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Chapter 864: I'll Go Along With You Guys
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

'Ding…Congratulations on creating a G.o.d Tiered Delicacy.'

'Heaven Shark Fin Soup: Made from combination of connate Element of Water, connate Element of Fire, Heaven and Earth Smelt and Heaven Shark Fin. It is a G.o.d Tiered Delicacy.'

'Effects: Many, many amazing effects.'

When Lin Fan heard of the system's notifications, he did not have that much of a feeling toward it. To him, everything felt just really normal.

This Heaven Shark Fin could be considered as one of the greatest tonics in the entire universe. Without even talking about the other good stuff, the G.o.d Tiered Delicacy made from this alone was already something extraordinary.

The moment the smelt was opened up, a radiant light shot out and stole everyone's focus. Spirit Qi burst forth into the sky and culminated above the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"Just what sort of a miraculous elixir is this?!" When Ling Wuwei caught sight of everything before him, he could not help but gasp in shock. In their eyes, this was just heaven defying!

A thick Spirit Qi floated before their faces. A single sniff of it was enough for the powers within their bodies to rumble out furiously.

The moment those Spirit race beings without any cultivation state caught a whiff of this, they could feel as though they were practically flying up into the heavens!

Even though they did not have a cultivation base, they could feel some tremendous changes going on within their bodies under the effect of this miraculous delicacy.

"Seems like this is not too bad." Lin Fan lamented.

"Old Bro, this is way too amazing!" When Chicky took in the fragrance, and especially when he noticed the powers rummaging through within, he was practically intoxicated by it.

"HAHAHA!" Lin Fan burst out laughing, then swept his robes and pointed out with his finger. Using his power of creating physical objects, a series of sparkling ceramic bowls floated in the void one after another.

He then divided this Shark Fin Feast out evenly so that everyone could get one share at least.

Those Spirit race beings without any cultivation states would be able to break through to the Azure celestial cultivation state if their innate potentials were average. For those that had an excellent innate potential, Desolate celestial cultivation state wasn't out of the question as well.

This Heaven Fin was a great tonic. And, this was especially the case now that other ingredients were added in. The effects produced were just plain sick, and not something that ordinary elixirs could compare with.

When all of those Spirit race beings without cultivation states looked at this precious treasure in their hands, they gulped it down in a single mouthful, without any hesitation.


At this moment, the void rippled.

These were the changes caused by the Spirit race beings, who originally had no cultivation states, after devouring these Heaven Fins. Their tremendous amount of powers gathered and surged right up into the void.

"To think that it would be this strong!"

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, his heart skipped a beat. Desolate celestial could be considered to be quite a low level here. There were even some Spirit race beings who had broken through to the Divine celestial cultivation state right away and churned out powers from there!

In Lin Fan's eyes, these Heaven Fins were truly, incomparably powerful!

At this moment, there was a wave of excitement within the Spirit race.

"I've got True Energy now! I feel like my entire body's cruising with powers!"

"Powers…! These are powers!"


After Ling Wuwei and the others ate up the Heaven Fins, even their own cultivation states were starting to undergo changes, and they thrust right into the higher cultivation state!

"If I hadn't witnessed this with my very own eyes, it would have been totally unimaginable!" Ling Wuwei remarked.

This was especially the case after seeing how those fellow race beings of his, who did not have any cultivation state before, possessed some pretty strong powers right now! His face was changed in astonishment entirely.

These methods were just absolutely heaven revolting!


At this moment, countless Spirit race beings collapsed onto the ground in prostration. They were filled with immense grat.i.tude toward Lin Fan. In their eyes, Lin Fan was their great benefactor!

They had endured an endless amount of oppression from the Colossal Shark race. Now that this Motherf*cking Human King had descended and slain the entire Colossal Shark race, as well as raising their powers to boot, a favor as such wasn't something they could repay at all!

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, his heart leaped with joy. This was the type of atmosphere he wanted! When he saw how these beings of the Spirit race were immensely grateful toward him, he was even prouder of himself.

