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Chapter 871: What A Composed Fella!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Insect G.o.d!

Li Hongjun would have never expected that the Insect G.o.d would come forth for the Insect Stampede this time around as well!

This gigantic Insect G.o.d was made up of countless Insect race beings. It had a humanoid form; however, it was pitch black all over, with Insect race beings crawling all over its body.

This was something that had surpa.s.sed the existence of SSS. Wherever the Insect G.o.d appeared, that place would definitely turn into h.e.l.l.

The Insect G.o.d was invincible. Even if all 30 powerful beings of Earth were to unite, they wouldn't be a match for the Insect G.o.d. The Insect G.o.d was unkillable and imperishable. No matter how much power they had, they could never take down the other party.

In the western continents, the largest city which contained countless powerful beings crumbled down in the blink of an eye against the Insect G.o.d. They didn't even have a single chance to fight back.

The SSS powerful beings within there died on the spot, and became food for the Insect race as well.

For the powerful beings back then, that was an absolute nightmare. They could not have imagined that there would be an Insect race being who would be that strong!

But thankfully, the Insect G.o.d rarely made an appearance. Otherwise, there was truly no one in this world who can stand in the way of the Insect G.o.d.

But right now, everyone could feel their guts being smashed.

Li Hongjun's shoulders were completely slumped as he had given up all hope on defending this. Without even talking about the Insect G.o.d, those two SSS Kings of the Insect race were already not something he could deal with at all.

The entire Starlight City was full of miserable wails right now as everyone started crying out. They could feel that death was upon them, and they would soon be the food in the tummies of the Insect race.

In the Asian continent, there was a city that was established on an entire ocean. This was the strongest city here, as there were ten SSS beings gathered here.

This could be where the hope of the entire Human race rested.

But, at this very moment within the Control Centre of the Hope City, everyone was getting busy.

"The Glory City is being attacked on all fronts by the Insect race! Please render us a.s.sistance!"

"This is bad! The Starlight City is struck by an Insect Stampede! Two SSS Kings of the Insect race has appeared!"


When the Commander heard these words, his face changed, "Hurry up! Lock on to them with the satellite and transmit the images over!"

"This is bad! There is an extremely high energy feedback being given off from the Starlight City! The powers are beyond that of an SSS being!"


It wasn't long before the image was transmitted. Standing between the heaven and earth, a tall black figure with countless of Insect race beings crawling all over its body appeared on the screen.

"How could that be? That's the Insect G.o.d!"

At this moment, everyone was completely stumped and confounded.

In their eyes, this was just ridiculous! They could not have ever imagined that the Insect G.o.d would appear!

"It's over. The Starlight City is going to be completely destroyed!"

The commander stood there frozen, with his heart thumping as well. He then snapped back to his senses, "Who is the one guarding over the Starlight City? Hurry up and transmit these images over to the nearby cities and have them send out people to save him! Abandon the Starlight City!"

"Reporting to Commander, it is guarded by Sir Li Hongjun!"

"Hurry up! Give up on defending entirely! Have them organize for him to escape! No matter what, we must not let any more powerful beings fall!" The Commander pumped down the orders.

For the Commander, the powerful beings were the hope of the Human race. If they were to fall, the entire Human race would receive a great blow from that.

At this moment, the entire sky was darkened as the Starlight City was shrouded with an aura of death. The moment the Insect G.o.d appeared, all humans within city had given up on resisting entirely.

Li Hongjun gripped the longsword in his hands tightly before raising his head with vigor, "F*CK! Even if this is the case, we have to fight it out!"

"Sir, the Hope City has sent word for us to leave! No matter what, you must not die here!" A messenger rushed over hurriedly.

Li Hongjun shook his head and looked at the vast city and those countless humans residing here, "Today, we must fight till the very end. We can no longer retreat."

"All of you, put up your utmost attention! We are of the Human race! How can we bow down in fear to the Insect race? FIGHT!"

All of those teachers and students who were trembling tried their best to regain their composure as they fought back against the fear in their eyes, "WE'RE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH!"



