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Chapter 878: Is This Hypothesis True Or False?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

At this moment when the Infinite Worlds opened up, the Evil Lord who was taken down by Lin Fan like a dog started bursting out laughing wildly.

"d.a.m.ned human! d.a.m.ned thousands of races! The chance has finally arrived! With the opening of the Infinite Worlds, my people shall descend and become the masters of this new era!" Right now, the Evil Lord was hidden within some deep mountainous areas, and did not dare to come out brazenly most of the time. He could only slowly heal up his wounds.

When the Ancient Saint World started trembling, the Evil Lord could already sense that the chance has come.

All of a sudden, the body of the Evil Lord burst forth with an immense amount of power. Using his own powers as a medium, he opened up a pa.s.sageway so that his people could come in completely.

At this moment, the body of the Evil Lord was burning with fiery raging flames, "Come on down! The new era has arrived!"


Using everything in his body, the Evil Lord blew open a pa.s.sageway that connected beyond the world and slammed right into the void.

Looking at how the tear was getting larger by the moment, the remnant consciousness of the Evil Lord started laughing out maniacally.

"My people! Yes! We must kill the Human race… KILL THE d.a.m.nED HUMAN RACE…!"

Right now, the person the Evil Lord hated the most was the Motherf*cking Human King. If not for the Motherf*cking Human King, he would have been living the time of his life right now! How could he be stuck in such an awkward state as such?


All of a sudden, a frightful voice sounded out from the pa.s.sageway.

The Evil Lord raised his head in bewilderment, not understanding what had just happened. He did not think too much about it and said, "My fellow comrades, please help me seek revenge!"


The Evil Lord burnt himself up entirely as all his Essence, Spirit, and Vitality burst forth into the void at that moment. The pa.s.sageway was getting bigger and bigger, and eventually, the Evil Lord disappeared.


Right before the Evil Lord disappeared, an even more vehement objection boomed out of the pa.s.sageway. But, it was all too late.

"How could this be? Why have those horrifying existences awakened at this very moment? No! We can't head over! Not to the Ancient Saint World! No! Evil Lord, you braindead f*ck!"

When the rulers of the Outworld Fiends noticed the terrifying aura of the Ancient Saint World, they were nearly scared out of their wits. This aura was extremely familiar, belonging to existences far from the distant past!

The Outworld Fiends did not belong to any race at all. They had existed the moment living beings existed in the universe.

For the Outworld Fiends, the Ancient Saint World from a long, long time ago was a place that they did not dare to step foot in. That was because the powerful beings within there were simply way too strong.

Later on, all of those powerful beings suddenly vanished. That was something that had the Outworld Fiends heaving a sigh of relief. And, the Heaven's Will and the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race that had appeared later on weren't any bit scary for the Outworld Fiends at all. That was the reason why they had dared to invade so brazenly.

But right at the moment the Evil Lord opened up the pa.s.sageway, the rulers of the Outworld Fiends could feel this extraordinary aura. For the rulers, this was something that was all too familiar.

Therefore, it had the rulers extremely unsettled. But right now, everything was all too late. That was because the Evil Lord had already opened up the pa.s.sageway.

And then, something that had the Outworld Fiends even more terrified happened. This new Ancient Saint World seemed to be pulling at the world of the Outworld Fiends as though it was trying to link them up together!

This was a ma.s.sive tragedy!

Something was happening at the four great Guarded Grounds as well. The barriers that were guarding them shattered all of a sudden. For the Guardians, this was something they did not dare to imagine.

Ancient Saint World…

Lin Fan stood there, completely stunned.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan was feeling a little despaired towards life right now. He had suddenly realized that the entire world has changed starkly, and was no longer the way he had imagined it to be!

"Just what in the world is going on? Why has everything changed as such all of a sudden?"

Lin Fan did not even know what to say at this moment anymore. The world has turned larger. It was thousands and thousands of times, no, probably even larger than that, compared to before.

