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Chapter 881: This Is One h.e.l.l Of A Tragic Tempo
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Lin Fan raised his head and looked up at the void. The fight between two powerful beings was truly mind-blowing. Every single palm strike could cleave the entire world apart. The berserk amount of power unleashed was extremely ferocious.

Lin Fan could not help but realize that he wasn't comparable to that level yet.

The fight between Death Demonic G.o.d and the Fire Water Empress was something that was entirely catastrophic. This was no longer something that Lin Fan could interfere with at all.

Looking at these two violent chicks fighting had Lin Fan thoroughly engrossed in it as well. But, now was not the time for him to be addicted to this fight! He had to think up of a way to escape!

Lin Fan struggled with all his might. For a moment or so, he truly could not struggle to get out of the chains.

"Holy f*ck! This is truly not giving anyone any bit of chance!" Lin Fan was indignant in his heart. He then summoned out Flying Heavens straight after.

Flying Heavens started revolving, trying to saw these chains apart.

Sparks flew out everywhere, but even after a long time, nothing seemed to have been broken at all!

"Holy f*ck! Just how tough is this sh*t?! How does anyone even play with sh*t like this?" Lin Fan could not help but admit defeat. This thing truly left one with no chances.


At this moment, the void exploded out violently. The fight between the Fire Water Empress and the Death Demonic G.o.d caused all void to shatter apart, and countless vortices to appear. These vortices were extremely horrifying, and the void currents that burst forth from within were even more berserk.

The void currents that were once seen in the past were nothing compared to these ones right here.

"Fire Water Empress, this is the toy of Your Demonic G.o.d here. What are you trying to do?" Right now, the Death Demonic G.o.d was still losing control of her sanity to Biggra. Therefore, it was only natural for her to find it unbearable that someone would try to s.n.a.t.c.h her toy away.

"Hmph! That's the Exclusive Property of Your Empress here… For now and all of eternity. If you dare to lay your hands on him, you shall pay with your life." The Fire Water Empress was domineering beyond anyone else. As she slapped out with her palm, two long rivers appeared in the void.

These two rivers were the True Essences of Fire and Water. They were way more tyrannical than the True Essences of Fire and Water that Lin Fan had comprehended.

Comparing them with the True Essences of Fire and Water that Lin Fan had comprehended was just comparing a child to an adult. It wasn't even worth a single mention.

When Lin Fan looked at everything up in the void, he felt extremely saddened.

No matter what, he was a true and actual powerful being! Back when the Infinite Worlds had yet to open up, he was a top tiered powerful being! But now that the Infinite Worlds had opened up, he was starting to feel that his life had changed. From a top tiered powerful being, he was now being pushed down by all these fellas who had appeared out of nowhere.

The 3,000 Demonic G.o.ds of the Ancient race and all the Primogenitors of the thousands of races... Each one of them was one sicker than the other. There was truly no place left for anyone else!

If this Fire Water Empress were stronger than he was, so be it. But right now, even this Death Demonic G.o.d was more formidable than him. And she was a chick to boot!

How savage could this world get?

All of a sudden, Lin Fan realized that the Law Chains that were binding him up were suddenly loosened.

Immediately, Lin Fan pulled up his pants and looked left and right.

"F*ck this sh*t! I'm getting out of this place!"

Lin Fan was no fool. Now that these two fellas were enjoying their fights this much, he definitely had to make his escape! Without bothering about anything more, Lin Fan went into Stealth mode instantly and ran off into the distance.

'They had better not chase up to me! Even though those two chicks are absolutely ravishing, they're extremely perverted as well! If I fall into their hands, I'll definitely suffer a fate worse than death!'

Lin Fan had already seen through it. The prettier the chick, the stronger they would be. They were definitely not people he could fight against.

Naturally, Lin Fan's escape drew the attention of the Fire Water Empress and the Death Demonic G.o.d. All of a sudden, both of them bolted out after Lin Fan.

