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Chapter 860: I'll Take It Myself Then
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The face of the Shark Ancestor changed. Behind that peaceful expression of his was hidden an infuriated heart. He hadn't expected that as one of the Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races, they would be forced to this extent by someone one day.

No matter what, he was a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state powerful being! However, he knew that this Motherf*cking Human King before him wasn't someone he could deal with.

While the mighty name of the Motherf*cking Human King hadn't been spread through the entire Ancient Saint World just yet, the Shark Ancestor knew that the Motherf*cking Human King was the one who had killed the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race.

"Hold on, please! Motherf*cking Human King, a hundred trillion Shengyang Pills is really way too astronomical a sum! Throughout the entire world, there shouldn't be a single race that has a fortune of this level!" The Shark Ancestor added hurriedly. He was truly afraid that the other party might just strike out over a single word of disagreement. By then, it would truly be a tragedy for them.

Right now, Lin Fan was in urgent need of Shengyang Pills. Since this Colossal Shark race was willing to come hand them to him willingly, why shouldn't he accept it?

As for those few hundred beings of the Spirit race, they were truly startled by this scene before them right now. To think that the formidably mighty Colossal Shark race would actually bow down in the face of a single human!

Their hearts were skipping furiously especially when the Shark Ancestor made his appearance.

They had truly not known that there was still such a monstrous existence that existed within the Colossal Shark race! If this old monster wanted to kill them, he could probably do so with the flip of his hand, without much effort!

Yet, in the face of this human, the Shark Ancestor had to remain humble and accede to his requests, without daring to show even a bit of resistance! In their eyes, they could finally see hope for the Spirit race.

"How much do you guys have then?" Lin Fan asked.

The Shark Ancestor looked at Lin Fan, "Thirteen trillion."

"WHAT? Are you trying to chase a beggar away or something!? Thirteen trillion? As one of the Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races, the Colossal Shark race only has a family fortune as such?! This isn't even 10% of the Colossal Dragon race!"

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he exploded. How in the b.l.o.o.d.y world could they be this poor?

For them to only have such an amount of Shengyang Pills as one of the largest races… If word of this were to get out, wouldn't they just be a laughing stock?

The Shark G.o.d glared at Lin Fan with an ominous glint and an endless fury burning in his heart. A ball of fire was practically blowing out of his eyes.

To think that this d.a.m.ned fella would not only kill his fellow race beings, but try to extort this much from them? This was a crime that should have him dead!

But, he hadn't expected for this matter to alert the Old Master out.

The Old Master had been cultivating in seclusion without bothering about secular affairs for the entire time. That was because he knew that the Infinite Worlds was going to open up. There could only be hope for the Colossal Shark race to tide it through that calamity if the Old Master raised his cultivation and protected them.

And, this was the exact reason why they had sided with the Ancient race. When the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World were to awaken, the Infinite Worlds would fall without any chance of coming back at all.

"Motherf*cking Human King, you can't compare our race with the Colossal Dragon race! The Colossal Dragon race is the richest out of all the Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races! And, these thirteen trillion Shengyang Pills are already the savings that our Colossal Shark race has acc.u.mulated over 10,000 years!" The Shark Ancestor replied hurriedly.

The Colossal Shark race had no penchant for riches. Therefore, these Shengyang Pills were acc.u.mulated slowly over time.

Within this ocean region, while the Colossal Shark race reigned over a huge area of territory, there weren't many resources for them to grab at. Especially not when they had to give up offerings to the Ancient race as well. This was the entire savings of the Colossal Shark race, these thirteen trillion Shengyang Pills.

"Oh, so that's the case. But, it's a pity thirteen trillion Shengyang Pills are really way too little. It's not enough for you guys to buy back the lives of your Colossal Shark race." Lin Fan smirked out calmly.

"Shark Ancestor, this human is really too much now! Since when has our Colossal Shark race ever feared any other races?! Motherf*cking Human King! Don't you get c.o.c.ky now!" The Shark G.o.d bellowed out as he lined his palms with his scale armor. As he raised them, the entire surface of the ocean started billowing out.

A series of waterspouts rose up from the calm surface of the waters.

