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Chapter 883: Come At Me!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Within this dimension, no one could tell what was happening at all.

At this moment, Lin Fan kept his expression and closed his eyes firmly. That's because right now, the powers within his body were starting to move.

Under the mysterious powers of this secret skill, his Paradise, Universal Elixir, and everything else started to expand.

Even though the True Essences of Fire and Water that he had fully cultivated were now all s.n.a.t.c.hed over by the Fire Water Empress, Lin Fan did not put it at heart at all. That was because he could feel his strength rising continuously.

'Ding… Experience Points +10,000.'

'Ding… Experience Points +10,000.'

When he heard the notifications from the system, Lin Fan was startled as well. His experience points were rising continuously without him killing any powerful beings. This was something that was incredible in his mind.

Seemed like this was the mystical effect of this secret skill now.

The Fire Water Empress was a powerful being who had reincarnated over countless of eras. Since she was acquainted with the Death Demonic G.o.d, she must have naturally come from the same time period as her.

But, it was probably because of her destiny's lifespan that she had to go through a reincarnation each time she reached a predetermined stage.

However, before the Fire Water Empress could even fully regain her powers, she was suppressed by the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World, and was locked in that Sealed Ground. Within there, she regained her cultivation state continuously, and now that everything was complete, she broke through the seal.

And, the reason why the Fire Water Empress was able to regain her powers this quickly had something to do with Lin Fan as well.

Within the system, there was a Fusion function.

When the Fire Water Empress engaged in such an act with Lin Fan for the first time, the True Essences of Fire and Water within her body started changing under the effects of the Fusion function. That was also the trigger for the first step of the Fire Water Empress's rise.

This time around, while the Fire Water Empress was purging out the Death Qi within her body, she was also collecting back the True Essences of Fire and Water from within Lin Fan's body.

The True Essences of Fire and Water that were kept within Lin Fan's body had fully fused by now. This was something that was extremely important for the Fire Water Empress.

However, for Lin Fan, none of that mattered. The True Essences of Fire and Water were not things that he wanted in the first place. And at the same time, his Paradise and Universal Elixir had already been through the influence of the True Essences of Fire and Water. Therefore, he did not require them any longer. Even if they were taken away by the Fire Water Empress right now, it would affect nothing.

Right now, Lin Fan's main motive was just to make use of this opportunity to see just how many experience points he could gain out of it. Perhaps breaking out of a Divine celestial level 10 cultivation state might not be something difficult as well!

Lin Fan just laid there quietly without moving, and allowed the Fire Water Empress to display her true skills. For him, this was pretty convenient as well.

If he were to get nothing out of this and had to just lie there to be f*cked by someone else, Lin Fan would definitely feel indignant.

But things were good right now. The skyrocketing experience points had his heart palpitating quickly.

What sort of a state was after Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state? This was something that wasn't inscribed in any records within the Ancient Saint World. But, since the Fire Water Empress and the others could be so strong, they must have naturally reached an extremely profound state then.

'Ding… Experience Points +10,000.'

Looking at the climbing experience points, Lin Fan couldn't feel any happier. He had long cast the pains of this unfair treatment he was receiving to the back of his head, and was wishing that this entire ordeal could last longer right now.

At this moment, the Fire Water Empress was equally happy in her heart. There were already signs of the Death Qi within her body being purged. At the same time, the True Essences of Fire and Water within her were beginning to fuse.

However, there was something that startled the Fire Water Empress. To think that the True Essences of Fire and Water that she had left within this man in the past would have been fused up completely by him! This was something absolutely incredible in her mind.

She had reincarnated through countless eras, and had horizons that were extremely broad! But, even if it was her, she would require an endless amount of hard work to fuse the True Essences of Fire and Water together.

To think that everything would be laid out perfectly right now with such ease!


The Fire Water Empress realized that her Exclusive Property was making use of her to cultivate himself as well. However, for the Fire Water Empress, none of that mattered.

