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Chapter 882: Whoever Stops Is A Dog.
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

'Hais! I've escaped from the jaws of the wolf, only to end up in the jaws of the tiger. My life from this point forth is definitely going to be terrible.'

Lin Fan lamented out in his heart with undulating worries. He did not know where this road would lead to in the future.

The Death Demonic G.o.d was truly perverted, and that was something that Lin Fan could not agree more to. But, this Fire Water Empress was not much better either. She could be considered as another type of pervert as well.

After a long time, Lin Fan suddenly realized that the scenery around him had changed.

"Where is this?" By now, Lin Fan could be considered as an old acquaintance of the Fire Water Empress, and therefore, he naturally wasn't afraid that she would kill him.

But, even after waiting for a long time, the Fire Water Empress did not reply. When he finally looked over, he realized that the face of the Fire Water Empress was looking extremely terrible. She had a ball of Death Qi enshrouding her body. The power of this Death Qi was expending her life force, and was eating at her cultivation state!

"Death Demonic G.o.d."

The eyes of the Fire Water Empress burned with rage. She had reincarnated for countless of eras now. This time around, she had yet to recover her cultivation state fully just yet, and the True Essences of Fire and Water hadn't fused completely either.

For her to take a fight with the Death Demonic G.o.d right now was just a huge loss for her to undertake. If she did not purge out this Death Qi that was within her body, something big was definitely going to happen.

However, the power of this Death Qi wasn't one that could be purged away that easily.

A single look at the state of the Fire Water Empress was enough for Lin Fan to tell that she was gravely injured. This might perhaps be the best chance for him to make his escape.

Lin Fan checked out his surroundings sneakily. He seemed to be within some dimension. Given his current strength, it shouldn't be an issue for him to get out of this dimension.

At this moment, Lin Fan secretly tiptoed and walked, wanting to leave this place without a single peep. But right as he was ready to break into a run, a voice had him rooted to the spot.

"If you dare to run, you will be nothing but a corpse."

Even though the Fire Water Empress was enshrouded by the Death Qi right now, killing Lin Fan was still something that was of no issue for her.

"No? I'm not running! I'm just checking out the surroundings!" How could Lin Fan admit that he was attempting to run away? He naturally had to shake his head and deny immediately!

"Then, are you alright?" Lin Fan checked out the situation of the Fire Water Empress. Things didn't seem too good right now.

She had better not die over all of a sudden. He wouldn't know whether he should go try to save her or help stab her to death instead.

This was a question that was extremely serious for Lin Fan. He definitely had to think it through hard and long.

The Fire Water Empress paid no heed to Lin Fan. Instead, she was immersed in her Inner World. When she caught sight of the power of the Death Qi that was running rampant in her Inner World, she could feel that things were definitely going to be sticky.

Out of the 3,000 Demonic G.o.ds of the Ancient race, the Death Demonic G.o.d belonged to one of the top tiers. This was especially the case for that Death Source which she wielded, and was especially domineering.

Lin Fan pursed his lips. So be it if she wanted to ignore him. Only, what should he do from now on?

Given his current strength, he had already reached a bottleneck. Most ordinary powerful beings would not be able to bring him much experience points.

There were still a couple more Utmost Beings of the Ancient race. If he could kill them, he might be able to level up. And now that the Infinite Worlds had opened up, there must definitely have been many changes, and probably a rise in the number of powerful beings. If he could savagely kill a huge bunch of them, that should be pretty decent.

And, just as Lin Fan was contemplating about these things, he started to realize that something strange was happening to the atmosphere all of a sudden.

A gaze that was filled with penetrative energy was cast over. Based on Lin Fan's many years of experience, this was a gaze that was filled with extreme aggression.

When Lin Fan raised his head and searched for that gaze, his heart started thumping furiously.

He had an extremely bad feeling.

"What are you thinking of doing?" Lin Fan's little heart started palpitating as he got a little nervous.

The Fire Water Empress did not reply and just glared at Lin Fan steadily. Taking a single step forth, she appeared right before Lin Fan's face in an instant.

