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Chapter 869: Starlight City
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

At this moment, everyone from the Heavern Spirit Sect were stunned.

He was gone just like that?

Without saying even a single word? Wasn't that just way too direct?

Ling Tianzi wanted to say something. But at this moment, he could only keep it within his heart. He didn't even get a chance to say it!

Cough, cough.

Ling Tianzi gave a slight cough before turning around and putting on an extremely serious and straight face.

"Watch and learn. That's a true powerful being, a true hero. He has done a favour tantamount to the Heavens to the Heaven Spirit Sect and yet, he did not harp about it even for a single moment. This is what it means to not leave your name after doing a good deed."

"However, we of the Heaven Spirit Sect shall not be ungrateful people! The grace accorded to us by the Motherf*cking Human King shall be something we will etch deep in our hearts! Next time, when any of you head out, no matter who it is that b.u.mps into the King, you must all bow down and be extremely respectful!"

"Yes, Grandmaster."

All the other remaining disciples who were still alive broke out into cheers. They had literally just pa.s.sed by Death's door. That was EXTREMELY scary.


This was a place so desolate that it had already turned into a desert. On those yellow sands, corpses laid there one after another. They were already long dried up by the raging gusts, and were buried deep beneath the ground.


The void rippled as a tear appeared.

The man and chicken duo appeared within this world.

"Holy f*ck! I'm finally here! To think that the barrier to Earth would be this strong! Thankfully, Yours Truly is one h.e.l.l of an awesome f*ck who's able to blow the barrier away!"

Even though Lin Fan was a little emotional about returning to Earth, he did not have that much of an overall feeling towards this.

It was just that the situation before him was looking somewhat off.

Earth used to be such a beautiful place in the past! But why did it seem like h.e.l.l right now?

Lin Fan sent out his consciousness across the entire Earth.

There were quite a number of people still alive. However, they were separated far apart. And not only that, there had been a significant dip in numbers. Back in the past, there was around eight billion people. But right now, the population was around four billion. Nearly half of the people had died.

"So weak."

Lin Fan discovered that the beings of the Insect race who had invaded Earth were extremely weak in terms of strength. The strongest amongst them was only a Greater celestial full cultivation state being. Wasn't this just one h.e.l.l of a f*ckjob?

But, there was something that startled Lin Fan. The humans remaining basically all had cultivation as well. And, there were thirty strong humans amongst them, who had a cultivation of Greater celestial full cultivation state.

The rest were extremely weak. Extremely, extremely weak.


Just at this moment in a faraway place, a mushroom cloud rose up. Following that, another mushroom cloud floated up.



The loud explosions boomed out into the world and quaked it. By the looks of it, a nuclear explosion should have been triggered.

"Cuckcuckoo! Old Bro, the Spirit Qi here is extremely thin! I can barely breathe anymore!" Chicky took in a deep breath, then coughed out repeatedly. When he opened that beak, he spat out a mouthful of dust.

"Old Bro! Take a look! Your Chicky has only taken in a single breath and yet there's so much dust! There's no Spirit Qi at all, man! I'm practically just eating dirt!" Chicky complained.

"Alright now. Why do you have so much c.r.a.p to spout? If I were to take you over to Beijing and make you inhale some smog, aren't you going to just die from choking?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

Right now, the surface of the Earth was basically covered up by yellow sand. All the natural habitats had been ruined by now.

However, from deep in the unknowns, Lin Fan felt that there was something strange about Earth. It was as though there was a mysterious power that was watching over it.

If not for the fact that Lin Fan's cultivation state had already gotten to this level, he might not have been able to feel it!

Back, when he was crossing the barrier of the Earth, Lin Fan hadn't thought that there was anything wrong with it. But on the other hand, Chicky seemed to be pushed out by some force.

But, after he placed Chicky in his storage, everything was settled.

"Time to take a look first and check out just what happened here. By the time everything is settled, I'll then check out what secrets Earth holds."

"To think that a small little planet like this can restrict the entrance of powerful beings as well. This doesn't make any sense at all!"


For Lin Fan, Earth was simply way too small. He didn't even need a single minute to make a round around the entire Earth.

It had been five years since the Insect race has invaded Earth.

For humans, this was a calamity they could not face at all. When the countless number of Insect race beings descended upon Earth, humans were caught off guard so suddenly that they couldn't react to it at all.

By the time humans had realized what was going on and were prepared to face it, Earth had already fallen.

And, it was at this very moment that the deities and G.o.ds of the legends appeared. They bore with them immense strength as they roamed around the world, chasing off these Insect race beings.

With that, they gave mankind a chance.

And at that very moment, a new world arose.

Under the organization of these powerful beings, cities were built one after another. Eventually, an alliance was formed.

These cities were gigantic a.s.sault strongholds that could defend against the Insect race beings. At the same time, these powerful beings handed down the methods of cultivation for everyone to start learning and cultivating.

They laid down a grading in order to differentiate between the strength of others.

SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E.

These grades were drafted out by those deities in the legends and the entire world adhered to these strength categories.

The strongest amongst them were the SSS. This was the case for those deities of the legends, who were all SSS.

Starlight City…

This was one of the top ten strongest cities in the entire world.

Be it in terms of the cultivation states of the members or the equipment for defenses, they were extremely formidable in both aspects.

The combination of martial arts and technology was just like a chemical reaction that brought forth an immense impact.

Each time those boundless waves of Insect race beings tried invading, they would use nuclear weapons to clear out the weaker of the Insect race beings.

As for those stronger ones, they would be left to deal with by the powerful beings.

However, this time around, Starlight City is meeting with the biggest threat in its history.


There was a population of thirty million in Starlight City, and it could be considered as a top tiered city.

At this moment, alarms were blaring out all over the city. Above the city was a light screen that shielded the entire place. This was the combination of the mystic skills of martial arts and technology.

It was enough to defend against attacks of A graded Insect race beings.

There was a single SSS powerful being holding the fort for the Starlight City. Other than them, there were countless SS, S, and A grade beings.

Because humans had the aid of technology while they were cultivating, it resulted in their rapid rise in cultivation states. However, when they were faced up against beings of the Insect race, a single Insect race being required five or more humans in order to fight at the same cultivation state.

This was a problem that the humans were having difficulties in solving.

On the Gathering Square for battle…

All the big schools within the Starlight City had their teachers and students preparing to face the battle.

The Insect race beings that they had to face against this time around were way stronger than anything they had faced before… way, way stronger.

The only single SSS powerful being stood on an elevated platform with a grim expression on his face. However, now that things had already happened, the only way to deal with it was to face it.

"The Insect race has already committed a full frontal a.s.sault. This is the most serious one of all time. If you do not wish to see the Starlight City being overrun by the Insect race, this is the time for you to take out your fullest powers and fight them to the end!"

"If we were to fail, these tens of millions of humans in the Starlight City are going to end up as food for the Insect race! Everything we've worked so hard to defend shall be gone right before our very eyes!"

"The Insect race has already broken through the defenses!"

"The power of the protective barriers have dipped! We can't hold out for much longer now!"

"Everyone, full force attack!"

Boom, boom, boom!

At this moment, the morale of the humans was extremely riled as they rushed towards the city walls.

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