for this sinner of the Buddha race."

With that single attack to test the waters, the Ancestral Buddha had already managed to feel out the depths of the other party's strength. However, the Ancestral Buddha was surprised nevertheless to find out that this Human would have the strength of Supreme state. That was pretty incredible.

And that wasn't even the most unbelievable thing. It was the fact that this Human seemed to be a product of this era alone. THAT was the unbelievable thing.

In the past few eras, there had been utmost powerful beings from the Human race as well. However, they had already fallen. In fact, they even had the chance to go into slumber or reincarnate.

With the severing of the legacy of those utmost powerful beings, there should definitely be no descendants of the Human race who could break through to such a state.

Indeed, that bald monk was only testing him, and that was all. However, Lin Fan was still unfazed. It was not as though something as such was enough to cause him fear!

"This bald monk, I'm protecting him for sure!" Lin Fan declared imposingly.

By now, Reverend Shakya was so touched he was almost going to cry. This was what true love was! The strength of this Ancestral Buddha before him was something that everyone had witnessed and acknowledged as absolutely formidable! Yet even at this moment, his Old Bro was determined to protect him! This was something that moved Reverend Shakya endlessly.

He could not even wait to offer himself in marriage right now!

"Old Bro, this debt is something that this poor monk will never ever forget!" Reverend Shakya sniffed out with tears. He did not even mind those two basketb.a.l.l.s hanging from his chest right now.

"Yes. You finally know how nicely your Old Bro treats you, right?" Lin Fan replied.

Reverend Shakya wiped the tears off the side of his eyes and nodded his head gratefully, "Yes, I know now."

Reverend Shakya could not have imagined that there could still be someone who would treat him this nicely in this entire world. He was truly so touched that he was about to fly into the Heavens right now!

The Ancestral Buddha looked at Lin Fan and could not help but scoff out, "Benefactor, since you're so stubborn and resolute, Your Ancestral Buddha has no choice but to drag you into the Western Pure Land and make you listen to my teachings."

The golden, stern face of the Ancestral Buddha was dignified and mighty, as a radiant, golden gleam of light shone down upon the world. Any demons in the face of this would dissipate into smoke immediately.

"Hold on…"

At this moment, Lin Fan suddenly raised his hand, indicating for a timeout.

"Benefactor, could it be that you're finally to mend your ways and are willing to hand over that sinner of the Buddha race now?" The radiant voice of the Ancestral Buddha boomed out from within the void. Within that single sentence, an unparalleled amount of heaven's authority was bound.

"Please give me three seconds." Lin Fan said.

"Alright." The Ancestral Buddha nodded his head.

Lin Fan laughed out coldly in his heart. Seemed like it was truly time for him to shine this time around.

"Open up Supreme Set.

Lin Fan commanded in his mind, hurrying the system to open up that Supreme Set that was gifted by the system itself.

In Lin Fan's opinion, any product of the system must definitely be something exquisite! If he were to wear this Supreme Set, who knew if he might even be able to whack this Ancestral Buddha to death!

'Ding…Obtained Supreme Set. Equipping it automatically.'


All of a sudden, Lin Fan's body was covered up by a bright beam of light. But, Lin Fan suddenly realized that there was something wrong with this set!

He was wearing dragon robes on his body, with a king's crown with ta.s.sels (Hat of Qin Shihuang) on his head. The golden beads in front of it were practically covering his eyes and blocking his entire vision!

"Holy f*ck! This mother*cker is just messing with me!"


And right at that moment, Reverend Shakya burst out laughing uncontrollably.

"What are you laughing at?" Lin Fan turned his head around asking.

"Old Bro, where did you get that costume from? The words that are written on its back are simply way too much of a joke!" Reverend Shakya covered his mouth to contain himself from bursting out into laughter.

Lin Fan was indignant right now. There were even words?

Lin Fan immediately took off his clothes. When he saw the words behind, he was totally stumped.

"Human race, invincible!"

"I'll f*ck your Grandmother!" Lin Fan yelled out! What kind of a b.l.o.o.d.y cheesy phrase was this?

But at this moment, Lin Fan could not be bothered with this any longer. He wore the clothes back immediately.

'Ding…Human race Supreme Set equipped.'

'Ding…Function activated.'

'Invincible Mode: 10 seconds.'

'Ding…Human race Supreme Weapon: Demon Slaying G.o.d Vanquishing Gatling Gun.'


All of a sudden, the void trembled out as though something horrifying was going to appear from it. The Ancestral Buddha, who had been watching everything, started furrowing his brows. He then turned around and looked at Lin Fan sternly.

"And what in the world is this sh*t?"

When Lin Fan caught sight of this Demon Slaying G.o.d Vanquishing Gatling Gun, he was completely stunned. Wasn't this just b.l.o.o.d.y 'A gun in hand and the world is mine'?

When he laid his hands on that Supreme Weapon of the Human race, Lin Fan felt as though he was going to go into S.E.E.D. mode. The power that was surging through him rumbled endlessly within his body as though it could burst forth at any moment.


Seeing this, the Ancestral Buddha was enraged. A bright Buddha light encompa.s.sed the entire place and an apparition stood upright within it. That apparition looked extremely dignified and solemn, exuding an immense might that enshrouded the area. Every single movement it made brought forth a tremendous force.

"Old Bro, no matter what, you've got to be careful! That's the most, most, most…powerful apparition of the entire Buddha race!" When Reverend Shakya caught sight of the apparition cast by the Ancestral Buddha, he yelled out.

"F*ck! Playing with apparitions? Do you think that Yours Truly doesn't have one?"

"Supreme Apparition!"

Lin Fan roared out. Since this was the case, he could only fight it with all he had.

"Wielding the Sun and Moon in my hands as I pluck down the Stars, there is no one like me in this world."

At this moment, gigantic illusory figure appeared behind Lin Fan.

This Supreme Apparition looked exactly like Lin Fan.

But, at this moment, the Supreme Apparition wielded the Sun and Moon. One of his hands was raised like a bird perch, where a row of sparkling stars floated above it. He looked at the Ancestral Buddha with an imposing expression, as though he was invincible throughout the entire world.

"Old Bro, your apparition is practically heaven revolting!" When Reverend Shakya caught sight of the apparition, his eyes nearly popped out.

Will and Law, everything was in the pinnacle state! This was especially the case for the Sun, Moon, and Stars in his hands! They were just living existences!

Seeing this sh*t, Lin Fan wasn't all that certain. However, Reverend Shakya was someone who was well versed in this. A truly formidable apparition was something that everyone could only dream about!

However, creating such an apparition was undoubtedly more difficult than difficult! But now that there was an apparition like this appearing right before his face, how could Reverend Shakya not be shocked?

When the Ancestral Buddha looked at the apparition of Lin Fan, his heart skipped a beat as well, feeling extremely incredulous. How could a Human that was just at the Supreme state cultivate out an apparition as such?

"Benefactor, repent, and you shall be saved." The Ancestral Buddha placed his palms together. The moment they closed shut, an immensely bright golden light shone out from between his palms and struck out at Lin Fan.

"Bald monk, Yours Truly shall give you a good fight then…!"

Lin Fan could sense the feeling of impending danger coming from the Ancestral Buddha. However, he wasn't rattled because of it. Wasn't it just a fight? Who was afraid of whom?

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