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Chapter 873: Complete Destruction
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Tyrannical... Way too tyrannical!

All the surviving humans had heard that tyrannical sentence.

Just an Insect G.o.d?

Was this JUST? The Insect G.o.d was so ferocious that the entire Human race couldn't do anything to it! If a city was targeted by the Insect G.o.d, the only fate awaiting it was death!

But, to think that in the eyes of this mysterious young man, the Insect G.o.d was JUST that!

They did not know how much more tyrannical this young man could get!


Lin Fan sighed out helplessly. Indeed, the vantage view was truly different when one was higher up in position. As for this so-called Insect G.o.d before his very eyes, he could kill this thing over a hundred thousand times with just a single mere blink of an eye.


At this moment, the Insect G.o.d started moving its legs. A single stride forth caused the entire ground to quake out.

In the eyes of the humans, that malevolent Insect G.o.d was an invincible devil! Even a single look at it was enough to wreck all the nerves in one's body!

"d.a.m.ned human."

The moment the Insect G.o.d opened his mouth, countless Insect race beings dropped down from it. Within the mouth of that Insect G.o.d, even more Insect race beings were seen just squirming around.

That single sharp hiss from it was just like the tune of the Devil, causing all of them to feel really unsettled.

"How dare you kill my people!" The Insect G.o.d howled out as he sent out a soundwave that caused all the clouds in the world to scatter away.

Hope City…

"Sir Commander, should we shut off the image broadcast now?" The people under him were hard at work right now. In their eyes, this was a scene that should not be broadcasted out!

Even if this mysterious young man were extremely strong, he would definitely not be a match for the Insect G.o.d!

While the Insect G.o.d had not made that much of an appearance, its nefarious name was known to everyone far and wide.

It was a sense of fear that no one could shrug off.

"We'll wait…" The face of the Commander was grim. He was more nervous than anyone else right now.

The eyes of countless of powerful beings were all fixated on this scene before them right now.

"The Insect G.o.d is unparalleled in might! Even if this mysterious young man is strong, there's no way he will be a match for the Insect G.o.d!"

"A powerful human being who is able to kill the Kings of the Insect race shouldn't be left to die there!"

"There is no longer any hope for the Starlight City now."

Right now, everyone was facing a dilemma in their hearts. Even though they could not bear to do so, they still struggled to peel their eyes open and face the screen up above.

At this moment, Lin Fan was facing everything singlehandedly. Even if it were the boundless Insect race up ahead, they were still ever so insignificant in his eyes.

If one had to talk about how terribly the living beings of the thousands of races were leading their lives, Earth would be the most terrible place that was suffering the most right now.


All of a sudden, the void rippled.

The Insect G.o.d opened his mouth furiously and a surge of energy was channeled. All of a sudden, a black ball of light that was gathered in the mouth of the Insect G.o.d, filled with an endless amount of destructive power.

A gut smashing power was being channeled right there.

"That's the Destructive Cannon of the Insect G.o.d!" When Li Hongjun caught sight of this, his heart skipped a beat. That was the ultimate move of the Insect G.o.d!

In the past, that extremely strong city was decimated under the might of this Destructive Cannon of the Insect G.o.d and turned into dust! No matter how strong the opponents were, they wouldn't stand a chance at all!

"It's over! The Starlight City is definitely over!"

"The Insect G.o.d is way too strong! We humans have no way of fighting that at all!" Countless people screamed out. Under the supreme might of the Insect G.o.d, they had no heart to resist any longer.

All the students of the schools gripped both their hands together tightly. From out of nowhere, a young, pretty female student screamed out.

"Mysterious young man… Good luck!"

The moment this scream rang out, all the surrounding students began to chant the same.

"Good luck, good luck…!"

"That fella has no hope anymore. The Insect G.o.d is an Insect race being whose existence goes beyond SSS. He can even be considered as THE G.o.d of the Insect race. There's no way this guy is a match for him." A man said. Even though his face was solemn, he said out with a haughty look on his face.

This was the top genius of the school. In this chaotic era, this was the time for the uprising of geniuses.

As for this mysterious young man, he didn't look that far apart from them in age. Yet, the strength that he possesses was definitely worthy of their envy and jealousy.

Pshew! Pshew!

The moment this man finished his sentence, everyone turned their heads in a flush and glared at him. Their eyes were filled with boundless hatred, "Shut up! This is the hero of mankind! You have no rights to say that!"

"Sc.u.m! I was wrong about you!"

"And to think that you're the number one genius of the school! You're just a degenerate!"

At this moment, that man had turned into the b.u.t.t of public criticism.

Outside the Starlight City…

The power of the Insect G.o.d was getting enormously huge. Li Hongjun's eyes flashed with a look of fright.

He hadn't gone up against the Insect G.o.d yet. However, the amount of power that was given off by the Insect G.o.d was enough to have him feeling fearful.

Horrifying... This was way too horrifying!

"Ant-like Human race… Go to h.e.l.l."


A jet black beam of light shot out from the Insect G.o.d's mouth intensely.

At that moment, the winds howled and the clouds surged. The entire world descended into a patch of darkness as the sinister power had everyone terrified down to the core.

"This is the end." Li Hongjun looked at everything before him with despaired eyes. It was too late for anything now.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin. Under the appalled gazes of everyone, he lifted a single finger gently and tapped the void.


"So weak."

Lin Fan spoke up.

"How could this be?"

Li Hongjun was totally stupefied by everything before him right now. It was as though he had just witnessed something absolutely horrifying. And all the other humans that stood before the large screens were rooted blankly on the spot as well.

"A single finger! T-this…!"

With the gentle stretch of his finger, Lin Fan had that apocalyptic power of the Insect G.o.d stopped in its entirety!

Time pa.s.sed by the second and minutes…

The pitch black beam of light had dissipated by now. That menacing face of the Insect G.o.d was replaced with one of fright. When he saw how that human was still standing there with no harm to him at all, a series of hisses screeched forth from the throat of the Insect G.o.d.

"So strong…!"

After everyone were silent for a moment, they burst out in cheers. In their eyes, this was simply way too amazing!

To think that even such a strong Insect G.o.d could not kill him! And, he had even used just a single finger to stop that blood-curdling move of the Insect G.o.d! This was something that was way too tyrannical in the eyes of all the humans.

Lin Fan smiled indifferently before floating down slowly from that gigantic sword.

At this moment, everyone held their breaths, not knowing what this mysterious young man was trying to do.

Even Li Hongjun was completely stumped at this moment. He looked at Lin Fan fixatedly. It was as though every single motion and action of Lin Fan was just a burst of impact for the ma.s.ses.

"Insect G.o.d? Huehue. Even your Insect Ancestor has been killed by Yours Truly. What kind of s.h.i.t do YOU even amount to?" When Lin Fan's feet touched the ground, something even more rattling to everyone's hearts happened.

With his feet as the center of impact, a series of shockwaves were emitted out, rippling out circles after circles in all directions.

They then got even larger until all the Insect race beings were covered within it.



All of a sudden, the world's most terrifying event happened.

As though they had been dealt with some tremendous force, the bodies of all of the Insect race beings suddenly started exploding out. They turned into dust that was scattered out into the entire world along with the winds.

That boundless sea of Insect race beings was utterly annihilated in the blink of an eye. The only one left standing all alone was the Insect G.o.d.

At this moment, everyone was frozen dead solid.


The minds of every single human beings in the area were wiped blank at this very moment.

All of the human beings who were watching the live broadcast from the big screen elsewhere were equally dumbfounded as they froze up blankly. It was as though they had yet to take in what had just happened, slowly coming to a shocking revelation.

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