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Chapter 868: Back To Where It Began
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The Insect Ancestor whose body was sliced cleanly into two wasn't dead at this moment just yet. The two gigantic parts of his body were wriggling in the void.

"d.a.m.nED HUMAN! d.a.m.n IT…!"

The Insect Ancestor hadn't expected that he would be sliced into two by this human with just a single finger! Seeing that, his heart bubbled with an endless amount of fear.


When Lin Fan caught sight of all those familiar structures within the image, his heart tightened. All these time, Lin Fan had thought that he was living in a parallel dimension or something. But, he had never imaged that Earth would just be one of the worlds in the Infinite Worlds!

The descent of the Insect race has caused all of that peaceful order to completely collapse down. In the face of this oppressive power of the Insect race, all the armies broke down instantly. Even if it were nuclear weapons, they would only be akin to scratching the backs of these Insect race beings.

Countless cities failed in their defenses, and an innumerable amount of humans were devoured.

"d.a.m.nED SMELLY INSECT!" At this moment, Lin Fan truly did not know whether to get agitated or angry.


With a single stomp, Lin Fan crushed the head of the Insect Ancestor immediately. All of a sudden, a rhombus shaped colored Insect Crystal floated gently in the void.

This Insect Crystal contained all the powers of the Insect Ancestor.

It was the equivalent of the Universal Elixir of the other races.

"HUMAN! HOW DARE YOU COMMIT AN ACT AS SUCH TO YOUR ANCESTOR? YOU SHALL DIE A HORRENDOUS DEATH!" From within the crystal, the maddened howl of the Insect Ancestor rang out.

"Tell me. What happened to that clear blue planet in the end." Lin Fan grabbed the rainbow crystal and asked harshly.


The Insect Ancestor laughed out in a crazed manner, "What happened? They must have naturally been devoured by the n.o.ble Insect race!"


Lin Fan used a bit of force and the Insect Crystal of the Insect Ancestor developed an endless amount of cracks as though it could shatter apart at any time.

"NO! STOP! PLEASE STOP! YOUR ANCESTOR IS THE ANCESTOR OF THE INSECT RACE! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" The Insect Ancestor screamed out. He was so scared that he was practically p.i.s.sing all over right now.

He hadn't expected that the strength of this human would be this strong! That Insect Crystal of his is the toughest existence within the entire universe! But, with a single gentle squeeze, his Insect Crystal seemed as though it could crumble at any moment! This had the Insect Ancestor panicking down from the bottom of his heart.

"Hmph! Courting death! Initially, I had wanted to toy with you for a fair bit. But right now, you have already completely angered Yours Truly. You can go to h.e.l.l then." Lin Fan barked.

"Tell me! How do I get to that place!" Lin Fan asked sternly once more.

"Let go of Your Ancestor and Your Ancestor will tell you!" The Insect Ancestor was no fool. He could sense that the inner heart of this human was clearly wavering.

And the reason for this waver was exactly because Lin Fan was concerned about that clear blue planet.

"You have no rights to bargain with Yours Truly." Lin Fan replied with cold tone. He then used more force, and the crystal instantly started cracking out even further.

"No, you can't do that! Otherwise, you will never be able to find out how to get over there!" The Insect Ancestor could clearly feel the killing intent that was emanating out from this human. With that, his heart felt a sense of fear surging through it.

He could feel that this human was practically going to kill him at any moment now.

"Great Buddha's Light of Purification!"

Lin Fan roared out. Instantly, the entire world was enveloped in a Buddha light as countless Purifying Buddhas came forth while chanting sutras. They wrapped around the Insect Crystal of the Insect Ancestor as a power of purification seeped into the cracks.



The Great Buddha's Light of Purification was a heaven defying mystic skill that was lost by the Buddha race a long time ago. And now that Lin Fan's powers were even more formidable than ever, purifying a mere Insect Ancestor was something he could do with casual ease.


The Insect Ancestor sent out a series of consciousness streams one after another.