"DEGENERATE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" When the Shark Ancestor caught sight of how the Shark G.o.d would dare to take action, his face changed.

"Hmph! Shark Ancestor, I am the G.o.d of the Colossal Sharks. For this human to dare to try testing the authority of the Colossal Shark race, the only thing that awaits him is death!" The Shark G.o.d hollered out and opened up his Paradise.

All of these waterspouts gushed up into the Heavens and brought with them a formidable power and unparalleled force.

"Courting death."

Lin Fan slapped down with a ma.s.sive palm. While the Shark G.o.d's powers were that of a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state as well, he was far too weak in Lin Fan's eyes.

With the pummeling of that gigantic palm, all of the waterspouts burst apart as the Shark G.o.d was practically controlled in these hands immediately.



A gigantic Heaven Shark streaked through the void. Those gigantic Heaven Fins flapped nonstop. But all of a sudden, a bright sword flash streaked through, slaying through the world.


Blood splattered out everywhere as a pair of Heaven Fins floated in the void. Sweeping his robes, Lin Fan sent the Heaven Fins flying toward the city.

"Motherf*cking Human King! Please show mercy! I have twenty trillion!" When the Shark Ancestor caught sight of this, his entire mental state was rattled as he hurriedly pleaded out.

"Hmph. First, it was thirteen. Now, it's twenty. Do you really take Yours Truly as someone you can fool over so easily?"

It was like stripping the silk out of a coc.o.o.n.

Lin Fan moved his five fingers as the body of the Shark G.o.d exploded out continuously. A Universal Elixir that was shaped like a Colossal Shark floated quietly between the Heaven and Earth.

This Universal Elixir was where the essence of the Shark G.o.d resided. From time to time, it would emit a G.o.dly glow, possessing all of the Shark G.o.d's strength within.


Lin Fan opened up his Paradise and absorbed everything instantaneously. The flesh of the Shark G.o.d which possessed an unparalleled amount of power was sucked dry before turning into dust and being scattered into the world.

Ling Wuwei and the others were long watching everything unfold before their eyes in a blank state.

Too strong. This was just way too strong!

For him to kill the Shark G.o.d with a single palm strike… This was something that was absolutely impossible in their eyes. But, with the facts laid bare before their very eyes, they had to even if they didn't want to believe it.

Oppression… This was a downright oppression.

"Alright, we can continue the discussion now. Shark Ancestor, how many Shengyang Pills do you have?" Lin Fan's mouth curled into a smirk before turning up into the void.

"Say, your Colossal Shark race has defected over to side with the Ancient race. Yet, the Ancient race does not even dare to show their faces around. I've got to say, you guys of the Colossal Shark race have really chosen the wrong side to join."

"Am I wrong, Utmost Beings?"

Lin Fan was looking up into the void. He had long sensed that the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race were surveying the scene below from up in the void.

But, the fact that these Utmost Beings of the Ancient race did not dare to come forth had Lin Fan feeling disappointed.


Dark clouds rumbled while lightning crackled. The Utmost Beings who were surveying the area were now enraged. But after rumbling for a moment, the dark clouds scattered and peace returned to the world, as though nothing had happened at all.


Lin Fan burst out laughing, "Timid cowards!"

Right now, the face of the Shark Ancestor was extremely terrible. When he saw the dark clouds rumbling, he had thought that the Utmost Beings were here to render a.s.sistance. But after a while, he realized that the Utmost Beings were not going to appear at all. This had the heart of the Shark Ancestor feeling extremely dismal.

Indeed, the rumors were true.

The Motherf*cking Human King had already had the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race fearing him.

"Motherf*cking Human King, please spare my life." The Shark Ancestor prostrated on the ground. While he hated it in his heart, he did not dare to show it out at all.

In the face of absolute power, he had truly admitted defeat.

"Shark Ancestor, you're making it really meaningless now. Since that's the case, the riches of the Colossal Shark race shall be retrieved by Yours Truly personally then." Lin Fan shook his head.

Since this was the case, everything would have to depend on him then.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan opened his arms spread-eagle, and something that shocked the Shark Ancestor happened.

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