"Senior." At this moment, Ling Wuwei came before Lin Fan with a look of awe on his face.

In the face of a powerful being as such, Ling Wuwei did not have the slightest bit of haughtiness to him. He had lowered his dignity to the lowest level possible.

"Yes? Is there anything?" Lin Fan asked peacefully.

"My immense grat.i.tude for your salvation of the Spirit race, senior. This is a favor that I will carve into my heart forever." Ling Wuwei was grateful beyond words right now. As a Spirit race being, the fact that he was able to see his fellow Spirit race beings tread onto the path of happiness after being saved from hot waters was something that he couldn't be any more thankful for.

Lin Fan smiled calmly while waving it off with his hands, "It was just a pa.s.sing affair."

"This might be a pa.s.sing affair for senior, but is indubitably the gift of a new life itself for the Spirit race. Please receive my kowtow, senior." Ling Wuwei did not hesitate before kneeling down onto the ground.

All the other junior brothers and sisters of Ling Wuwei were thoroughly respectful towards Lin Fan right now, as they prostrated onto the ground just like Ling Wuwei.

A powerful being as such was extremely difficult to come by. Now that he was here, he had shaken their entire souls.


Just at this moment, a piece of jade tablet that Ling Wuwei hung at his waist suddenly shattered.

Instantly, the face of Ling Wuwei and the others changed, looking extremely terrible. This broken jade tablet turned into starlight that began to converge. Within the void, it turned into a single voice message.

"All Spirit Heaven Sect members who are outside, listen up. The sect has been invaded by monsters, resulting in its destruction. Do not return to the sect! Do not…ARGH!"

Listening to the final tragic cry, the face of Ling Wuwei was irreparable right now.

All of the few hundreds of Spirit race beings were equally horrified. This was the voice of their Grandmaster.

"Senior brother, this…!" Everyone looked at their senior brother, not knowing what they should do.


The moment Lin Fan heard this, he could not help but mull over it. How could there monsters and such in this world? Everyone knew about the Ancient race. But, there was no one who would refer to them as monsters.

"Senior, your junior here shall take his leave first. There's something wrong with my sect. I've got to return to check it out." Ling Wuwei cupped his fists while saying. This was a matter of his sect. If even their Grandmaster couldn't deal with it, it was evident that the enemies this time around were far from simple.

While senior might be powerful, they did not have any relationship with one another at all. This was especially after senior had just saved the Spirit race earlier on. If he were to seek help from senior here once more, that might be a little too much.

"I'll go with you guys to check it out."

Lin Fan was bothered by this as well, wondering what sort of sh*t was wrecking havoc onto the ma.s.ses once more.

But, in Lin Fan's opinion, he knew that this couldn't possibly be the Ancient race. If it were the Ancient race, the voice message in the jade tablet couldn't have described them as monsters.

They would naturally say that it was the Ancient race.

The moment Ling Wuwei heard these words, he naturally could not have wished for anything more. If senior were willing to lend them a hand, that would be for the best!

Against an enemy that even their Grandmaster couldn't deal with, even if they were to head back, they wouldn't be of much help.

"Give me the address of your sect." Lin Fan said.

"To the North, 100,000 miles from here." Ling Wuwei said.

"Alright. Chicky, time to go." Lin Fan waved his hands. The moment Chicky, who was still eating indulgently, heard these words, he leaped up onto Lin Fan's shoulders, albeit somewhat unwilling to let go of the food.

"Let's go."

With a single sweep of his hands, Lin Fan brought Ling Wuwei and the others into a cage with him and darted through the void 100,000 miles up ahead.

As for the other Spirit race beings, they had stayed here for a long time, and were naturally extremely familiar with this place by now. Now that the Colossal Shark race had been annihilated, the threat to their lives had vanished along with that as well.

As for the Ancient race, they would naturally not be bothered with these Spirit race beings here. After all, for the Ancient race, these Spirit race beings were here as weak as ants.

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