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Chapter 859: Nothing To Talk About Then
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Lin Fan stepped forth and pushed Ling Wuwei aside. There was no need for such fuss to be created for these ants that he could crush with just the flip of a palm.

However, there was something that amazed Lin Fan. To think that the Spirit race would have quite a number of powerful beings among them!

But on second thought, this should indeed be the case. Some of these Spirit race beings had ascended from their Lower Worlds and were rescued by the different sects out there. It was only later on that they discovered that they had fellow race members who were being held captive and reared by the Colossal Shark race. Naturally, there was no way they could endure something as such.

All of these Spirit race beings in this city here were the remnants of several generations. All of their cultivation records had been destroyed entirely a long time ago. As for any Spirit race beings that had any cultivation, they were most likely slaughtered by the Colossal Shark race as well.

"You…!" Ling Wuwei was startled, not expecting that the other party would act as such!

"Senior brother, hurry up and leave! This Infinite Shark Formation truly is nothing to be scoffed at, and isn't something we can defend against! It's not our fault if this living being is looking to die! We've tried our best!"

"Daylight Slash!"

As the Billion Colossal Shark Army approached closer, the faces of the Spirit race beings grew grimmer as well. Ling Wuwei held the dual swords in his hands and slashed out, bursting forth with an infinite amount of sword flashes. These sword flashes filled up the entire void, extremely sharp in their auras.

Clang! Clang!

"This Infinite Shark Formation is formidable indeed! To think that even my Daylight Slash wouldn't be able to penetrate through it!" Ling Wuwei's face tensed up as his heart could not help but freeze as well.

"Fellow brother, please hurry up and leave! The Colossal Shark race is extraordinary, and is definitely not something that one can handle alone!" Ling Wuwei pressed on.


At this moment, Lin Fan burst out laughing. He then looked over at Ling Wuwei. He truly hadn't expected that someone like this would still be alive. Even in such dire straits, he still had the mood to persuade someone else to leave with him!

"Do you know who I am?" Lin Fan swept his robes and his lips curled into a grin.

Ling Wuwei was taken aback, not knowing what the other party meant by this. The several hundred Spirit race beings had a worried look on their faces as well, "Senior brother, it's going to be too late! Hurry and go!"

Lin Fan raised his head gently, "You guys are not bad. To think that you would have the guts to come out even under such circ.u.mstances. If the thousands of races were all like you guys, there wouldn't be a need to worry about the Ancient race."

"You…!" Ling Wuwei had suddenly realized that the aura of the other party was getting more mysterious by the moment! This was an extremely horrifying feeling. As far as Ling Wuwei was concerned, he had never ever felt such a feeling before, even if he were to meet with his Grandmaster!

"Yours Truly is the Motherf*cking Human King. I'm not sure if you guys have heard of me. But, whether you have or not, it doesn't matter. That's because today, you shall know of this name."


In front of everyone, Lin Fan sent out a casual palm strike that turned extremely frightening at this very moment.


The entire void shattered as an invisible palm strike pushed down and five transparent fingers descended from the sky. They created so much pressure that the entire void was starting to rip apart.

That palm strike was boundless, and as wide as the entire Heavens itself. An astral wind burst forth from it.


At this moment, everyone was completely stumped, as though they had just seen a ghost. That's because this palm strike was simply way too horrifying.

All the Spirit race beings who had been urging Ling Wuwei to leave earlier on had now shut up entirely. Their eyeb.a.l.l.s were practically popping out of their sockets right now.


The palm strike slammed down. As though they were made of paper, that Billion Colossal Shark Army started wailing out tragically.



All of a sudden, the entire world turned bright once more.

That initially pitch black sea of Colossal Shark Army had disintegrated into dust and scattered around the world.

"H-how could this…?"

At this moment, the Shark G.o.d was absolutely dumbstruck by everything before him, as though he had just seen a ghost in broad daylight.

That was a billion strong Colossal Shark Army! That was the Infinite Colossal Shark Formation formed by them, possessing a frightening might! But, to think that it would be taken down by the other party in a moment!

