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Chapter 887: This Situation Doesnt Seem Right!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

After hearing the words of the bald monk, Lin Fan went silent. He hadn't expected so many things to have happened.

"Benefactor, where have you been to for the past five years?" Reverend Shakya asked.

"This…" For a moment or so, Lin Fan truly did not know how to answer him. It was not as though he could say that he was f*cked by a chick for a full five years, could he?

"I've been cultivating in seclusion." Eventually, he could only think up of this better sounding excuse.

"I see, so that's the case. As this poor monk was saying, after not seeing you for just a few years, your strength has really gotten much stronger, benefactor! Now I know it's because you've been cultivating in seclusion." Reverend Shakya lamented out. No wonder he had heard no news of Benefactor Lin for the past few years.

At this moment, Lin Fan released Chicky from his Paradise.


The moment Chicky came out, he raised his head and cried out loudly.

When Reverend Shakya caught sight of Chicky, his face lit up, "Benefactor! Your timing couldn't have been more perfect! This poor monk is almost starving to death now! To think that you would have a chicken ready to be barbequed!"

When Chicky, who was still stretching his body while enjoying the fresh air outside, heard these words, he blared up. He then tossed his head around furiously and glared at Reverend Shakya fixatedly with those chicken eyes of his.

"Bald monk, who did you say you want to barbeque?" Chicky was enraged right now. To think that this bald monk would talk about barbequing him? G.o.d d.a.m.n it!

"This chicken can speak…!" When Reverend Shakya saw a chicken that could speak out, he jumped in fright. It was truly a rare sight for a talking chicken to appear!

"Alright, stop making so much noise now. This is Chicky. This is bald monk. You guys go get to know one another." Lin Fan said.

"Oh! So, it's Brother Chicky! It's an honor to meet you at last!" Reverend Shakya stretched out his hands, implying that they should make up by shaking hands.

But for Chicky, this wasn't a matter that could blow off this easily. He then leaped up and hopped onto the bald head of Reverend Shakya.

"Brother Chicky, you're quite lively!" Reverend Shakya chuckled out.

Lin Fan looked at how friendly Chicky was to Reverend Shakya, and felt bewildered in his heart. Did this b.l.o.o.d.y chicken have a change in personality?

But all of a sudden, Reverend Shakya yelped out, "Why does my head feel steaming hot!"

"Holy f*ck! Brother Chicky, you p.o.o.ped!"

The moment Lin Fan heard these words, he flung his head around and discovered that Chicky had just taken a huge dump on the head of the bald monk! It was still steaming hot and spouting white smoke!

"Cuckcuckoo…!" Chicky cried out exuberantly before hopping back onto Lin Fan's shoulders. He then kept back his wings and placed them on his waist akimbo, "Remember to watch your words in the future, bald monk. Gosh, how old are you already, and yet you still speak like a child! You can't even be compared to Your Chicky here!"

Reverend Shakya, "…"

Lin Fan, "…"

Right now at the Buddha race…

The Buddha race of today was much different from the past. The whole place was filled with Buddhist sounds, and it was no longer quiet like before.

Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss…

A bunch of Buddhas and Buddha Lords sat there cross-legged. They looked at the utmost powerful being who was sitting on the elevated platform before them with a gaze of reverence.

Within this Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, Buddhist doctrines were turned into a series of long golden dragons that coiled up within the void. This was the Ancestral Buddha imparting Buddhist doctrines down. All of those Llama Buddhas were listening to it with an intoxicated look on their faces.

However, the Buddha Lords were all really dispirited.

They were all once the powerful beings of the Buddha race who controlled over the entire race. But ever since this mysterious Ancestral Buddha appeared, everything had b.l.o.o.d.y changed.

Right now, they were third rated Buddha race beings. How in the b.l.o.o.d.y world could they endure this?!

This was especially the case for the seating arrangement. They were now seated according to ranking, and these Buddha Lords were now all ostracized out into the outer circles.

As for those Llama Buddhas and World Buddhas that were ahead right now, no one knew where they spouted out from. It was as though they had appeared out of thin air! And the most unendurable thing for these Buddha Lords were that these guys were even more formidable than they were in terms of strength!