Even though Lin Fan had already entered Stealth mode, the moment he moved, he would still create signs of activity. While his physical figure could not be seen, he was seen through clear as day by these two powerful beings still.

As for this tragic encounter today, Lin Fan would definitely not tell about it to anyone. But, at this moment when he turned his head around and found those two sick, twisted b*tches chasing after him, he was naturally so scared that he nearly p.i.s.sed himself.

'Holy f*ck! I'm not going to be able to escape at all!' Lin Fan yelped out in his heart before coming out of Stealth.

"Just what do you guys want?" Lin Fan looked at the both of them, breathing heavily as his chest heaved up and down. They were seriously going overboard with the bullying now!

Even if his strength wasn't comparable to theirs, they shouldn't bully him as such!

"Are you guys intent on forcing me to death? Don't get too brazen now! Otherwise, even if Yours Truly were to commit suicide, I would absolutely not let you guys lay your hands on my flesh at all!" Lin Fan hollered out.

"HAHAHA! With me, the Death Demonic G.o.d around, even if you're dead, I can just as easily revive you!" The Death Demonic G.o.d burst out laughing as her crazed eyes were fixated on Lin Fan. It was as though she wouldn't rest till she got her hands on him.

"You are the Exclusive Property of Your Empress here. Are you trying to betray Your Empress?" The Fire Water Empress scolded out harshly.

"Come on, girls. Don't do this. Everything takes time to settle down. You're not going to win my heart by doing this." Lin Fan said.

"Hmph! What use do I have for your heart? Your Demonic G.o.d only requires your body!" The Death Demonic G.o.d replied.

Even though the Fire Water Empress did not reply, she acknowledged Lin Fan's point in her heart silently.

'F*cking dogsh*t…!' Lin Fan cried out in his heart. Couldn't these motherf*ckers have some principles in them?

"You're wrong. As long as you can win over the heart of Yours Truly, Yours Truly will be able to unlock more positions…" Lin Fan hollered out. But before he could even finish his words, the Fire Water Empress made her move.

"Follow me." Opening her palm, the Fire Water Empress encompa.s.sed the entire world and enveloped Lin Fan within it.

She was just purely seizing with brute strength right now, without giving him any chance to fight back at all! Tyrannical! This was truly way too tyrannical!

"Fire Water Empress, that is the toy of Your Demonic G.o.d. You have no rights to s.n.a.t.c.h it from Your Demonic G.o.d." The Death G.o.d Scythe in the hands of the Death Demonic G.o.d started making a sweeping motion, and a ball of Death Qi rose up and spread out throughout the entire area.

This was the source of Death that surpa.s.sed every single form of power. No one could fight back against this at all.

The Death Source rose up, causing the entire area to feel like an endless abyss of the deathly h.e.l.ls as it reaped in all the living beings in the area.


The realm that the Fire Water Empress had encompa.s.sed was suddenly sliced with a tear as a boundless amount of Death Source started seeping into it.

The face of the Fire Water Empress changed. Instantly, she retaliated with thousands of palm strikes, filling the entire world with the True Essences of Fire and Water that rushed out at the Death Demonic G.o.d.


Without any hesitation, the Fire Water Empress dragged Lin Fan along with her into those endless void.

"Holy f*ck…!"

In the hands of these two powerful beings, Lin Fan was practically just a little chick that could not do anything at all.

By the time the world returned to its peaceful state, the Death Demonic G.o.d was the only person standing alone in the void.

On that peerlessly beautiful face of hers was a cut, from where a trace of fresh blood that looked like a blazing flame oozed out slowly. The Death Demonic G.o.d used her hands to wipe it, causing the wound to heal up instantly.

However, her eyes were burning with an endless rage.

All of a sudden, she swung her scythe. The area around her was struck by a bright flash and destroyed, leaving only an empty void behind.

"d.a.m.n IT…!"

The voice of the Death Demonic G.o.d was deep as she growled out in an extremely grim tone, which was beyond horrifying.

To think that her toy would have been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by that Fire Water Empress. This was something that the Death Demonic G.o.d could not endure at all.

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