"Seems like you're the only one I can depend on at this moment." The Fire Water Empress mumbled to herself.

"Depend on me for what? I'm useless! And that hand of yours…What is it doing?" All of a sudden, Lin Fan realized that the hand of the Fire Water Empress was roaming all around his body freely.

This had Lin Fan so scared that he was almost jumping out. Was this motherf*cker trying to f*ck him?

Holy f*ck…!

"No, don't do this! Let us not get touchy and rowdy here, shall we? We're all civilized people!"

"This is broad daylight! It's not good! Let's talk things out!"

"What are you doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"


All of a sudden, the Fire Water Empress had Lin Fan pinned on the ground.

"The Exclusive Property of Your Empress, it's now time for you to start serving Your Empress. Seems like you've cultivated the True Essences of Fire and Water that Your Empress has left inside your body pretty decently." The Fire Water Empress spoke up.

'Holy f*ck…!' At this moment, Lin Fan could only yelp out in his heart. This motherf*cker was leaving him with no human rights!

He wanted to pet.i.tion for human rights right now! This Fire Water Empress was just forcing herself on him!

Bim… Bam… Boom!

Within this dimension, the Fire Water Empress was the G.o.d. Everything was within her palm's control.

At this moment, Lin Fan was left bare naked, without a single bit of clothing on his body. Just like that, they were facing one another with the bareness of their souls. This was something that had Lin Fan pretty stumped.

This motherf*cker was way too casual, wasn't she? They had only just me today, so how could she be doing something like this?

And, the thing that had Lin Fan even more flabbergasted was that at this very moment, even the clothes of the Fire Water Empress were all gone.

Instantly, the Fire Water Empress placed a finger and dotted it on Lin Fan's forehead.

At that moment, an extremely mysterious secret skill appeared in Lin Fan's mind. After he examined it thoroughly, he found out that it was a skill that used the Yang to replenish the deficiencies of the Yin!

"I am so b.l.o.o.d.y f*cked right now."

Lin Fan huffed out. This Fire Water Empress was h.e.l.l bent on bringing him to his death!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…!" Lin Fan fought back. He wasn't someone that was so easy going! And not only that, he was someone with a wife! Wasn't this just motherf*cking molestation right here?

No! This was even more severe than molestation!


At this moment, the Fire Water Empress gave a cold snort. It was as though she was displeased over Lin Fan's uncooperative att.i.tude.

Looking at that marvelous body of the Fire Water Empress, Lin Fan then spread open his arms with nothing to live for any longer.

"Come on then. Play as you wish."

"Since things have already come down to this, what sh*t use is resisting going to do?"

This was already the second time he was going through this situation.

All of a sudden, when the Fire Water Empress started moving, two rivers brought Lin Fan and the Fire Water Empress together, intertwining them closer to one another.

This was the True Essence of Fire and Water. Right now, the Fire Water Empress was making use of Lin Fan to heal up her injuries, and at the same time, allow the True Essences of Fire and Water to fuse even more thoroughly together.

The reason why the Fire Water Empress could even have signs of the True Essences of Fire and Water fusing was all because of Lin Fan.

Lin Fan tilted his head and closed his eyes. Tears of grievances after being tainted by someone dripped down from the corners of his eye.

'This motherf*cker…'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Worldly Pleasures Secret Skill (Yin).'

'Ding…Reward for being punished: Obtained Worldly Pleasures Secret Skill (Yang).'



At this moment, Lin Fan could feel the True Essences of Fire and Water within his body flowing out into the body of the Fire Water Empress relentlessly. And right when he had lost all hope for life, the System gave off a notification.

In Lin Fan's opinion, these secret skills were somewhat heaven defying!

'Forget it! Let us just harm one another then. Since you're getting some benefits out of this, Yours Truly can't possibly be getting nothing out of this either.'

After ascertaining the wonderful effects of the Worldly Pleasures Secret Skill (Yang), Lin Fan said nothing anymore.

'Just do it then.'

'A single f*ck in ten years that results in a f*ck that lasts ten years.'

'Whoever stops first is a dog.'

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