The world had changed. The world had truly changed!

Even all the Laws of the world seemed to have changed as well. It was as though they had turned stronger than before!

"F*ck! In the past, no matter what, Yours Truly could be considered among the top ten most powerful beings in the entire Ancient Saint World. But looking at the situation right now, with those 3,000 sh*ts before me, I'm not even in the top 3,000 anymore!" Lin Fan was stumped.

This was way too b.l.o.o.d.y much of a rollercoaster ride!

This was especially the case for the Ultimate Mission that was handed down by the System. That had Lin Fan at a complete loss for words.

'Conquer the Infinite Worlds.'

"Conquer your mother's Infinite Worlds! In the past, there was only the Ancient race to f*ck over, and everything would be fine and dandy. What? Now I have to f*ck over EVERYTHING? And I don't even know what the f*ck those tombstones are, but they're definitely nothing good!"

At this moment, Lin Fan released his consciousness. He wanted to check the changes of this world right now.

But all of a sudden, he could only sigh out. The world had changed. Given his current strength, he could only cover a small area with his consciousness.

And, there was even new stuff that totally shocked Lin Fan.

Boom, boom, boom!

All of a sudden, the ground started quaking. A gigantic plant opened its mouth wide and chomped at Lin Fan.

'Divine celestial level 6.'

"What the flying f*ck?! Even a motherf*cking plant has a f*cking spirit now?"

Lin Fan hadn't seen a plant as such before. It was as though this was something that had suddenly appeared after the opening up of the Infinite Worlds.

Punching out, Lin Fan fisted this plant to death immediately, then bolted up into the sky and flew into the distance.

"This whole world has changed. The general cultivation state of the entire world has risen on a whole. And, there's a whole load of weird stuff that's suddenly appearing."

Seemed like because the Infinite Worlds were combining together, the Will of the entire world had gotten stronger, and could carry more load on it in terms of power.

But, this wasn't the end of the changes just yet. The Infinite Worlds were still fusing together, and Lin Fan did not know what would happen once everything was done fusing.

At this moment, all he had was a huge headache. Everything had happened so suddenly that he was totally caught unprepared.

And right at this moment, Lin Fan froze. He had a bad feeling of impending danger.


The moment Lin Fan heard this voice, his entire heart skipped a beat. He turned his head over casually and that single look had him nearly p.i.s.sing his entire pants.

"You… you… you…!" When he caught sight of the figure, he could only stutter over it.

That was the Death Demonic G.o.d!

"So, you're the human. Huehue." The sudden appearance of the Death Demonic G.o.d had Lin Fan's guts almost spilling out.

"That's right. Erm, do you have anything you require?" At this moment, Lin Fan put on an extremely nice att.i.tude as he asked in a gentle tone.

No matter the background of the other party, Lin Fan already knew that he was no match for the other party. And now that this other party had appeared right before his face, it was evident that he bore no good intentions.

"Your Demonic G.o.d here has just awoken. I've heard that you've caused the Ancient race to suffer quite a bit of loss. Therefore, I'm here to check out just what capabilities an ant like you can have." The voice of the Death Demonic G.o.d was extremely sinister. All of a sudden, his tone changed, "But, it's a pity that you've disappointed Your Demonic G.o.d here. That treasure that you used earlier to block the move of Your Demonic G.o.d... what's that? Come and present it over to Your Demonic G.o.d."

"Ah, that…, erm… ah…"

"Hmm? What's that now? You're unwilling to?" The tone of the Death Demonic G.o.d was starting to sound a little enraged.

"N-no…! No! How could I not be willing to? I, Lin Fan, revere the Lord Death Demonic G.o.d the most!"

At this moment, Lin Fan felt that he would do best to pacify this Death Demonic G.o.d first, as he had suddenly thought of something extremely important.

Most of the time, people who had been asleep for a long time would definitely be in a state of lowered intellect right after they had awakened. He wondered if this hypothesis was true…

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