But the moment the consciousness was sent out, they were intercepted by Lin Fan, "Trying to send out a distress signal through your consciousness in the face of Yours Truly? You've got to be dreaming."

'Ding…Purification Success.'

"Tell me… How do I get over there?" Lin Fan asked once more.

"Master, this is a Dimensional G.o.d Insect. He can bring you over." At this moment, an immensely thin and long Dimensional G.o.d Insect that looked like an earthworm flew out of the Insect Crystal.

With that, a boundless amount of dimensional power shrouded the entire area.

Lin Fan looked at the Dimensional G.o.d Insect and furrowed his brows. This Dimensional G.o.d Insect was a special type of Insect G.o.d within the Insect race.

Even though it did not possess that much of a personal strength, it had a special innate gift that was extremely powerful and could break through any sort of barriers between different dimensions.

"Master." The Insect Ancestor who was now purified looked at Lin Fan with a face of servitude, hoping to be praised by Lin Fan for his work.


Lin Fan laughed coldly and the Insect Crystal was broken instantly. As the broken crystal shards floated in the skies, an endless amount of Spirit Qi was burst forth.

Lin Fan opened his mouth wide and sucked in all of the Spirit Qi.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Insect Ancestor.'

'Ding…Experience Points +…'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Infinite Worlds Map.'

At this moment, the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar started vibrating immensely. The Dimension G.o.d Insect that was floating in the void seemed as though it was being pulled by some unknown force as it started gravitating towards the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

'Ding…Discovered Dimension G.o.d Insect and Infinite Worlds Map. Able to be fused with the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.'

Lin Fan hadn't expected a transformation as such. Spreading his hands wide open as though he was grabbing out for a little chicken, he pinched the Dimension G.o.d Insect over.

Realising that there was danger, the Dimension G.o.d Insect wanted to burrow into the void to make an escape. But in the hands of Lin Fan, there was no way it could possibly escape.

"Come on over."

Without hesitating, Lin Fan fused the Dimension G.o.d Insect with the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. At the same time, the Infinite Worlds Map was added in as well.

All of a sudden, the entire world shone with a bright gleam as something huge was happening to the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

Within the Inner World, the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar's functions were undergoing a huge change. It could suddenly detect any world amongst the Infinite Worlds. At the same time, Lin Fan could directly burn up Shengyang Pills to cross barriers any reach any world out there.


For the beings of the Insect race, the death of the Insect Ancestor had a great impact. Without a leader, all of these insects were now in a daze. Seizing this opportunity, Chicky went on a rampage of pecking down as well. In the blink of an eye, all the Insect race beings were all dead.

"So strong…"

When the disciples of the Heaven Spirit Sect caught sight of this, they were completely dumbfounded. In their eyes, this Motherf*cking Human King was simply way too strong! To think that the invincibly mighty Insect Ancestor would be dead just like that!

And that strange looking beast was extremely violent as well! Compared to the Insect race, the difference was really tantamount to the Heavens!


At this moment, Chicky felt as though he could barely eat anymore. Too full... He was way too full right now!

But in Chicky's eyes, these Insect race beings were just truly delicious! After eating them up, there was also signs of his strength skyrocketing into the Heavens.

Right now, Lin Fan's attention was fully immersed within that Ancient Siant Sacrificial Altar as he started searching for the coordinates of Earth.


Ling Tianzi walked up furtively wanting to thank Lin Fan properly. After all, the other party was someone who had just saved their entire sect! If not for this Motherf*cking Human King, the Heaven Spirit Sect might have perished entirely.

But at this moment, Lin Fan had no mood nor time to be bothered with any of these at all. He stood there silently without speaking at all.

Ling Tianzi saw how the Motherf*cking Human King didn't say anything at all and decided not to ask any further. He too stood there for a long time. In his opinion, the King must be thinking about something.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan found the final coordinates he wanted.

"Chicky, time to go."

"Cuckcuckoo!" Chicky swallowed the final Insect race being and flew over to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan waved out with his hands. Without wasting any time, he used the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar to cross the worlds towards Earth.

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