Lin Fan retracted his palm and placed his hands behind his back before turning to Ling Wuwei.

"Take a look. What do you think?" Lin Fan asked calmly, evidently unbothered.

"S-strong… Way too strong!"

Ling Wuwei felt like even breathing was getting difficult to handle right now. Everything was way too unbelievable in his eyes. It was so fake that he was almost going to cry out.

To think that that the Colossal Shark Army would be taken down by the other party with such ease!

They didn't even have a single chance to fight back!


At this moment, Ling Wuwei wasn't the only stunned one. The hundreds of Spirit race beings were equally flabbergasted. That junior sister who had been urging Ling Wuwei to leave earlier on practically had her lips sewed together right now. Those sparkly eyes of hers were almost popping out.

When Lin Fan looked at the astounded expression on the face of Ling Wuwei, he was filled with an immense pride.

"That's only natural. Yours Truly is indeed really strong. As for ants as such, why would there be a need to be concerned about them?" Lin Fan chuckled out casually. The art of bullsh*tting was always so refreshing.

"Senior…no, M-Motherf*cking Human King… this junior here…" Ling Wuwei was finally snapping back to his senses and hurried to introduce himself.

At this moment, Ling Wuwei's entire face was flushed red. To think that he was trying to persuade senior here into leaving earlier on, thinking that this senior's strength was only the same as theirs!

But, who would have thought that the strength of this senior here would be this strong! It was so strong that they were almost p.i.s.sing their pants!

Lin Fan waved it off with his hands, indicating for them to be quiet.

"You guys just stand on one side and watch it out. Let Yours Truly handle this affair."

At this moment, Lin Fan looked over at the Shark G.o.d and smiled out, "Shark G.o.d, what else have you got? Come and use it all then."

"I-I…!" The Shark G.o.d looked at Lin Fan and felt his heart tighten. He was filled with fear. But in a flash, that face of his was replaced with a menacing expression, "YOU B*STARD SH*T! HOW DARE YOU KILL MY COLOSSAL SHARK RACE…!"

"You fowl degenerate, shut up!"

At this moment, the surface of the ocean rumbled once more as an elderly figure of the Colossal Shark race appeared from the depths of the ocean.

"Motherf*cking Human King."

The aura of this elderly of the Colossal Shark race was heavy and stern. He wasn't any casual being.

"Shark Ancestor!" When the Shark G.o.d caught sight of who it was, he greeted him hurriedly. His eyes were filled with a look of fear.

"Oh? Here comes an old thing! And what are you up to here now?" Lin Fan asked.

"BRAZEN!" When the Shark G.o.d heard Lin Fan addressing the Old Master as some old thing, he was instantly incensed.

"SHUT UP." The Shark Ancestor barked out once more before turning around to look at Lin Fan, "Motherf*cking Human King, this old one here is the Old Master of the Colossal Shark race. Could you please extend some mercy and spare the Colossal Shark race?"

While the Shark Ancestor's voice was calm, the aura that he emanated out was nothing to be underestimated.

This was especially the case for Ling Wuwei and the others. When they were faced with this aura, they felt as though a gigantic mountain was pushing down against their chest, causing them to have difficulty in breathing entirely.

"Shark Ancestor, am I right?" Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he chuckled out.

"That's this old one here." The Shark Ancestor was neither overbearing nor servile, holding a polite tone.

"You wish for Yours Truly to spare the Colossal Shark race. However, what can you give in exchange for the lives of your Colossal Shark race beings?" Lin Fan asked in an insinuating tone.

The Shark Ancestor was taken aback for a moment. He then replied, "As long as the Motherf*cking Human King would raise it, our Colossal Shark race would try our best to fulfill it."

"Alright then! Get me a hundred trillion Shengyang Pills!" Lin Fan chuckled out.


The Shark Ancestor was startled. He then hurriedly replied, "Motherf*cking Human King… H-hundred trillion Shengyang Pills is too astronomical an amount! Our Colossal Shark race doesn't have that!"

"Oh! You don't have it? I see. Nothing to talk about then." Lin Fan's brows were raised, evidently at the limits of his patience now.

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