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Pinching a Biggra, Lin Fan was both hesitant and curious at the same time. Could it be just as Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue had mentioned, that consuming Biggra could provide so much pleasure?

After a moment of hesitation, he let out a sigh and curbed his curiosity. He had better refrain from popping that pill. As someone without a partner, he’d better be safe than sorry.

Not long after, Lin Fan’s expression took a turn as dull grunts came consistently from a distance. Peering out, he frowned as Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue’s wooden houses started vibrating and shaking vigorously.

"Goodness! I have…sinned" Lin Fan shook his head and sighed helplessly.

Meanwhile, at the foot of Nameless Peak…

Ye Shaotian was in a dilemma. Should he climb the peak to look for that fellow? While his heart was adamantly refusing as this man had utterly shamed him and he swore deep vengeance against him, he was curious at the same time as to what was the pill he had consumed back then.

Four days earlier, Ye Shaotian had thought that the pill forced down on him by Lin Fan was a poisonous one. But he realized his misconception not long later.

After consuming the pill, he could only feel his body burning up, as though a dormant volcano was finally erupting within him, searching for an exit from his body.

Arriving at Ruo Mengyu’s place, the crazed man said nothing and leaped at her, tearing apart her clothes.

And just like that, just when the two of them were polymerizing together as one, he discovered a feeling he had never known surging through his body.

And what bothered Ye Shaotian more was that the ecstatic expression and those elated moans from Ruo Mengyu were something he had never seen before.

That battle shook Heaven and Earth, withered oceans and mowed mountains to dust. From that mountaintop, a crack appeared, slowly cracking through to the ground and from within, fresh streams of water gushed out. Torrents after torrents, wave after wave, a shriek so sharp came, that it rang in one’s ears for three days.

Be it Ye Shaotian or Ruo Mengyu, both of them experienced a satisfaction they have never once felt.

Especially when Ye Shaotian could finally pull his exhausted body out of the house and saw many looks of astonishment staring at his face.

Especially what Ruo Mengyu said to him as he was leaving, Ye Shaotian could never leave it out of his mind.

"Big Brother Ye…This was the happiest Mengyu have ever been…!"


Ye Shaotian had not misheard, nor had he seen wrongly. From Ruo Mengyu’s face came an expression of satisfaction like never before.

And the few days after consuming the pill, Ye Shaotian experienced yet another form of elation. This feeling of happiness was like a small simmering fire leaking consistently from his heart, forgetting any trouble he had ever had.

And now that he was here, he wanted to know just what sort of medicine it was. He wanted to experience that experience he had never had before.

News of Ye Shaotian heading to Nameless Peak spread like wildfire, and every outer sect disciple who had heard of it rushed behind promptly. They were about to witness an earth-shattering battle between the two.

Ye Shaotian and Lin Fan must have an irreconcilable grudge, and now that Ye Shaotian was taking the lead to confront him first, he must definitely have a bone to grind.

Arriving at Nameless Peak, Ye Shaotian took a look at the surroundings with disdain. The place was dilapidated and run down, and he dared to self-proclaim it as a sect? What a joke this was!

"Ahh, Junior Disciple Ye, you’ve come?" Just at this moment, Lin Fan’s voice rang across. Ye Shaotian’s expression changed and warily, he stared at the man sitting on the rock in front of him, who was overlooking the peak at the rivers below.

"How did you know I was gonna come?" Ye Shaotian asked.

"Of course, my dear." Lin Fan chuckled gently without a hint of hurry in his voice, as though everything was under control, dancing within his palms. The serene backdrop seemed to have blended in together with him in the atmosphere, giving off an air of superiority.

"How’s the pill?" Lin Fan asked.

"What’s that pill?" Ye Shaotian took a deep breath. This pill was imperative to Ye Shaotian’s future, and even if this guy was his most hated enemy, he had to suppress the fury in his heart.

"Ahh, Junior Disciple, this pill was tailor-made for you by Yours Truly for the sole purpose of removing your Unspeakable Flaw. Now that you’re so lively, I presume the pill must have shown you it’s magic, allowing you to experience the epitome of happiness in this life" Lin Fan did not answer Ye Shaotian and patted on the remaining s.p.a.ce on the rock beside him.

