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Chapter 863: The Most Extravagant Feast
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

At this moment, the entire area fell silent. The gate had disappeared by now as well. In the end, the Shark Ancestor had not expected that this would be the result of the sacrifice.

This was an empty sacrifice now. If he had known that this was the case, even if the Shark Ancestor wanted to fight with Lin Fan with his entire life, he wouldn't have made the tribute.

A single mistake to regret for an entire lifetime... But right now, there was no longer any hope left.

Looking at the corpse laying there, Lin Fan shook his head.

A pity... This was a true pity.

With the disappearance of his bloodline, the taste of his Heaven Fin Feast would definitely change as well!

But on second thought, the Shark Ancestor was already so old anyway. The Shark Fin must definitely be extremely old as well. Therefore, there was no guarantee of its taste!

Since he worked himself to a rage and died just like that, let that be then. There was nothing to feel wasted about.

With those dozens of Shark Fins earlier on, it would definitely be enough for the Spirit race beings to have a good meal. He truly did not know what the taste would be like, and could not wait to head back to give it a try.


Ling Wuwei and the others, who had been staring blankly in the s.p.a.ce for a long time now, floated over and came before Lin Fan's face before greeting him respectfully.

This battle had long shocked the bejabbers out of them.

Strong. Truly, incredibly strong!

"Now that the Colossal Shark race has been wiped out, the Spirit race can be considered to be safe now. Where did you guys come from?" Lin Fan smiled out calmly while placing his hands behind his back. It was as though everything that had happened earlier on was nothing but a small issue, and there was no need to make a fuss over it.

"Senior, we are disciples of the Spirit Heaven Sect. It is a sect that was opened up by the Spirit race." Ling Wuwei said.

Lin Fan nodded his head. He wasn't all that familiar with this Spirit Heaven Sect. Therefore, he garnered that it should be some small sect or something.

"Alright, now that everything has been settled, you guys are pretty much in luck. You're just in time to go have a taste of the Shark Fins." Lin Fan smiled while saying.

Ling Wuwei was stunned, not understanding what senior meant by that.

Shark Fin? Could it be those fins of the Heaven Sharks?

Ling Wuwei then exchanged glances with everyone around him with a look of disbelief on his face.

Were they really going to eat the fins of Heaven Sharks?!

Since they came from a sect, they naturally knew of the wondrous effects of the Heaven Shark Fins.

And, the royalty of the Colossal Shark race were none other than the Heaven Sharks.

They must have a certain amount of powers that would cause their bloodlines to turn thick enough and produce a pair of wing-like fins eventually. These fins possessed an incredible amount of power, and were full of nutrition! They were extremely beneficial to all living beings!

However, this was a luxury product, and not something that one could eat as and when they would wish to!

Every single Heaven Shark was an extremely formidable existence! Given their capabilities, they might not be able to eat it in their entire life!

That was because even the lowest cultivation state of the Heaven Sharks was at the Divine celestial level 8 state!

For them to kill a Divine celestial level 8 state Colossal Shark was definitely just a fool's dream!

Eventually, everyone got a little excited. Having a taste of the Heaven Fins? Was this even something they could possibly even imagine? Even their Grandmaster might not have had this good fortune!

Within the city…

Chicky stood on a pair of Heaven Fins and reared his head while crying out, "Cuckcuckoo!!!"

"That side, put it into the pot."

"That side, please hurry up with your speed a little. You're taking such a long time cutting up those fins! Hurry, hurry!"

"Those little-a.r.s.ed kids there! What are you guys doing!? Don't lick it with your tongue! Hurry up and go get some spices and stuff over!"

"Is that pot boiling yet? What's up with this fire? Why is the temperature so low? Come, make way. Let Your Chicky do it personally!"


Right now, Chicky was extremely busy. Initially, things were still manageable with a single pair of Heaven Fins. But to think that there would be tens of them right now! This was making things quite difficult for him to handle.

A single pair of fins was around thousand feet wide each, and required countless people to work on it together in order to cut it apart. This was simply way too slow!

