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Chapter 880: Toy Your Mother!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

That shameful voice of Lin Fan rang out across the entire world. This was a form of humiliation and wasn't something that Lin Fan could have ever imagined!

Thinking back into the past, Lin Fan had trained up countless existences. Each time when he personally wielded the whip and slapped down on the bodies of those powerful beings, he would feel an immense sense of satisfaction.

But, to think that things would have reversed and he would be tied up to be trained up by someone else right now! This was something that was absolutely inconceivable for him.

"Death Demonic G.o.d! You had better not!" Lin Fan yelped out left and right. Each time he felt that black leather whip humiliating his body time and again, his heart would be filled with an immense pain.

On that pretty face of the Death Demonic G.o.d was an excited look she was maintaining. Every single whip was venting out a part of the l.u.s.t in her heart.

In Lin Fan's eyes, this Death Demonic G.o.d, who was bewitched by l.u.s.t, was nothing more than a perverted girl!

And, it was at this moment that Lin Fan truly regretted. Had he known this would happen, he would have had the Big Ancient Demon come forth and replace him. If anyone else were to catch sight of this, where would he hide his face from now on forth?


While the whips came onto Lin Fan's body, the pain came into Lin Fan's heart.

'Ding…Eternal G.o.d Body Experience Points +100.'

'F*ck my life!'

Lin Fan was close to breaking down right now. Given the strength of the Death Demonic G.o.d, every single whip should be causing him a pain that could kill him over back and forth! But right now, the Death Demonic G.o.d did not seem to be using too much strength, as though she was just toying with him slowly!

The power that came forth with every single whip was neither strong nor weak. There were barely any experience points to be gained from it.


All of a sudden, the tip of the whip curled into a hook and something that startled Lin Fan happened.


His shirt was opened up, revealing that tender body below to the world!

"Holy f*ck! Save me…!!!"

Lin Fan yelled out loudly. This time around, he had truly met with a real pervert! Was the whipping not enough that she wanted a bare body torture now?

"Big Sister Death Demonic G.o.d, to be doing something like this under broad daylight, this isn't good!" Lin Fan shouted out while struggling. The way the situation had turned out had gone completely beyond Lin Fan's expectations.

Right now, Lin Fan's physical body state was already at a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state. But even then, his entire body covered in redness, with lines after lines of whip marks.

How could he face anyone now…?


When the Death Demonic G.o.d caught sight of Lin Fan's body, she burst out laughing wildly, as though she was exhilarated on seeing this sight. Lin Fan felt that he had honestly just unleashed the unique potential of the Death Demonic G.o.d entirely all by himself.

Spicy Gluten? Eat his mother's Spicy Gluten!

Lin Fan was truly regretting right now. Of all things, why did he have to make her eat Spicy Gluten? And, one that was b.l.o.o.d.y infused with the Spirit of Biggra to boot! Wasn't he just courting death!

'Spirit of Biggra! b.l.o.o.d.y hurry up and release your poison away!' Lin Fan yelled in his heart.

But at this moment, the Spirit of Biggra was equally helpless.

"Old Bro, there's no way of releasing it! That is where all my essence lies with an unbridled might! Seems like you can only endure this silently." Looking at everything before him, the Spirit of Biggra could feel his heart palpitating. Everything was so d.a.m.n intense.

And at the same time, the Big Ancient Demon was feeling relieved with teary eyes. His Master was truly way too good to him!

To think that he would choose to endure such pains for himself!

Even though the dignity of the Big Ancient Demon had been trampled upon by Lin Fan countless times, this was still a situation that the Big Ancient Demon could not find himself coming to terms with.

There was a devilish glint that shone within the Death Demonic G.o.d's eyes while her lips were curled up, looking exceptionally nefarious.


Lin Fan's little heart was thumping away furiously. He churned out the entirety of his powers that were as vast as the oceans, but it was all to no avail.

The strength of the Death Demonic G.o.d was simply way higher than Lin Fan's. There was no way he could break free of these chains.

Nine Five Legendary Brick? That was useless now as well. He couldn't even get it out to work!

Lin Fan thought through all the ultimate moves he had. But, he discovered that none of them could do jacksh*t right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan had an urge to cry. Was he really meant to just suffer the abuses of this perverted Death Demonic G.o.d today?