And at this moment, the Insect race finally made their move. The Insect G.o.d screeched out loudly as the sea of insects started pulsating and moving forth. Like a bulldozer, those two Kings of the Insect race pushed forth and rushed toward the Starlight City.

The loud commotion that was being caused and that chilling image rushed straight at the faces of the humans. As they approached closer, the fear within everyone's hearts stemmed even deeper.


All of a sudden, that Eight Eyed Wolf Spider twisted those legs of its and leaped right up into the sky. That gigantic body covered the entire sky above them. That pulsating tummy of it suddenly shrank in as its b.u.t.t started spraying out a gigantic web that blanketed the Starlight City.

This current scene was just like doomsday for all the humans watching this. They had lost every single last bit of hope entirely.

Li Hongjun bellowed out as a tremendous amount of power burst forth from him. Even though he knew that this was death that was awaiting him, he had no fear.

When everyone in the Command Center of the Hope City saw this sight, they could only shut their eyes as they were unable to bear watching this. In their eyes, the Starlight City could be considered as destroyed by now.

This was yet another city that had fallen into the hands of the Insect race. This was yet another bunch of countless fellow humans that were killed in the hands of the Insect race.


The Commander lowered his head and thumped furiously on the table. F*CK! Why did everything had to turn out this way!


All of a sudden, a loud cry rang out.

The Commander was angered. To think that this person would dare to say 'GOOD' at this moment?! But when the Commander raised his head, he was completely flabbergasted.

"What's that…?!"

For the ma.s.ses of the Starlight City, this was a scene they would never ever forget. Li Hongjun stood rooted where he was as well as though he was in a daze right now.

Just moments earlier, a bright flash of light had appeared from above the sky all of a sudden, and with it, a gigantic sword bolted down and pierced through the Eight Eyed Wolf Spider, pinning it into the ground.

"What's that?!"

"What's going on?!"

At this moment, everyone was astounded in their hearts, not knowing what had just happened.

"Take a look! There's someone in the sky!"

All of a sudden, a loud cry rang out. The ma.s.ses raised their heads and looked up into the sky where a lone human figure stood there silently.

"Seems like this situation doesn't look all that good, eh?"

Lin Fan descended slowly with his hands behind his back, then landing on the hilt of the long sword.

His white robes fluttered while his long hair flew in the breeze. He stood there just like that silently, looking down at the situation below.


At this moment, all the beings of the Insect race came to a stop. They had just felt an extremely horrifying aura.

And the fact that a King of the Insect race had been killed by a single sword, that was something that had the Insect race beings fearful.

As for all of those startled humans of the Starlight City, they looked at the big screen blankly as well, wondering who in the world this person was. The fact that he had descended down from the Heavens and slain the Eight Eyed Wolf Spider with a single sword was something that had long blinded their eyes!

"That's the Messiah!"

At this moment, everyone stayed silent for a few moments before they erupted in cheers. Li Hongjun looked at that figure in stark astonishment as well.

For him, the greatest blow came from that single sword. To think that the extremely ferocious Eight Eyed Wolf Spider would be pinned into the ground with a single sword!


The King of the Insect race, the Eight Eyed Wolf Spider, was dead just like that!

"Who are you?" Li Hongjun gulped down his saliva asking.

Lin Fan turned his head around and revealed a smile. But all of a sudden, the Hundred Legs Centipede leaped forth and bolted right at Lin Fan.


This suddenly situation had everyone completely taken aback. But right at this moment, they had suddenly realized that the man standing on the hilt of the sword had only raised his hands gently and given a pinch that was ever so light.

Yet, something extremely terrifying happened.


The Hundred Legs Centipede disappeared instantly, turning into dust.

"Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan."

Lin Fan beamed widely with an extremely casual expression, revealing his rows of pearly whites while replying.

But, that single image of his was imprinted into the hearts of all members of mankind there.

So d.a.m.n b.l.o.o.d.y composed…!

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