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Chapter 874: Slaying Everything
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"I'm dreaming right now, am I not?"

"Ah, that hurts! It really hurts! d.a.m.n it, this is not a dream! This is reality!"

"How could this be? Where did all the Insect race beings go? Why have they vanished in the blink of an eye?"

At this moment, everyone was completely stumped. That vast sea of Insect race army that amounted to tens of millions had all vanished in a single instant, leaving only the Insect G.o.d standing all alone out there. This was something that was absolutely horrifying for everyone.

Hope City…

The Commander looked at the image on the screen blankly as he froze up, "What just happened?"

Up till now, he could not figure out what had just unfolded at all. To think that the gigantic Insect race army would vanish just like that!

"Sir Commander, there was an extremely monstrous power that shot out earlier, wiping away all the Insect race beings clean."

"The vanishing of the Insect race army definitely has a close connection with that mysterious young man. Or perhaps, it's better to say that the mysterious young man did it."

The Supervisor replied.

At this moment, everyone in the Control Center was completely frozen, "This can't be, right? That's an Insect race army that amounts to tens of millions! No matter how strong he is, he shouldn't be able to wipe them all out in the blink of an eye right?!"

"But if that's not the case, how do we explain what just happened?"

At this moment, all the powerful beings in all the cities were gaping blankly at the large screens as well. For all of these countless people, this was an exhilarating moment.


"The Insect race beings have been totally destroyed!"

"Too strong! This is simply way too strong!"

"Just who in the world is he? How could he possibly possess such strength…?"

"Messiah! The Messiah has descended upon us!"

Countless humans erupted out in cheers. They were so emotional right now that their hearts were about to pop right out of their throats. This was something that was way too invigorating!

The Human race has endured endless oppression from the Insect race! But, with this present scene, it had countless of people feeling hope blossoming in their hearts.

Lin Fan raised his head and placed his hands behind his back. Walking forth with a single step, he walked toward the Insect G.o.d.

As though he could not believe what had just happened before its eyes, the Insect G.o.d was scared so badly that it stumbled back a step when he saw this human walking toward him.

At this moment, Lin Fan was just walking over casually. When he arrived before the Insect G.o.d, he raised his head.

"Insect G.o.d."

Even though Lin Fan's voice was really calm, it was a voice of absolute horror for the Insect G.o.d.

The Insect G.o.d hadn't expected for this human before him to be this strong, making all of his people disappear right before his very eyes! At that very moment, he could feel his connection with his people getting cut off entirely.

"H-human…" The voice of the Insect G.o.d was hoa.r.s.e right now and filled with fear.

While he was the Insect G.o.d in the face of these ant-like human beings, he knew that within the Insect race, he was but a small little being.

It was because there was a restriction in this world that the powerful Insect race beings were unable to get through to this place. In the end, he then the strongest of this world because of that, and thus the G.o.d of this world.

But right now, this human before him had gone far beyond his wildest imaginations.

Strong! Way too strong! So strong that he couldn't even fight back at all!

At this moment, the Insect G.o.d had an urge to cry. He truly wanted to chomp down and devour this human cruelly. However, he did not dare to. He knew that the other party would blow him up.

Lin Fan raised his head, hands behind his back as he stood there, looking at the Insect G.o.d ever so silently.

At this moment, the Insect G.o.d could feel an enormous amount of power being emanated out of that human. His knees made way and started wobbling.

Before the dumbfounded gazes of everyone present, the Insect G.o.d bent his knees and knelt down, prostrating before the human while shivering.


Lin Fan snorted coldly. All of a sudden, the Insect G.o.d discovered in fear that a boundless amount of power was surging out at him.


In a flash, the Insect G.o.d, who had turned into a permanent trauma in the minds of mankind, was turned into dust.

"W-we won…!"

When Li Hongjun caught sight of everything before him right now, he felt his heart skip a beat. Unable to hold himself back, he yelled out. The Insect G.o.d was dead! To think that the Insect G.o.d would truly be dead!

The countless of humans who were watching from the large screens cheered out as well. They were truly feeling too excited in their hearts right now.

When Lin Fan heard the cheers of the Starlight City, he shook his head. Seemed like they were really happy, eh?

Immediately, Li Hongjun came before Lin Fan's face and looked at him with reverence, "Motherf*cking Human King."


Lin Fan nodded his head before pointing out with his finger.

All of a sudden, the entire world changed.

"What's he doing?"

This was the thought that entered everyone's minds. They did not know what this hero of mankind was doing.

But all of a sudden, something absolutely shocking happened.

The entire world was suddenly filled with Sword Wills, as though it had turned into a World of Swords.

One after another, these Sword Wills floated up in the void in a dense cl.u.s.ter, formidable enough to rattle one's heart. All of the humans who had cultivated the Dao of the Sword could feel a desire to bow down in the face of these Sword Wills.

In their eyes, this was none other than the G.o.d of Swords! Compared to that boundless sea of Sword Wills right now, they were nothing but children playing around!

"To think that the Insect race would have caused Earth to turn as such. They deserve nothing less than death."

Lin Fan moved his finger as the Sword Wills streaked out. One by one, they dove into the void and bolted out towards all directions.

Some of the cities were facing an invasion by the Insect race right now, and the humans within were struggling and fighting back. Against the Insect race, they realized that they were truly way too insignificant.

Some of them even had a feeling of despair spreading out in their hearts.

But all of a sudden, the void shimmered as the boundless Sword Wills penetrated through. In the blink of an eye, countless of Insect race beings were slain.

At this moment, everyone was startled. They did not know what had just happened!

In the innumerable cities out there, they were experiencing the same thing while facing the incoming destruction from the Insect race.

Some of the stronger Insect race beings were hidden somewhere in the depths right now, discussing how to annihilate the Human race.

But out of nowhere, the void rippled as Sword Wills burst forth, killing everything.

In the eyes of Lin Fan, Earth was just a single tiny planet. In a single breath, he could take everything under him.

Even a single slight movement would not be able to escape his sight.

While there were many of those Insect race beings in terms of quant.i.ty, they were just way too weak in the eyes of Lin Fan.

Lin Fan faced the entire world right now, "Yours Truly is the Motherf*cking Human King. I have just cleaned up the entire world of the Insect race."

After he finished this sentence, he floated up gently into the air.

"M-motherf*cking Human King…!"

Li Hongjun yelled after him, wanting to find out more things.

But in a flash, Lin Fan's figure had already disappeared from the face of the world.

For all the beings of the Human race, this was just like a dream that had happened.

Motherf*cking Human King…

This was a name that everyone would always remember in their hearts.

The Motherf*cking Human King was truly the Motherf*cking Human King!

Hope City, Control Centre…

"Sir Commander, all the cities which were being invaded by the Insect race are all safe. According to reports, the Insect race beings were all wiped out by a single sweeping Sword Will."

"Sir Commander, it's the same over at this side as well!"

"Reporting in! There is suddenly no energy feedback coming from the base of the Insect race!"

When the Commander heard the reports of his men, he could only stand there in a daze and was unable to recover from it for a long time.

Had the Insect race truly been slain all like that?

Just where in the world did this Motherf*cking Human King hail from?

But by now, Lin Fan had long arrived at the depths of the Will of Earth.

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