Was there even justice in the world anymore? Since when had powerful beings turned this worthless?!

For all of these Buddha Lords, it was truly as though the world had f*cked them over like dogs.


All of a sudden, some of the empty Buddha seats exploded out, causing all the Buddha beings around them to jump in fright. The Ancestral Buddha, who was seated on the royal throne, jerked his eyes open. His boundless voice traveled out across the void.

"Golden Clock World Buddha, Angry Eyes Llama Buddha…Killed by evil demons and have returned to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss…"


When the ma.s.ses of the Buddha race heard this, they chanted the scriptures and regained their peaceful faces.

The faces of the Buddha Lords were all startled by this scene. To think that these guys could remain so calm after someone was killed! Did they have to be so composed?

These Buddha Lords garnered that these fellas must have gone to chase after that lad, Reverend Shakya. But now that the Buddha seats had exploded, it seemed like the lad must have made it out of his plight.

Good job!

Indeed, he was not the pride of the Buddha race for nothing, to be able to f*ck those old fogeys over!

Not only had all of these Buddha Lords suffered tons of hardship, they were being looked down upon with contemptuous eyes by these fellas as well. Now that the pride of the Buddha race could kill those old fogeys, it was as good as a vent of frustration for them!

"Seems like I have to make a personal trip this time around." The Ancestral Buddha's body was covered by a golden layer of protection, with a series of Buddha dragons coiled around him. He then looked over at the endless void and moved his true body.

"May our Buddha be escorted!" The ma.s.ses of the Buddha race chanted out in pride.

When the Buddha Lords caught sight of this scene before them, they panicked instantly. This motherf*cker was going over with his true body? Could that lad Shakya hold out against this?

At this moment, Reverend Shakya was glaring at Chicky with furious eyes. On the other hand, Chicky glared back at him with equal ferocity, showing no signs of weakness. It was as though the both of them could have a fight breaking out between them at any moment.

"Hold on. Someone's coming."

Right at that moment, something happened to the void.

Initially, the skies were clear and cloudless for thousands of miles. But all of a sudden, a storm of clouds covered the entire sky. From within them, a series of golden Buddha light beams seeped out.


A boundless voice boomed out from within the clouds. As though the clouds were sliced apart by someone, they separated left and right, revealing a golden Buddha in the middle.

"It's him! It's him…!" When Reverend Shakya caught sight of who it was, he exclaimed out in shock.

For Reverend Shakya, this guy was incomparably horrifying!

"Shakyamuni, as a sinner of the Buddha race, who do you insist on resisting so bitterly? Come back with me to the Western Pure Land." The mighty voice of the Ancestral Buddha rattled the entire world, causing the entire place to seem as though it was a World of Buddhas. With that, Buddha dragons danced all around, displaying a dignified might.

"F*ck your mother's sh*t! I'll go back with your mother to the Western Pure Land!" Reverend Shakya howled out. Now that his Old Bro was here, it was not as though he needed to be afraid of this sh*t!

At this moment, Lin Fan looked at Reverend Shakya in bewilderment, "Bald monk, your name is Shakyamuni?"

"That's right. That's my full name. But, this poor monk still wishes for benefactor to start calling me Reverend Shakya." Reverend Shakya replied.

"Holy f*ck…!" Lin Fan was feeling a little weird in his heart.

But at this moment, the Ancestral Buddha in the void did not seem like someone that was simple to deal with at all.

"This benefactor here, you seem to have an affinity with Your Buddha here. You can join our Buddha race." The Ancestral Buddha looked at Lin Fan and said calmly.

"Join your mother…!" Lin Fan hadn't expected for this newly arrived bald monk to want to rope him into the Buddha race! This guy was trying to dig a pit for him to jump right in!


All of a sudden, the Ancestral Buddha was enraged, and a boundless palm descended down from the void, "Benefactor, repent and you shall be saved."

"Benefactor, I leave this to you…!" When Reverend Shakya caught sight of everything before him, he yelped out before jumping to the back.

A battle of this level wasn't something he could interfere in at all. He could only let Lin Fan display his might to his heart's will.

But for Lin Fan, this new bald monk here seemed a little formidable!

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