Suddenly, his mind turned towards the Fire Water Empress. Even though she was tyrannical as well, at least she was gentle about it.

"Aiyoh, holy f*ck! No!"

All of a sudden, Lin Fan realized that the black leather whip seemed to have a life of its own as it wrapped around Lin Fan's pants. It was as though it was going to strip Lin Fan naked at any moment now!

"Death Demonic G.o.d, please don't do this! If you do this, you will have to take responsibility for it!"

"I am the Motherf*cking Human King! I can f*ck once per day, and each time I f*ck takes an entire day! You'll definitely have a bad time later on!"

Lin Fan howled out. He could not care about anything more right now as he proclaimed the thoughts in his mind.

But on the other hand, the Death Demonic G.o.d was just laughing out loud right now, "Good…good…!"

At that moment, Lin Fan could make out the pink tongue of the Death Demonic G.o.d licking her lips. His heart skipped a beat. F*cking h.e.l.l! He had met with an old timer right now!

"Save me! Molest! Someone's going to die from this!"

Lin Fan yelped out left and right. He definitely had to safeguard his final line of defense!

Slip, slip, slip!

Lin Fan jerked his eyes open as he realized that his pants were slowly being pulled down! His face changed. He mustn't let this carry on!

'Holy f*ck! N-no…! Please don't strip any further! Any more and my little brother will be revealed!' Lin Fan cried out in his heart.

Had he known that this would be the case, he wouldn't have even thought of using that move of his even at the death of him!

Right now, the Spirit of Biggra was truly too sh*tty. In the past, no matter who it was, after they popped in some Biggra, they would definitely start poking the ground ferociously with all their might.

But, things were different now.

They were no longer poking the ground. Instead, they were just unleashing all the l.u.s.t within their bodies.

And, this Death Demonic G.o.d had even invoked her Queen Whipping Style. And, who was the victim? None other than him himself.


Lin Fan howled out. All of a sudden, a trail of long hair blocked Lin Fan's vision as a fragrant aroma found its way into Lin Fan's nostrils.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan let out a shameless shriek. He had suddenly realized that his little brother was being gripped by something! It seemed hot and steamy, yet cold and moist at the same time!

At this moment, a voice found itself into Lin Fan's ears. When he heard the voice, Lin Fan was stunned, as though he had just seen something absolutely unbelievable.

"Shi Yan, a few eras have pa.s.sed and now you're even thinking of touching my Exclusive Property?"

This voice was crisp and clear like the music of the Heavens. However, it was filled with a boundless amount of authority.

"Fire Water Empress…"

When Lin Fan saw who it was that had arrived, his heart froze. He then turned his sights downwards. The tender hands of the Fire Water Empress was gripping directly onto his little brother, and had caught onto that black leather whip that was above it!


As she used a little bit of strength, the black whip shattered and was turned into stardust that floated out before the face of the Death Demonic G.o.d, before turning back into the Death G.o.d Scythe.

"Loosen up! It hurts…It hurts!" Lin Fan realized that the Fire Water Empress was increasing the strength of her grip! It was as though he could have them bursting if she used any more strength!

"Hmph! Remember this... You are the Exclusive Property of Your Empress. If I ever catch you betraying Your Empress, Your Empress will definitely squish it into exploding." The Fire Water Empress turned her head and glared at Lin Fan with those beautifully breathtaking eyes of hers. It was as though she was warning him that she wasn't joking.

"Don't you get c.o.c.ky now!" When Lin Fan saw the face of the Fire Water Empress, he was momentarily indignant.

He was the Motherf*cking Human King! How could he get suppressed by a b*tch?

Even though this b*tch was stronger than he was, he wasn't going to be afraid!

"Ou-ouch! Ouch! Pain…! PAIN…!!!" Lin Fan had only acted tough for a single second when his entire expression changed as he yelled.


All of a sudden, the Death Demonic G.o.d roared out with a maddened snort as her eyes shone with an endless fury, "Fire Water Empress... That is the toy of Your Demonic G.o.d here…!"


All of a sudden, the world quaked as a long streak of light sliced up the entire world. As for Lin Fan, there was only a single sentence he wanted to say, 'Toy your mother…!'

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