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Chapter 872: A Composed Act
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

To kill the Eight Eyed Wolf Spider with a single sword and the Hundred Legs Centipede with a single finger pinch!

These were two Kings of the Insect race, and their strength was just G.o.dly! To think that these Kings of the Insect race who were practically pushing the entire mankind onto the edge would be defeated by the other party in the blink of an eye!

This was a scene that was not only startling, it was practically sh.e.l.l-shocking.

All of Li Hongjun's fingers were trembling right now. However, this wasn't fear. This was excitement.

He had fought with the Insect race for five years now. In these five years, there had been countless humans who had died in the hands of the Kings of the Insect race. They had tried thinking up of all sorts of plans to leave some seed of hopes for the Human race. But, against those two Kings of the Insect race, there was nothing they could do.

But, to think that those two formidable Kings of the Insect race would be slain with such ease by this young man before them! This was akin to a nuclear warhead being detonated right in the center of Li Hongjun's heart!

"Motherf*cking Human King."

Li Hongjun mumbled with his mouth. This was an extremely tyrannical t.i.tle. But at this moment, Li Hongjun felt that this young man before him was the only one befitting of this t.i.tle.

He had cultivated for several hundreds of years now, and had experienced eras one after another. He just sat by idly, watching the winds of fortune change without interfering in any secular affairs. As long as the sky didn't topple down, he was just going to be a bystander.

In all of their hearts, the only goal they had was to search for the Dao. But, ever since the descent of the Insect race, everything changed.

According to the old ancient records, this was the invasion of monsters through the opening up of a dimension.

However, there was extremely little information described in those records, and he could not figure out just what was happening at all. But, he believed that there would always be another being that was more powerful out there. There must absolutely be a world out there with beings and things they did not know about.

And, this young man before his eyes must be THAT being that was more powerful than the others from another world.

Lin Fan's heart was calm as he acted with a casual expression, "Hais! To think that in five mere years, the same Earth would have so much difference in its people and habitat. Things have changed."

The moment Li Hongjun heard these words of this mysterious Motherf*cking Human King before him, his heart skipped a beat. Could this Motherf*cking Human King be a human from Earth as well, and had just returned after leaving for 5 years?


And just as Li Hongjun was in a state of astonishment, the entire Starlight City exploded out with a loud sound as the countless humans within started cheering.

This was a feeling of exhilaration that came from the bottom of their hearts after being oppressed for an extended period of time!

Amazing! This was the best feeling ever!

"The Kings of the Insect race are dead! THE KINGS OF THE INSECT RACE ARE DEAD!"

"This young man has saved us! To slay the King of the Insect race with a single sword… This is a deity!!!"

"We don't have to die now!"

Countless people rallied out in cheers. For all of them, Lin Fan was the rumored deity in all of the legends! That disposition of his was just like a heaven piercing pillar that they could not hope to reach ever!

When all the chicks caught sight of this figure, they were thoroughly intoxicated as well.

They could feel that their hearts had already fallen right into his charisma! That upright figure and that calm expression of his attracted them endlessly!

If Lin Fan were to beckon to them by curling his fingers, they would practically pounce over right on him!

Hope City…

The Commander stood before the screen blankly right now. He then yelled out excitedly, "Hurry up! Open up all the communications to all the other cities and broadcast the image of Starlight City out right now!"

"This is the hope of mankind! This is the first time mankind has ever managed to slay a King of the Insect race! We have to let every single human out there watch this entire scene!"

The Commander hollered out with a delighted look on his face.

Mankind had been shrouded with a deathly aura after being oppressed by the Insect race. There were innumerable humans who had given up hope, and were just waiting for death to approach.

But, to think that this powerful young man with an unknown background would streak across the battlefield and slice down a King of the Insect race with a single sword! This was something that was definitely invigorating for the entire Human race!

"Sir Commander, the Insect G.o.d is still there! If the Human race were to find out that the Insect G.o.d has appeared, there might be a commotion caused."

"And if this young man is killed by that Insect G.o.d, I'm afraid…"

The surrounding staff remarked. This was the one thing they were afraid of. Even though this young man was extremely strong, the powers of that Insect G.o.d were heaven revolting. If he were to be killed on the spot by the Insect G.o.d, it might bring forth a ma.s.s hysteria.

The larger the hope, the greater the fall.

And, it was especially at this moment when the situation was quite precarious, with all the major cities being attacked by Insect stampedes…

"Don't ask so much! This scene must be broadcasted out! Inform Li Hongjun that he has to protect the life of that young man no matter what, and bring him over to the headquarters! A young man as powerful as him must be kept safe!" The Commander said.


Without hesitating, the ma.s.ses got busy once more.

In a jiffy, be it cities that were under the onslaught of an Insect Stampede or cities that were enjoying peace right now, they all received the news of this.

All of the major cities had a large screen in their cities, which was used to broadcast important news.

At this moment, the large screens lit up.

"Attention! Breaking News! A mysterious, powerful young man has just killed two Kings of the Insect race!"

Everyone stopped everything they were doing and felt their hearts skip a beat. They then looked over at the large screen. Some of the people who were praying in their homes ran out at this moment as well.

In all the major schools, there were countless young women who were working hard at cultivating right now. They only had a single thought in their minds: To turn stronger and fight against the Insect race.

But when they heard the news, they too stopped everything they were doing.

People like them were long used to hearing all sorts of news. It was either this city being destroyed one day or the painful defeat of humans elsewhere on another day. But, now that they heard of someone who could kill two Kings of the Insect race, they naturally got excited.

This was practically a fantasy tale in their minds!

A human who could slay the Kings of the Insect race?! Even the powerful beings at the top could not do it!

By now, all the city streets were filled with humans.

The image opened up, and a figure was etched into their minds.

A single longsword stood tall between the entire world. And at the top of that sword stood a young man in white robes.

The Eight Eyed Wolf Spider laid there at the bottom near the sharp edge! And, in the distance not too far away, the Hundred Legs Centipede was now crushed into countless parts and just laid there silently as well.

This was a scene that was way too shocking for them. This was more incredible than any news they had ever heard!

"That's the King of the Insect race, the Eight Eyed Wolf Spider! My hometown was destroyed by that!"

"The Hundred Legs Centipede, the strongest King of the Insect race! T-this…!"

"Just who in the world is he?"

"Guys, holy sh*t! Look! That's the Insect G.o.d! The Insect G.o.d has appeared!"

"What?! Impossible! How could the Insect G.o.d appear!"

And at this moment above the image, Li Hongjun spoke up.

"Motherf*cking Human King, that is the Insect G.o.d. You are the hope of the Human race. You shouldn't fall here. Hurry up and leave now. Go to the Hope City! There will be people there who can help you to unleash your fullest potential." Li Hongjun has just received the news from above and so he spoke up. In his opinion, a powerful being as such should not die here, no matter what. The biggest victory would be his survival.

But, this single sentence was like a hammer that was sent down flying on the heads of countless human beings.

The humans in the Starlight City started screaming out in fear.

Initially, they had thought that this was hope. But right now, hope was about to leave them! It that were to happen, there would be only a single outcome for them: Death!

"Don't leave us! We don't want to die here!"

But, some of the humans could understand Li Hongjun's point of view. He was right. There were only those few powerful beings of the Human race. A single loss of any of them would be a huge blow for mankind.

All of a sudden, the young man in the image spoke up!

"What for? It's just an Insect G.o.d. That's just a puny, smelly insect…"

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