Since he was her Exclusive Property, there was no harm in letting him get some benefits from this.

While the Fire Water Empress was initially indifferent towards worldly pleasures as such, it could not be denied that she too felt somewhat infuriated the first time this had happened. But, she thought through things properly later on.

She was THE Fire Water Empress. It was only natural for her to have an Exclusive Property.

As far as the Fire Water Empress was considered right now, Lin Fan was already part of her personal possessions. No one could wish to lay their hands on him.

The days and nights exchanged places. G.o.d knew how much time had pa.s.sed within this separate dimension. It was silent without any exchange in conversation, except for a single sound that permeated out relentlessly.






'Ding… Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding… Cultivation state leveled up.'

'Broken through from the Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state cultivation state. Automatically creating the Supreme Throne to complete the Supreme state.'

All of a sudden, Lin Fan felt an enormous change happening within his body.

His Universal Elixir had exploded out, causing an endless amount of Spirit Qi and countless martial arts skills to float out within his Inner World. All of a sudden, a formidable amount of power was emanated out before converging into a single Supreme Throne.

This wasn't the Eternal G.o.d Seat. This was the Supreme Throne that was even stronger than the Eternal G.o.d Seat.

When Lin Fan recalled the aura of the Eternal G.o.d Seat and compared it to this, he found that there was practically a world of a difference. There was no way to compare the two at all.

Seemed like it was as he had thought.

The Fire Water Empress must have cultivated out a Supreme Throne for herself. Completely breaking through the barriers of the Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state must have allowed her to create this Supreme Throne.

At the same time, there was a series of immense changes in his Paradise. The Spirit Qi within his Paradise started to expand and spread out immensely. The Mythical Parasol Tree was undergoing a second evolution at this point.

Its tree branches were spreading out, with green leaves sprouting out flourishingly. These dense tree branches extended out into all directions and seeped into the endless void.


The Spirit Qi gushed out.

The Mythical Parasol Tree was uprooted from the ground and covered the sky of Lin Fan's Paradise entirely. Those sparkling Shengyang Pills started pouring down endlessly from above just like raindrops.

'Cultivation State: Supreme state.'

'Ding… This is the appearance of the first ever Supreme Being in the history of the Human race.'

'Ding… Obtained Human race Supreme Set.'

'Ding… Reward of Supreme Skill.'

When he heard the notification from the system, Lin Fan almost leaped up in joy. How motherf*cking great was this!

'The system is generous indeed. But, even at this moment, the experience points are still rising up continuously. I've got to carry on with this pace then! All this stuff about rewards and whatnot can wait till this is all over for me to check it out properly.'

Right now, Lin Fan was almost flying up to the Heavens. The system was really too darned good!

'Ding… Experience Points +5,000.'

Even though the experience points he was gaining now weren't all that much, Lin Fan would still take it in as much as it was worth.

All of a sudden, the Fire Water Empress came to a stop. The Death Qi within her body had been purged out completely, and the True Essences of Fire and Water within her were fully fused as well. When she next opened up her eyes, that was a sharp glint that burst forth from her gaze.

The long hair that was flowing down her back started rising up.

"Your Empress has finally recovered," Right now, the Fire Water Empress could feel that her powers had reached a peak.

"My Exclusive Property, you have made Your Empress really pleased. Your duty is now complete." The Fire Water Empress beamed out widely as though she was about to stop.

But at this moment, how could Lin Fan allow her to stop!?

"A f*ck in ten years for a f*ck that lasts ten years! Whoever stops first is a dog! If you wish to stop, you can stop now then," Lin Fan turned his head in a toss leaving nothing but this sentence behind.


The Fire Water Empress was frozen as though she had not heard it clearly. But all of a sudden, the Fire Water Empress was riled completely.

"Exclusive Property! Since you wish to play like that, Your Empress shall grant your wish!"

"Hmph, come at me…"

Lin Fan rolled his eyes, indicating that he was extremely calm and didn't fear her at all.

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