"Come here, come to Yours Truly. Let Yours Truly slowly explain it to you."

Ye Shaotian stared at Lin Fan warily. Just what was this guy scheming? But from the looks of it, if he did not head over, Lin Fan would not continue the conversation.

At last, Ye Shaotian hesitantly gritted his teeth and headed forward.

Lin Fan glanced at Ye Shaotian gently, but his heart took a flip of joy. Whew, dammit, I was afraid you might not have bitten the hook.

"You said that this pill was cultivated by you?" The both of them sat side by side, just like long lost friends.

The disciples who had finally caught up to catch the show were shocked beyond words. What was up with this?!? Why were these two so chummy!?

"I am your Junior Master" Lin Fan replied discontentedly.

Ye Shaotian frowned, and eventually gave in. ‘Fine, you’re the biggest now. You’re the king, and even my ancestors can’t match to you.’

"Junior Master Lin, this pill was cultivated by you?" Ye Shaotian asked again. To him, this pill was nothing short of G.o.dly.

Ye Shaotian had known in his heart that he wasn’t capable in that aspect. But as a man, who would readily confess to it? Furthermore, with Ruo Mengyu playing along to feign ignorance, he felt no need to question further.

But upon being laid bare by Lin Fan, Ye Shaotian could no longer bear it. Even when one fought someone, one did not sucker punch them. But this fellow knew no boundaries. It wasn’t just sucker punching, he low blowed, slapped, squeezed, and shat on Ye Shaotian completely. Which man could tolerate such humiliation?

And what was more, after consuming the pill, Ye Shaotian knew that he could no longer live without it now that he had known about this.

"Of course. This was specially tailor-made and cultivated just for your sake, junior disciple. Are you satisfied with it?" Lin Fan smiled calmly and benevolently.

"Yes, I am" Ye Shaotian nodded. Now that he was at the mercy of Lin Fan, he could only play along.

"That’s good. As long as my junior disciple is satisfied, Yours Truly is relieved" Lin Fan said

"Junior master Lin, this time…" Ye Shaotian had prepared to ask for more medicine, and in fact, he had even brought his own ingredients to compensate.

But just as Ye Shaotian opened his mouth, he was interrupted by Lin Fan.

"Your intentions of coming here, as your junior master, I understand them fully. It’s just that the cultivation process is extremely difficult, and the ingredients required are rare beyond measures. But to know that it helps with your Unspeakable Flaw, Yours Truly had not wasted his efforts. Here are four pills. Use them sparingly. Should you need more in the future, you can always come to Yours Truly to redeem more" Lin Fan took out four pills and pa.s.sed them to the dumbstruck Ye Shaotian.

Never in his wildest dreams had Ye Shaotian expected this man to give him all the pills without even a single request.

He had thought that Lin Fan would definitely make things difficult for him, or even force an expensive price upon him. On his route up, he had already made up his mind.

He would tolerate as much as he could, and whatever he could buy, he’d buy.

But staring at the four pills in his palms, Ye Shaotian could not find any words to express this shock.

"Go on" At this moment, Lin Fan gently waved his hand, allowing Ye Shaotian to take his leave.

Ye Shaotian was still in a state of shock and daze.

"Junior Master Lin! You’re…giving them to me just like that? There are no requirements?!" Ye Shaotian asked in disbelief.

Towards Ye Shaotian’s gaze, Lin Fan revealed a smile which could only be found on an extremely benevolent and compa.s.sionate senior who loved his juniors.

"Ah, Junior Disciple. You’ve got to keep in mind. Where we are currently standing on is a piece of Glory Sect’s land. Even while Yours Truly have come out to create my own sect, we still belong to the same family of Glory Sect. Now that you’re in need, as a Junior master who cultivated these pills for you, how can I bear to ask for anything in return?"


Ye Shaotian stared at Lin Fan puzzled. And finally, he nodded his head and turned around to leave.

After his departure, Lin Fan let out a smile.

He couldn’t rush this. He had to go slow, from shallow to deep. Ye Shaotian was not to be bought over so easily. But Lin Fan believed that as long as he persevered, one day, he’d be able to subdue him and buy him over eventually.

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