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Chapter 862: Angered To Death
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The power was getting stronger by the second as the bloodline of the Shark Ancestor burst forth from within his body. A long, illusory figure of the Colossal Shark bloodline appeared and rumbled while roaring. On top of this bloodline were many long threads that were connected into the depths of the void.

These were the branches of the bloodline. Since the Shark Ancestor was the Old Master of the Colossal Shark race, he was naturally the origin of the bloodline as well.

At this moment, there was something strange that was going on in countless places in the world.

The entire Colossal Shark race had occupied this entire ocean region. At some places, there were Colossal Sharks that were committing evil deeds somewhere. When they looked at how terrified the weak little living beings were cowering in their faces, they were naturally extremely excited in their hearts.

But all of a sudden, all these Colossal Shark race beings began to wail out tragically before turning into specks of stardust that scattered out into the world.

And just at this moment, all of those countless Colossal Sharks were turned into stardust, gushing forth toward the Shark Ancestor.

"Motherf*cking Human King, even though you are formidable, Your Ancestor here is going to use up everything of the Colossal Shark race to come at your life! So what if you're extremely strong and capable? You will have to head down to the grave with us!"

At this moment, Lin Fan could only smile out calmly, unbothered about it in the least bit.

The radiance around the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar was getting brighter by the moment. This was because the object of the Shark Ancestor's sacrifice was simply way too huge! If this were in the past, given this amount of tribute from a single race, even an Utmost Being of the Ancient race might have the possibility of descending personally in return for this!

When the Shark Ancestor caught sight of these light spots, his eyes shone with a frenzied look.

"Utmost Beings! You guys are untrustworthy!"

Now that he was forced to this extent, the Shark Ancestor had no other way out at all. Initially, he thought that by siding with the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, they would be able to skyrocket and gain the help of the Ancient race. But, to think that the Ancient race would leave them in the lurch even as things had come to this!

His hatred was boundless right now.

And, all of this hatred was focused onto Lin Fan's body. After all, this was all caused by the Motherf*cking Human King.

If not for the Motherf*cking Human King, the Colossal Shark race would definitely be the top race out there on the day of the Infinite Worlds opening up!

But right now, all of that was going to disappear along with the sands of time.



The Shark Ancestor howled out with a heart full of indignance. He could feel an extremely formidable power descending down from the unknowns. The lips of the Shark Ancestor curled into a bittersweet smile.

"Motherf*cking Human King, your death has arrived. All of this was forced out by you!"



The Shark Ancestor reared his head into the sky and laughed out manically.


All of a sudden, a tear appeared out between the Heaven and Earth. The moment this tear appeared, a door that brought with it a heavenly might stood tall between the world. It was as though there was some mysterious and horrifying power hidden behind it.


Ling Wuwei and the others gulped down their saliva nervously. They could feel that there was some extremely formidable power that was channeling behind those doors. This power was unmatched and brought shivers down their spines.

When the Shark Ancestor felt this power that was seeping through, that dismal heart of his started going berserk. In the eyes of the Shark Ancestor, this formidable power was definitely more than enough to take down anything.


Ling Wuwei and the others looked at Lin Fan, not knowing what they should do right now. They could clearly sense this power that was seeping through. It was indeed formidable and wasn't something that any ordinary person could handle at all.

'Ding…Tribute complete. Begin descent.'


All of a sudden, that unyielding stone gate started quaking violently. An extremely violent and monstrous power was slowly ripping forth from the gaps of the gate.

"HAHAH! Yes, come on out! COME ON OUT!" The Shark Ancestor had already sacrificed his bloodline. Therefore, his cultivation state was extremely unstable right now, and his body was beyond the point of fatigue. But, when he felt the power that was surging through, he could not help but struggle to keep up with his crazed laughter.

And just at this moment, the Shark Ancestor suddenly realized that the Motherf*cking Human King before his face had disappeared! He started screaming in rage.


"YOU HAD BETTER F*CKING GET THE F*CK OUT NOW!" The Shark Ancestor bellowed.

He thought that the Motherf*cking Human King had made a run for it! If that were the case, everything he had done would be for naught!

But, the feeling earlier on was really mysterious! He did not sense any bit of vibration through the void at all! How in the world did the Motherf*cking Human King disappear into thin air just like that?

And at the same time, where did he disappear to?

"Shark Ancestor…"

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded out into the ears of the Shark Ancestor.


The Shark Ancestor was startled. He then laughed out with a deranged look on his face, "MOTHERF*CKING HUMAN KING! YOUR DEATH SENTENCE HAS ARRIV…ARRIV…ARRIV…"

Initially, when the Shark Ancestor heard this voice, his entire body started trembling in excitement. But when he caught sight of the figure that stepped through those doors, he was completely dumbfounded.


The Shark Ancestor was thoroughly dumbfounded. His heart was surging as though waves were crashing down on it at this very moment. All he could do was stand there blankly.

How in the world was this possible…?!

Ling Wuwei and all the hundreds of beings from the Spirit race were equally frozen solid. That figure…that figure!

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders helplessly, "Shark Ancestor, actually, there's really nothing impossible about it."

"Shark Ancestor, now that you've summoned out Yours Truly, is there anything you require?"

Lin Fan asked indifferently. However, he truly wanted to laugh out in his heart.

The reason why the Shark Ancestor sacrificed everything was undoubtedly just to have him killed. But now that he himself was the one summoned by the tribute, this blow should be something that was practically impossible for the Shark Ancestor to swallow, right?


Indeed, at this moment, the chest of the Shark Ancestor started pushing forth. As though he could not hold it in, he suddenly spat out an entire mouthful of old blood.

"How did this happen…?"

The Shark Ancestor was on the brink of turning demented right now. What in the world was going on?

He had sacrificed the entire Colossal Shark race in order to seek out the strongest powers in the world to kill this Motherf*cking Human King! But, to think that the Motherf*cking Human King would be the one to appear!


"Also, I actually forgot to tell you this, Shark Ancestor. But, everything you've sacrificed? They're all here with Yours Truly." Lin Fan was afraid that the Shark Ancestor could not handle everything right now. Hence, he had to say it slowly.


The moment the Shark Ancestor heard these words, he spat out yet another mouthful of old blood. He raised a trembling finger and pointed it at Lin Fan.


"Oh gosh, don't get so worked up now, Shark Ancestor! Oh right, there's another thing that I've yet to tell you. Everything that you've been sacrificing has come to Yours Truly as well. And, Yours Truly is exactly the strongest existence you've summoned!"


The body of the Shark Ancestor wavered unsteadily. Right now, he was completely confounded as he tilted his head up and sprayed out mouthfuls of blood one after another.

"Alright, come and tell me then. What do you wish for me to do? Could it be that you hope for me to kill myself?"

"Then, I've got to apologize. That is a request I cannot accede to. Well, I guess this sacrifice of yours has been made for nothing then. But, I'll have you know that you went through with this willingly, alright? There's no such thing as a refund or anything, okay?"

Lin Fan said out calmly. However, he did not know that every single word he said was just yet another blow to the Shark Ancestor.




At this moment, the Shark Ancestor could no longer endure the blows as his blood boiled and shot right up into his head, causing the blood vessels in his brain to rupture, snuffing him out instantly.

He was angered to death just like that.

When Lin Fan caught sight of what happened, he could only sigh out helplessly, "To think that it would have ended like this. That's way too fast isn't it?"

Instantly, Lin Fan turned his head and looked at the vast ocean. From this day forth, the Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races would no longer have a Colossal Shark race.

Ling Wuwei and the others watched Lin Fan with their jaws agape.

This blow was equally impactful to every single one of them.

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