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Chapter 870: Descent Of The Insect Race
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_


The clicking sounds generated by the Insect race were extremely sinister and creepy. Coupled with that menacing looking body of theirs, it was definitely rattling for one's mind. If one didn't have a steady heart, they might just sweat out profusely the moment they caught sight of one of these monstrosities.

Even though the students of the schools had experience in actual battle, when they caught sight of the sheer number of Insect race beings in that dense cl.u.s.ter, their faces were drained of color as their legs started wobbling in fear.

Even the teachers from the schools could not help but gulp down saliva as well.

Scary... This was way too scary!

In every single direction of the Starlight City, the Insect race had already surrounded them completely. There were so many of them that even water couldn't seep through, let alone dreaming of escaping this place.

"Good luck, good luck!"

"We love you guys!"

At this moment, a series of sweet sounding cheers burst forth.

In a gigantic screen far in the distance, a large number of girls appeared.

These girls were once superstars that were extremely famous throughout the entire world. They were extremely beautiful. But at this very moment, they were just boosting the morale of mankind.

"Let's see which handsome man can kill the most Insect race beings this time around! Maybe I can be your girlfriend one day, teehee!"

Words like these had an immense impact on the young men especially, boosting their fighting spirits.

"Oh! That's w.a.n.g Shiwen! My favorite actress!"

"That's Jiu Jiu! No matter what, I'm going to show off all my strength today!"

Within the broadcasting station of the Starlight City, a group of stars stood before the cameras and put on a brave front. But, once the cameras were off them, they could not help but let out frightened looks.

That was because they knew that the a.s.sault of the Insect race on them this time around was not to be underestimated, and boasted of a huge force. Even their only SSS powerful being had to step forth into the battlefield.

"Are we going to die?"

"No, we'll definitely not! They will definitely protect us!"

"Boohoo…! I don't want to die!"

During situations like these, some of the weaker humans could be seen hiding all around the cities in their homes. Some of them who had a stronger heart would gather in the streets and watch the big screens above.

However, the only thing shown on those big screens right now was those seas of Insect race beings.

One after another, the Insect race beings howled out in rage. Those menacing faces of theirs had everyone so scared that their faces were pale as a sheet.

On the city walls…

"This time around, the force is abnormally strong. To think that after detonating 30 nuclear warheads, there would still be this many Insect race beings left." The face of the only SSS powerful being was grim as he remarked.

Li Hongjun was once a powerful being who had remained hidden deep in the mountains to cultivate in seclusion, far away from secular affairs.

Later on, when the Insect race invaded and the Human race was on the brink of annihilation, he left the mountains and came forth to fight against the Insect race.

However, the strength of the Insect race was far beyond what he could have imagined. Thankfully, he wasn't the only powerful being. That was the reason why mankind had stood a fighting chance.

"Sir, do you think that we can chase the Insect race back this time around?" A woman asked in a hushed tone. She could sense that the mood of the Sir was extremely serious. This was the first time he was this serious in the past few years.

In her opinion, this was something that would only happen if the situation was extremely unfavorable.

Li Hongjun stayed silent for a moment, "If this is all the Insect race has, we will definitely be able to hold out even if there are many casualties awaiting us."

At this moment out in the streets, everyone was watching the screens nervously.

"There're so many of the Insect race this time around!"

"Can we still remain alive after this?"

"We will definitely be fine! The great Sir has stood out personally! We will definitely stand victorious!"

"AH! Take a look! What is that?!"

Right at this moment, the entire world quaked as a tear that was just like a gutter ripped apart on the ground.


All of a sudden, a monstrous roar filled the entire world as a tremendous aura burst forth from it.

Countless Insect race beings made way instantly. In a flash, two gigantic, pitch black bug legs extended out of that gutter.

"That is…?!"

When Li Hongjun caught sight of this situation, his entire face changed.

"That's the aura of a Greater celestial full cultivation state!"

The grading of cultivation states was something quite ancient. Later on, when the entire world changed, these powerful beings rearranged the rankings in terms of alphabets for the sake of humans.

However, in their hearts, they would always use that olden grading of cultivation states.

Clang! Clang!

A loud booming sound rang forth.

Another bug leg. Yet another bug leg.

By the time that Insect race being was completely out of the gutter, Li Hongjun's eyes were completely frozen.

"Eight Eyed Wolf Spider."

The body shape of this Insect race being might be that of a spider, but its body was as huge as a skysc.r.a.per. There were eight chilling eyes that rolled around rapidly, giving off a chilling feeling.

That gigantic body of it gave off an immensely pressurizing feeling.

All of the humans who were watching in front of the screens were completely frozen solid.

They knew of this Insect race being.

The Eight Eyed Wolf Spider was an incredibly strong Insect race being! It had once destroyed cities that were filled with powerful beings!

And now that the Eight Eyed Wolf Spider had appeared in the Starlight City, this was undoubtedly an extremely huge calamity for the humans here.

At this moment, the students and teachers of the schools started yelling out.

"That's the Eight Eyed Wolf Spider! One of the most difficult existences to deal with in the Insect race!"

"It's over! It's all over for us! There's no more hope left!"


Before they could even finish with their words, there was yet another disturbance.

A hundred-legged dragon-like being streaked through the skies. Those numerous legs wriggled around in the air, and that thousand foot long body of it was immensely horrifying to look at.

"That's the Hundred-Legged Centipede!"

"How could this be? Why would it appear here?! Isn't that something that only exists in the western continents?"

"Dead! We're definitely dead meat! The Starlight City is doomed to fall this time around!"

"To think that two SSS Kings of the Insect race would appear here! Why would that happen?"

At this moment, all the humans in the Starlight City began to yell out in fear. Their faces were ghastly white, without a single trace of blood. In the face of these two SSS Kings of the Insect race, they had lost every single bit of resistance.

Li Hongjun's body started shivering as though he could not believe everything that was before his very eyes right now.

"How could this be? What has happened to the Insect race? Why would they suddenly send two SSS Kings here without any premonitions at all?"

When the Eight Eyed Wolf Spider first appeared, there might have been a fighting chance for Li Hongjun. But by the time the Hundred-Legged Centipede appeared, he was despairing entirely.

These were two top-tiered existences within the Insect race, and were the most savage among them as well.

Stomp, stomp, stomp.

All of a sudden, the entire world quaked once more as a huge, dark figure appeared far in the distance. When everyone cast their sights over, they could only see a single black figure. However, they could not make out what it was.

But, that black figure was a couple of times larger than even the Eight Eyed Wolf Spider.

"What's that?!"

Everyone shouted out in shock. They could clearly hear the sound that were coming forth from that black figure. It was a sound like that of a wild beast, and was extremely frightening to hear.

By the time the black figure showed its true face, the entire Starlight City started bawling.

"How could this be?! IMPOSSIBLE!"

"Dead meat! We're definitely dead meat! There's no way we can fight this at all!"

When Li Hongjun caught sight of the true face of that black figure, he was completely dumbfounded. A torrential aura burst forth like a crashing wave that ripped out within the entire world.


The Protective Barrier of the Starlight City shattered into glimmers that scattered out and disappeared into the world. To be able to tear down the Protective Barrier with just its aura, the strength of that black figure was absolutely heaven revolting.

"Puny ant-like humans…your doomsday has arrived…!"

All of a sudden, a sinister voice boomed out.

This voice was like the devil's music that permeated right into the hearts of the humans.

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