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Chapter 877: Descent Of A New Era
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

At this moment, there was a huge change happening throughout the Ancient Saint World. The opening of the Infinite Worlds had come so quickly that everyone was caught totally unaware. It was the same for the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race.

The Heaven's Will had awakened.

The remaining five Utmost Beings looked at one another with a stumped look on their faces.

"Why did this happen? Wasn't the opening of the Infinite Worlds supposed to be three months later?" All of the Utmost Beings were feeling that there was something wrong about the situation right now.

"Lord Heaven's Will, what is going on right now?"

The remaining five Utmost Beings felt that the timing of the Infinite Worlds opening up this time around wasn't quite right. At the same time, their earlier preparations for it were not exactly successful as well.

The first wave of the Insect race's descent was f*cked over by that d.a.m.ned Motherf*cking Human King. That caused the situation to go off course.

And now that the Infinite Worlds had opened up so much earlier than planned, it was even more evident that something was not right.

The Heaven's Will did not reply for a long time. It was as though he was also slightly taken aback by the way things had developed.

He was the Heaven's Will of the Ancient race, and wielded control over everything. Even the date of the Infinite Worlds opening up was something that only happened after he decided for it to.

At this moment in the Sealed Grounds of the Ancient race, the Fire Water Empress had been immersed in her state of Fire Water Fusion. But all of a sudden, her eyes bolted wide open as she revealed a look of astonishment.

"How could this be…?"

The Fire Water Empress could feel an infinite amount of power surging through the void. It was as though some outrageous existence had decided to descend upon them.

"Indeed, the era is about to end. All of those existences have awakened as well."

"Right now, the Intent of Fire and Water have fused completely. This was meant to kill the Heaven's Will after it awakens. But, by the look of things now, seems like there's no other choice but to just make my leave first."

Looking at the seal above her, the lips of the Fire Water Empress curled into a smirk. With her waving her finger, the Intent of Fire and Water burst forth ferociously. This Intent of Fire and Water that has fused with everything, and encompa.s.sed every single living being within it. Instantly, it blew the seal apart completely.


The Earth quaked and the mountains trembled. All the unmatched Utmost Beings had a stark change in their expressions.

"Not good! The Fire Water Empress has broken through her seal!" All of a sudden, the five Utmost Beings appeared in the area. When they caught sight of the Fire Water Empress, they could not help but cast a wary look at her.

In their eyes, everyone in the Infinite Worlds were nothing but ants. But, this Fire Water Empress before them was someone they had to be cautious about.

The Fire Water Empress who was floating up in the void looked over far in the distance. Immediately, the five Utmost Beings had her surrounded.

"Fire Water Empress, you…!" One of the Utmost Beings started saying.

The Fire Water Empress raised her tender jade hands, "You guys don't have to say anything anymore. This era no longer belongs to you guys, and you shall all fall from that high and mighty throne of yours before long."

After saying this single sentence, the Fire Water Empress disappeared from the spot instantly.

This caused the five Utmost Beings, who were watching everything intently, to have their hearts skip a beat. They did not have any feeling at all! In fact, they did not even know how the Fire Water Empress had managed to leave!

"How could this be? How could the Fire Water Empress be this strong?"

"Heaven's Will…"

"What the Fire Water Empress has just said… What did she mean by those words?"

But all of a sudden, the void trembled.

The faces of the five Utmost Beings changed once more, "BRAZEN…!"

One of the Utmost Beings stretched out his hand and slapped out at that endless void.

But in the blink of an eye, a black flash of light shot out that sliced over while tearing through the rivers of time and s.p.a.ce.


The body of that Utmost Being was instantly sliced apart, as an endless amount of death aura gushed out from that wound.

"Has the era changed?" With black robes covering his entire body, the scythe that he wielded in his hands emanated an even more chilling aura.

With just a single move, he was able to kill an Utmost Being!

"Who are you?" The remaining four Utmost Beings looked at the other party with a face of fright. They could feel their hearts thumping heavily right now, feeling that everything was simply way too inconceivable.

That was an Utmost Being! But he was killed just like that in a single strike!

For all these Utmost Beings who wielded control over the entire Ancient Saint World, this was something they could not imagine at all!



Following closely behind, the void started to ripple out once more as a series of tombstones appeared one after another.

The auras of these tombstones were vicissitudinous and vile. Compared to those Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, it was practically pitting a child against an adult.

"To think that the first to awaken out of everything would be me, the Death Demonic G.o.d." The Death Demonic G.o.d looked at the dense cl.u.s.ters of tombstones around him and smirked coldly.

"Death Demonic G.o.d, we are waiting... waiting for these fellas to revive."

"The era this time around shall end in our hands. Even if it's them, they will have no way of stopping it at all."

All of a sudden, an endless amount of sinister voices permeated forth from those countless tombstones. The Death Demonic G.o.d twirled the Death G.o.d Scythe in his hands before looking up at remaining four Utmost Beings. He then looked up into the void.

"Why? Your Demonic G.o.d has already returned and you're not scramming over yet?" The Death Demonic G.o.d reared his head into the sky and barked out.

Just as the four Utmost Beings were still trying to figure out what was even happening, the entire void vibrated violently as a figure appeared all of a sudden.

"Lord Heaven's Will!" When the four Utmost Beings saw who it was that had appeared, they greeted respectfully. But, something that had them thoroughly shocked happened.

When the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World caught sight of that figure, he was so scared that he was shivering uncontrollably! In a flash, he prostrated down beneath the other party!

"Death Demonic G.o.d…"

The Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World was shivering nonstop right now as though he had just seen someone absolutely ridiculous.

"Heaven's Will?"

"HAHAHA! To think that a single strain of Impure Qi could turn into a Heaven's Will!" The horrifying palm of the Death Demonic G.o.d descended on the head of the Heaven's Will before fondling it gently as though he was petting a dog.

At this moment, the last remaining four Utmost Beings were absolutely scared sh*tless.

They had taken on a high position for a long time now and wielded control over the lives of thousands and thousands of races. But, the change that has happened at this very moment was way too huge, so huge that they could barely accept it!

"The four of you ants, come over here." The Death Demonic G.o.d looked at the four Utmost Beings and beckoned with his hand.

The four Utmost Beings looked at one another and eventually knelt down before the face of the Death Demonic G.o.d, capitulating to their new master.


The Death Demonic G.o.d howled out in a long laughter as a thick aura of death burst forth from him. That alone caused the entire Ancient Saint World to quake.

And at this very moment, the Ancient Saint World was starting to fuse with the other worlds out there continuously. The surface area of the Ancient Saint World expanded out endlessly.

Thousands of times.

Tens of thousands of times.

Hundreds of millions of times.

From the get-go, the Ancient Saint World was already immensely huge. But right now, it was even larger than before.

With the linking up of the Infinite Worlds, a brand new world was formed. The Laws and Intents of the world began to skyrocket without a limit.

"Now, THIS is the final battlefield. This is the most glorious age right before the destruction of an era!"

"We're all back now. The Masters of this universe are still us!"

At this moment, the huge changes of the Ancient Saint World had everyone in a state of complete shock. At countless bases of the beings of the thousands of races, a crack tore open from the void as a tombstone descended down and was embedded right into the ground.



One after another, these mountain-like tombstones dropped down from the sky.

As for all the beings of the thousands of races, they truly did not know what was going on.

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