"Chicky, is it done yet?" Lin Fan appeared in the void and checked out the situation below. He discovered that all the Spirit race beings in the entire city had gotten busy with it!

But, these pairs of Heaven Fins were really way too huge! They were so huge that the city folks almost felt like breaking down from the hard work.

A single Heaven Shark was around a few hundred feet in size. It was only normal that these wings were only thousands of feet in size as well. In fact, some of them even seemed a bit smaller!

"Old Bro, all settled?" When Chicky saw Lin Fan, he hopped up and down in excitement.

"What do you think?" Lin Fan asked.


Chicky leaped onto Lin Fan's shoulder. He then looked at those people behind, "Eh? Spirit race beings who know how to cultivate?"

"Yes. They're Spirit race beings from outside." Lin Fan nodded his head, then waved his hands, "Everyone, please settle down."

At this moment, Lin Fan's voice boomed out like the vast oceans and circulated around the city. All of the Spirit race beings who were busy cutting the Heaven Fins looked up into the void at that figure.

"The Colossal Shark race has been wiped out by Yours Truly. From now on, there will be no Colossal Sharks appearing anymore." Lin Fan said.

For the beings of the Spirit race, this piece of news was heavenly!

It was as though a nuclear warhead had been dropped into the middle of the ocean, causing a gigantic whirlpool to surge into the air along with its explosion.

First came silence, and in the next moment, the entire area was filled with an eruption of cheers. All of these beings of the Spirit race bore a euphoric look on their faces.

Some of them broke into a dance jubilantly while others thumped at their own chests furiously. They were so emotional right now that some of them were even breaking out in tears.

As for Little Stone, he was already reunited with his younger sister by now. Looking at the figure in the void, Little Stone could not contain his emotions.

"Too slow... Way too slow. Seems like I can only depend on myself then." Lin Fan looked at how all the gigantic Heaven Fins were not even close to being half done just yet, and felt a little impatient.

G.o.d knew how long it would take by the time they were done with it.

Lin Fan then stretched out his fingers, and those pair of fins flew up into the voids.

Using his fingers, Lin Fan started shredding them.



Those sparkling Shark Fins were being shredded out layer by layer.

Lin Fan then summoned out the Heaven and Earth Smelt instantly. Using the Heaven and Earth Smelt as a pot was definitely a steady method that wouldn't have any problems at all!

As for Ling Wuwei and the others, the moment the Heaven and Earth Smelt appeared, they let out shocked looks on their faces. The aura that was given off by the Heaven and Earth Smelt was something that was extremely vicissitudinous and distant, evidently extraordinary.

And, to think that senior would be using it as a pot right now! They were so astounded that they were speechless right now.

Rattling. This was just rattling their spirits.

It wasn't long before those gigantic Heaven Fins were completely prepared successfully.

With a casual flick of his fingers, the connate Element of Water gushed out and entered the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

No matter what, these Heaven Fins were some precious treasures! The ingredients used for preparing them must naturally be good as well!

The moment the connate Element of Water came forth, a thick and dense aura burst forth from it.

"This is the connate Element of Water!" Ling Wuwei and the others were taken aback once more.

Wasn't this way too extravagant? To think that he would use the connate Element of Water as ingredients! If anyone else were to catch wind of this, they would definitely puke out a mouthful of old blood!

For the beings of the Spirit race, everything that was going on right now was simply way too surreal!

The Colossal Shark race was slaughtered, and their fins were used as food. And that was not all, as the ingredients for it even had the connate Element of Water! Even if one were to talk about the pot used, it was a supreme treasure!

Everything that was laid out today was simply way too extravagant!

After everything was prepared, Lin Fan gave it a light clap. With that, a ball of fire lit up.

"Connate Element of Fire…!!!"

It was time for Ling Wuwei and everyone's jaws to drop wide open once more.

This meal was way too…extravagant!!!



It didn't take long for a thick surge of Spirit Qi to float out. The moment one sniffed it, they would feel invigorated instantly.

As for those Spirit race beings without any cultivation, all of them started transforming with a mere whiff of this.

All the acc.u.mulated Spirit Qi in their bodies went berserk at this very moment…


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